Silencing a Revolver

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The Nagant M1895 revolver with Bramit device was engineered by Emile Nagant circa 1895 and manufactured in the 1930′s in the USSR. 
For those of you who were of the opinion that a revolver couldn’t operate successfully with a silencer, you’re wrong. At least in this case.
7.62x38mm seven-shot cylinder, double action silenced the shot by means of a gas seal where the cylinder, moving in contact with the barrel’s rear end, with the cartridge’s neck bridging the final gap. 
The Soviet Bramit-type suppressor, 
side loading gate and 
extended spring-loaded ejector rod.
Engineering for a workable solution.

10 thoughts on “Silencing a Revolver

  1. Interesting, and I like the mechanical aspect of revolvers. The silencer adds to that.

  2. That revolver is a complicated piece of machinery. The gun smith I use has one and showed me how it operates. No suppressor on his.

  3. This is a little more complicated than most, and the small caliber, sub sonic round adds to its effectiveness.

  4. Silencing a revolver is more complicated than silencing a semi-auto but the Russians found a way to make it work well enough.

  5. There's an engineering solution for the vast majority of issues plaguing people. The questions are usually one of cost vs benefit, reliability/usability etc.

  6. I saw a photo years ago of a silenced revolver. The muffler was equipped with a shroud that extended over the cylinder. I shrugged it off at the time as kind of odd looking and nothing more, but now I'm wondering where all that splatter from the cylinder ended up going.

  7. Absolutely true. It's much easier to screw a silencer on the threaded end of a semi-auto barrel. You just need to remember to use subsonic ammo.

  8. The break in the cylinder is just a problem if you want to keep things quiet. The cylinder flash is impressive in night firing my S&W 460V.

  9. It's not a bad handgun. Small caliber, but for its age, it worked – as most Russian weapons do. Rugged and reliable.

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