‘Either you think, or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.’  (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night) …and most university students think that they are thinking when they are only rearranging their prejudices. It makes for an uncertain future. University students are encouraging politicians to invite many more Mohammedans into the US. How did that work out for the UK?
The British love of Islamic people, their tolerance for Islamic ghettos to be established in some cities where sharia courts administer justice (same in France), and their smack-down of free speech, making it ILLEGAL to discuss radical Islamic terrorism, leaves many, including me, saying, “I told you so.”
A trained chimp (trained to read) could figure out that as soon as an Islamic percentage reaches significant enough numbers (to elect a mayor, for example), things start to go to pot. History is replete with examples and I need not churn through those. France, England, Belgium (and Germany, but they keep a tighter lid on these sorts of incidents) and other nations are learning what happens when you invite a savage dog into your house. It pisses on the drapes, eats your food, craps on your floor and then bites you.
The Muslim mayor of London pours oil on the water by saying, that the Brits need to accept that these sorts of murderous rampages and bombings are just a part of (Islamic) life and must be accepted as the new normal. Will the British wake up or will they accept it as the standard for daily life? If you look at what they’ve done to themselves by inviting in and nurturing savages, my sense is that it’s the new normal. Well done Britainia.
Prescription: Of course there is an alternative scenario where Great Britain doesn’t haul down the Union Jack and replace it with the ISIS flag, but it requires a dose of common sense.

Post 9/11/01, the USA hunted down the terrorists responsible for the attack with extreme prejudice and extracted information from those captured to exploit it against our enemy. Today, Congress calls that a war crime, though at the time they all voted for it. (a serious lesson for all who might with to pursue a career in the national intelligence field) The UK needs to take a lesson from recent history – or just get accustomed to the ongoing high profile murders and bombings – as Mohammedans do what the Prophet of Islam commanded that they do.


Failed and disgraced candidate and compulsive liar, Hillary Clinton, is said to be building up steam for yet another run at the presidency to defeat President Donald Trump.

Hubris in political circles is so thick that one can not but scratch one’s head. She should have been imprisoned for violations of numerous felonies. She took massive pay-to-play bribes that ended up in the Clinton Foundation’s coffers…and she is running…again.

Politics as a reflection of national character is nothing short of scary.


  1. At some point the English people will lose patience with the head chopping savages they invited into their country so that leftist politicians could get more votes.

    They're not quite there yet.

  2. Who in the world voted you as mayor in the first place… oh wait, the Brits did. Seriously??? You reap what you sow.

    And, on this side of the ocean, Hill is flapping in the wings weighing her chances of a 2020 win? What? She should be making a deal with the New York DA regarding the length of her prison term. You reap what you sow… yeah, well not always.

  3. I think that if the Mohammedans blew up Big Ben that they'd tut-tut-tut about it. They're not the same British that held back the Nazis.

  4. Hillary may slide completely. Which would be a tragedy but that's how it rolls. You have to hand it to Hillary's world-class ego, she is a glutton for punishment.

  5. LL,

    in re: ENGLAND the events are predictable based on the history of the beginnings of Islam with the Big Mo'
    Bernard Levin has a book, slim volume whose title escapes me. It is ponderous to ponder and onerous to honor, but slogging through it will provide one with a lot of valuable insight.

    in re: USA Once Trump has enough wind at his back from success of his initiatives that even the most ardent of squishy (was going to say DEMs but…) Lindsay Graham types on the REP party side of things, he will be able to allow the DOJ to pursue Billary. Now before one writes of the probability of Miss Lindsay turning to a less flamboyant option, when McCain goes, Miss Lindsay will have lost her cover and will have to man up (with the help of the re-re-assignment surgery of course)

  6. LL,

    IF Trump's travel ban can get the SCOTUS blessing that it deserves, how many more instances of terror in England will there be before the British Isles are on that list?

  7. The England that won WWII and was a stalwart of the coalition is no longer… sigh Churchill must be spinning in his grave!

  8. When the conditions become the same you cannot expect to get a different result. In the UK "since 2013 we have foiled 18 plots which we know were designed to cause mayhem, murder, destruction, we’ve been arresting about one person a day for terrorist offences.” according to the Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick.

    One person a day.

    In the UK they can only follow 3000 and there is at least 23000 in the books. Some om them committing the act of terrorism was not under surveillance.

    When I visited the Met and Home Office in 2013 they explained the effort they went through to save money. The UK is not that rich and they have a lot of problems.

    Gradually they have started to arm the police, but still want to hava an unarmed police force. The first officer responding to the three terrorists did not have a gun but was a rugby player. He is now in hospital.

    This will continue. Some day someone will be pissed of singing and buying flowers and saying keep calm and adapt to the new realities.

    That could be a real competitive edge for the US. A place to be safe. Investments will go where people will experience freedom and security.

  9. Lindsay is continually trying to "butch up" by riding in McCain's wake. But I think that you're right that in time (providing that the statute of limitations is not exceeded), Trump may have the street creds to do Hillary.

  10. I think that we need to vet all Muslims, but that's just me. Studies by Islamic institutions show that 25% of all Muslims support the jihad. About half of those would like to see all infidels murdered. It's a fair rule of thumb, and it's why I predicted 25,000 jihadis in England before the Brits finally coughed up the thumbnail number of 23,000. Try them for treason and execute them or do what you must, but they present a clear and present danger and the Brits either accept beheading and bombing as the new normal, or they deal with it.

  11. They need to put the Ghurkas on British streets…with big knives…if they're too timid to hand them rifles. Let the Mohammedans contemplate the Ghurkas.

  12. Current events must make the Brits nostalgic for the days of the IRA.

    Maybe some jihadist will blow himself up at a football match unleashing the wrath of the football hooligans.

  13. The IRA was a lot more fun to work on than the Mohammedans. I know because I was there in the mid 1970's and recall Derry, and the bogsiders, the bomb blasts in Dublin. I feel nostalgic about firefights on Antrim Road.

    Even working against the Provos, you couldn't help but like some of them. The beards — not so much.

  14. Are the Anglicans still turning their churches into mosques or did they put a stop to that (if they did stop, it's racist).

  15. I just hope we can pass the travel ban. And that it will have the desired affect. Who knows how many are already here?

    I see more Muslims now than I did when we retired here in 2012; but only one time did I see some who worried me any – because they were being led by a man, roughly speaking.

    I am very glad that so many still support the second amendment.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  16. The travel ban/extreme vetting is to keep more from arriving. We already have a problem as do the Brits. The US has been generally less welcoming to jihadis than the British and French were.

  17. And now saddiq khan wants to ban Trump

    Khan has jumped the shark

    Another London attack and the locals will be calling for his head, where is the tower of London these days?

  18. LL,

    More likely that the moose limbs will be the only ones applying for jobs as bobbies and they are unlikely to be of value at that point. They may help in the knife work and bobbies may apply to cranial disconnection

  19. LL,

    Once the lawyers here figure out a way to sue the airlines for transporting the perps in a given attack here in the US because the airline didn't vet them, there will be a different story.

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