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Welcome to the impending weekend.

I wanted to comfort those of you who are concerned. I am virus neutral. Nobody is giving it to me and I’m not sharing any unwanted strains of COVID. 
I received an e-mail from a blog reader, concerned about my presence in Greece. And your concerns might be valid if I was there getting into mischief – but I’m not there.

One of my partners is in Greece, presenting entreaties to the Hellenic Republic. (check) John D. is in Norway, to the best of my knowledge, tending to the scourge of global cooling this winter season (check), Don D. is on the US-Mexico border holding back the great unwashed (check) and I’m keeping myself in reserve in a suite and on the beach in the tropics. 

There’s the oft asked question, “Why you, LL? Why are you always thinking of others before you think of yourself, keeping the world safe for democracy?” Being this self effacing is definitely a curse.

Why in the Pacific? M is in Greece, John is in Norway, Don is in the Americas, and I’m here, waiting for a large enough crisis to rise to the level of being interesting.

Yes, I’m white as a fish’s belly, working on the burn. Feeling the Bern ;^)
I’m not alone.  Grandsons (one of them is sitting on the chair, above and to my photo left), who act as loyal and willing slaves, fetching and carrying for grandpa are also here. They do their part.
Yes, it’s true, we have the beach to ourselves as everyone else lines up at a Costco near them to stock up on water and toilet paper. Such is the world in which we live.

16 thoughts on “Virus Neutral

  1. I had to send $$ to Canada today because there's been a run on toilet paper. I suggested they use backyard snow but didn't get a reply, curiously.

    Life's a beach.

  2. You can use sand if you're tough…You can also use snow. But whatever happens, you should avoid eating yellow snow (out there where the Huskies go).

  3. You (and Banner) are an inspiration to me. Thanks for keeping a lid on The Coven and controlling their evil aspirations.

  4. We are very appreciative of your selfless sacrifice, and feel much safer knowing you are patrolling the tropical beachhead.

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