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I haven’t written much about Fidel (The Beard) Castro in a long time. He turned 89 last week. Will he make 90? Who knows? The CIA tried half a dozen schemes to kill the SOB in the ’60’s and they all folded.

People who read this blog can anticipate my thoughts when it comes to old communist dictatorships and my feelings at seeing the U.S. flag going up up in Havana, as Secretary of State John (Swiftboat) Kerry mouthed platitudes to avoid offending Cuba’s communist dictatorship.

Cuba is still a totalitarian hell-hole and I can understand President Obama’s affinity toward The Beard (and friends) in the same way that he was a friend to (the late) Hugo Chavez, former dictator of Venezuela. When you are raised by communists, as President Obama was, you are naturally heir to a belief system that touts the virtue of people such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s fat little dictator.

Cuban dissidents now see an America that has chosen the Castro regime over them. 
It’s just one more thing that I hope the next president fixes as he/she spends the bulk of a term in office un-doing what Obama did. Of course, if the next US President is Hillary Clinton, we will likely double down in our love for Cuba and give them Guantanamo Bay and the prison there so that they can incarcerate more dissidents.

If John F. Kennedy hadn’t been such a weakling, we would have outright invaded Cuba (not at the Bay of Pigs) with the full might of the US Military, thrown The Beard into jail for murder and set things right.

Cuba, which is a really delightful spot – absent the communist dictatorship – would be a much nicer place than, say, Puerto Rico, to go on vacation. Not many people go to Puerto Rico on vacation because of the deteriorated social conditions there. Cuba is a different situation.

I’m not suggesting that we invade Cuba and toss out the communists today, because, who cares really? However, there are a lot of people in Cuba who have pegged their hopes on America and Barack pulled the rug out from under them. It’s simply one of many outrageous acts perpetrated by USGOV in the Obama Years.

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  1. That's what the freedom-loving Cuban dissidents in prisons say, but progressives cite — well, progressiveness.

  2. Swiftboat John is a national disgrace, right up there with Hanoi Jane. Some of us have long memories.

  3. Karma will catch up with Obama and his minions eventually, and when it does, it will be epic ( I hope ).

  4. VERY long memories……

    My wife thinks it's silly that I still hate that traitorous bitch…..

  5. I won't watch her movies or do anything to support her. I would buy the rope from which to hang her. I'll go that far.

  6. Her ex-hubby, Ted Turner can use the rope when she's done with it. That comment about his pleasure that screwed up servicemen and women's suicides left me with a profound understanding as to why they married.

  7. "However, there are a lot of people in Cuba who have pegged their hopes on America and Barack pulled the rug out from under them."

    However, there are a lot of people throughout the world who have pegged their hopes on America and Barack pulled the rug out from under them.


  8. My only concern is when I can start buying Cuban Cohibas. Those are nice cigars.

    Other than that, I wouldn't be caught dead stepping onto Cuban soil. The place is a hell hole. A hell hole with pretty nice weather, on the whole.

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