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I found it curious that something on the order of 35% of Democrats want to see Hillary Clinton run for president again. I don’t have any particular trust in polls, but the question remains – will old Slow Joe Biden run for President with Hillary as his vice presidential pick? Yes, he’d die in office soon after ascending to the presidency. After her losses first to Barack Obama and then to Donald J. Trump, the only chance she has is through the back door.
Celebrating Independence is clearly on my mind this coming week as I prepare to go on the road again to make money to support myself and to be able to afford health insurance and a crust of bread. Business is good, thanks to the Trump Administration. I know that the workers at the White Wolf Mine feel that happy days are here again. I might get caught up in the celebration and give everyone a bonus…but no, I’m unlikely to get carried away.

Who is not amused that Maxine (Mad Max) Waters (D-CA), queen of the ghetto, is now the voice of the Democrat Party? It’s a gift to the Republicans and it’s one that we all hope will continue through the mid-terms.

I don’t know whether Mad Maxine is more of a harpy than Hillary Clinton or not. It might be a photo finish. Maxine hates all white people. All of them. And it might be because she’s a space alien. If you’ve seen her open her mouth wide – she can eat a chicken (or a carp) whole. It would be interesting if LSP could catch a record carp there in Texas Hill Country and offer it to Maxine so we could watch it happen. “If you eat the carp whole, Maxine, we will vote for you.” (the check is in the mail – I’ll call you in the morning) 

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. I was going to tell you to enjoy your fourth, but since you will be on the road, keep you powder dry. I'll eat a cheese burger and a cold one in your honor. Open all the borders, get rid of ICE, rewrite the Constitution, what will stop the Demorats from winning?

  2. Given the number of funerals attributed to the Clintons, even Slo Joe isn't that stupid, just saying.

  3. Glad you liked the TRIUMPH poster, I'm off to check on my privilege.

    Please don't let Hillary "off" mad Maxine.

  4. Uncle Joe would be 78 if he were to be elected and take office. While he'd supposedly be in charge, I tend to doubt that would actually be the case and likely we'd have VP Hillary at least trying to pull the strings, at least until Joe's "untimely" demise.

  5. Slow Joe is not known for being all that bright. In fact, many suggest that the 'dim bulb' and the threat of having him ascend to the presidency is all that kept Obama alive for 8 years.

    LSP – I was thinking about a rendezvous between Maxine Waters and Bill Clinton. It would make news, and CNN would cover it.

  6. No 'virtue signaling' or 'dog whistles' for you and your white privilege today.

    Go catch a big carp for Maxine.

  7. What if the Democrats didn't have the corrupt, lying, elite media to back their play?

    Yeah, I know. I can dream can't I?

  8. If the carp offering goes well, perhaps it could be followed with an electric eel. Could add a whole new take to 'hair on fire'.

  9. I always rely on you for an enlightened contribution. It's a really great idea that would go down in history – and might even get honorable mention in the Trump Presidential Library.

  10. Maxine is more than just a "Queen of the Ghetto".

    She's Queen of the whole damn Ghetto Nation!

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