Another Go-Round?

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Some people believe in reincarnation. I don’t because it’s sort of a vanity thing to me.

Most of the people I’ve known who have been big in to that philosophy have been famous people. None of them were ditch diggers in Montenegro, or night soil collectors in India.
Now if I’m reincarnated, I’m sure that I’ll feel differently about it all.
I’d really hate to be reincarnated into a situation that I presently disdain. I can’t see me as a Beto O’Rorque. It would lead to an early suicide in the hopes of a better outcome the next time around. 
I can’t imagine being reincarnated as a woman. More particularly an attractive one. 
But if reincarnation is a real thing, who knows how that would work out?

Recently I read a paper where some physicists were testing interesting repercussions of quantum mechanics. Their work made eye-grabbing headlines such as Objective Reality Doesn’t Exist, Quantum Experiment Shows. I wonder how that would square with reincarnation?

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  1. If Objective Reality doesn't exist, we're in a simulation (Matrix) or nothing matters.
    I'll take "It's appointed to a man to die once, and then the judgement."
    Fortunately He's handing out a free pass to those who repent ahead of time 🙂

  2. I'm on the fence on this one. I've read cases where under hypnosis, a patient claiming to have had a past life will reveal evidence where they buried something 150 years ago, and tell the hypnotist where it now lays. They then go dig it up, untouched after 150 years. You tell me. Or a guy claimed he was shot down over Germany as a tail gunner in a B-17, and knows the spot where his section of the plane fell (they find it and his remains), but the guy has been an accountant in Akron for his entire life and never been to Germany.

    I like stuff that has solid explanations. Some of this doesn't.

    And don't get me started on ancient aliens….

  3. I had friends who belonged to a cult in Montana (they moved there from California) that had a wild mishmash of beliefs combining elements of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others (some apparently of their own creation, or rather, of their leader). They believed in reincarnation, except that as one guy explained to me, their are so many more humans on Earth than there ever were before. That means many human bodies alive today have souls drafted from the better animals, while others have no soul at all. The ones I knew were mostly nice people, if a bit odd, but that sort of belief could turn into something really nasty. Of course, a fair number of Democrats already believe a lot of Republicans are soulless, heartless monsters. Hmm.

  4. They do tend to be famous. Mind you, a friend was once told by a "psychic" that he was the reincarnation of an "arab leather merchant," who lost everything in a terrible boating accident.

    He was from Suffolk and had never been to sea.

  5. Reincarnation? Who knows beyond doubt? Once had a "friend" ask me if my Irish ancestors were "lace curtain Irish" or "pig shit Irish".

  6. Maybe we are in the (or at least "a") Matrix where cause and effect are being tested? I'm not saying that we're lab rats, who are likely reincarnated attorneys.

  7. I've read some similar accounts. It does give one pause. Sometimes people have powerful emotional reactions to places where they have never been and can point out hidden features or even "treasure", spontaneously in a distant land that nobody has ever found. As you say, it's a young housewife from Peoria or a janitor from Denver.

  8. I'm a deplorable, soulless, heartless monster who voted for Trump. I guess that means that I'm not reincarnated.

  9. I guess there's a difference between "high Irish" and "bog Irish", but the subtle distinctions are lost on me.

  10. Fredd, I credit you poxing me in a previous life for all the problems that I've had in this one, including arthritis where I broke bones (in this life). I may eventually get even.

  11. Back in the 70s when I was stationed at Aviano we took a day trip up toward Triese and the Austrian border. We came across a big military cemetery from WWI that had bathrooms (and we needed them badly). My son who was 4 or 5 at the time and normally very laid back went bonkers throwing a fit saying that he had been there when they died. Never did find out what he meant by that. The little gillato stand didn't ever help and we got the hell out of there and he settled down immediately. The now 45 year old has no memory of the incident.
    Idaho Bob

  12. Under hypnosis some time ago for psychotic delusions, it was found that I was, in fact, the reincarnation of Boudica. It explains why I get all unnecessary when I pass through Colchester, my need to have a wolf as a true companion, and why I have a fiery temper. I think what you and your dear readers need is a touch of philosophy and recommend a great book that was pulled together by a modern- day shield maiden called “ The Meaning of Life “ I would suggest buying it to prevent terrible bad luck.

  13. That has happened to a lot of people. Explaining it is difficult and I don't think that we ever get satisfactory answers because of a lack of objective truth. Subjectively, however, it's a different story.

  14. If they don't buy your book, "The Meaning of Life", they will be cursed. The curse of Boudica and her pet wolf is fearsome indeed.

  15. It happens. People buy guns and ammo and then one day, they decide to take them for a ride and the boat sinks.

  16. Aw, don't be like that, LL. Poxing only works in the present, so all of your maladies can most likely be blamed on Democrats.

    And I just saw Elvis bagging groceries at a Piggly Wiggly, sequinned jump suit and all, just outside of Rockford, IL. He had slimmed down to a svelt 370 pounds or so, and you all believed he kicked the bucket in 1977. Wrong, my eyeballs do not lie.

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