Grandchildren: Also a Reason for the Season

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Grandsons live in Southern California

Photos of some of the grandkids as they await the arrival of Santa’s sleigh, full of stuff (most of which will turn out to be landfill, but it’s still fun).
Granddaughters live in Arizona
There is another set of grandsons, but they were sick, and photos didn’t work out. I think that it was more over indulgence (can sugar be toxic at some level?) in goodies and the excitement of the season, than it was some sort of virus-induced malady. You all know how that goes.

12 thoughts on “Grandchildren: Also a Reason for the Season

  1. Merry Christmas LL. I saw one set of grandkids Saturday and will see the other set on Thursday. Lots of fun there and lots of noise. Last night was church services. Today? Quiet time. Now for another cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain. Have a wonderful day.

  2. There is a saying, raise your children right and you get to spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and you get to raise your grandchildren. Enjoy spoiling the grandkids, you earned it.

  3. Now days, for the most part, Christmas is all about the grands. I hope you all, even the sick ones, have a great Christmas Day.

  4. Merry Christmas sir. Yep, grandkids are great. Had I known how great I would have had them first. ;-)

  5. Thank you Jim, Ed, WSF, John C and Flugelman. Grandchildren bring hope for a bright future. I love my four daughters to distraction, but the grandkids add a wonderful dynamic to life – especially at Christmas!

  6. I hope the sick grandkids get well soon. Glad you got to see them all!
    Merry Christmas and God bless.

  7. Yes, it is. It's difficult to convey to some people, particularly the younger class of humans, but it is. I learned of a co-worker's death this morning. He was a significant man in my professional craft, who had retired some few years ago. I find the circle of life, and more particularly, the professional circle of life to be a curious thing.

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