America vs The World

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I think it’s time to check the facts and see how the United States stacks up in the world. It’s true, we have the worst president and congressional leadership in our history, but we’re not out of the game to spite being very poorly led.

Let’s take a moment to compare measurable numbers and see how we stack up.

US Economy:  $14.3 Trillion/year (2009 numbers)
That’s three times as large as the second largest economy – Japan. It’s about a trillion less than the next four largest economies combined (China, Germany, Japan and France).  The entire European Union has an economy of $18 Trillion, but they don’t get along, can’t make a joint decision and don’t county as a nation so much as a trading block.
US Per Capita Income:  $47,000.00 per inhabitant (based on the economy above)
Germany and France follow with about $44,000.00 per inhabitant, Japan at $38,000 and China at $2,900. China’s balance looks good because of account surplus. When you look at the standard of living of 80% of the 1.3 billion people who live there, it’s grim indeed.
US Military Power: $607 billion spent on the military in 2008.
The next nine largest-spending nations spent $476 billion.
US Naval Strength: US Navy tonnage exceeds the world’s next largest 17 fleets combined. (as of 2005)
Higher Education: Of the world’s top twenty universities, all but 3 are in the US. Of the top 50, all but eleven are located in the US.
Warrior Culture: US Has it.
It’s required to fight wars. Europe, though it has a greater population than the US does not have the mindset that made it master of the world long ago. The EU is not proud of its military. It has the US to back its play so it can play the pacifist with the understanding that the “imperialist” across the ocean will rescue it if pacifism ends them in hot water.
My bet is with the United States of America.
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