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(Fox News – Story and Video) Is the Love Cloud a way to cheat the system and do it one mile up?  I suspect that it’s a matter of perspective, but if it’s on your bucket list – why not? 

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you book a flight on the Love Cloud that might tend to negate the provisions of the average guy or gal’s bucket list. 
  • It’s not with an on-duty flight attendant, so does it really count?
  • It involves no subterfuge – removing some of the fun on a commercial aircraft.
  • It’s not a chance meeting in First Class on a regularly scheduled flight from here to there with a super model who can’t keep her hands off you…

There is a company in Las Vegas that will fly you around one mile up (40 minutes for $800) and you can stay up longer —- as long as it takes until your money or your vigor expires.

Might you feel a bit rushed? Possible. I guess that it depends on who you’re with.  
The pilot is said to wear noise-canceling headphones, but trust me, even in a Cessna 421, the pilot will feel you as you move around in the back of the fuselage. I don’t think that they do special requests – a trapeze will not fit inside the fuselage of a C-421. However soft restraints will and they recommend that you bring your own ‘marital aids’. If you don’t have them with you — it’s Vegas, baby! You can buy whatever you want locally.

No, I’ve never tried it in a commercially prepared love machine such as this one. As a result, you’re on your own and what happens in Vegas, stays there.

12 thoughts on “Mile High

  1. Bloody hell! I don't think it has the same appeal if it's contrived. Takes the naughtiness away. I'd love to be the pilot though and just randomly start doing air acrobatics mid stroke!

  2. I wonder how much Elon Musk or Richard Branson could make offering this service for a space flight. Would it be more fun in a weightless environment, or just a huge hassle to keep from bouncing off the walls?

  3. You'd have to manage your coupling more strategically but I'm sure that the deed can be accomplished given sufficient lust.

  4. Yes, in answer to your unasked hummmmm, I think that they'd allow you to bring both Bambi and Leather up for a flight.

  5. I tried it, but I'm old so it cost me $2,400.00. The babe was a bit extra.

  6. The Love Cloud is waiting for you in Vegas. However a P-3 (or now a P-8) would be a far more legitimate place to join the club – and with air crews sexually integrated now, the opportunities are literally endless for all NFO's.

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