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* Don’t forget that the flu and the common cold vanished during the plague years…experience only teaches the teachable.

* Ah, the French. You can’t say that they’re not accustomed to surrendering their firearms.

* Mars by 2080? It’s anybody’s guess but I’d be surprised if we could keep our acts together long enough on this rock. Or we send people to Mars but can’t support the activity and they’re either stranded or there isn’t anywhere to return to. Science Fiction has had a field day with this scenario.

What do YOU think? A Mars colony by 2080? You can sound off in the comments if you’d like to.

* New York’s ban on carrying legal firearms on private property has been declared unconstitutional by the United States District Court, Western District. New York. In the case Christian v. Nigrelli, the federal court declared that the state did not have the power to ban firearms on private property in light of the Heller and McDonald decisions in which the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the Second Amendment was an individual’s right, not a collective or state-controlled right.

The Christian v. Nigrelli case explored whether New York Gov. Kathy Hochel had a right to use her “emergency” powers to enact the ban. The court decided that Hochul’s ban was illegal.

* A woke mob has labeled Tim Burton’s hit Netflix Addams Family reboot Wednesday racist for casting black actors as bullies and as the owner of a pro-pilgrim theme park. The show – which has racked up a record-breaking 341.2 million viewing hours, beating out Stranger Things – stars Latina actress Jenna Ortega and features African-American actors Joy Sunday and Iman Marson as bullies. Marson’s character, Lucas Walker, is also notably the son of the corrupt mayor who owns Pilgrim World, a museum and theme park celebrating colonizers.


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51 thoughts on “Friday Follies

  1. Meanwhile in America, Black Friday gun sales generated 600,000 ATF Form 4473 requests. Come at us, bruh.

  2. If Mars has water anything is possible!

    The French arms surrender? Power of the media manipulations, they think being disarmed is a good thing…

    Speaking of media manipulations… I just looked up what percent of the world has a cell phone today for a comment on a different blog, it’s 91%.
    FWIW 39.8% of those cell phones have Facebook on them…

      1. It will require at least one nuclear reactor/generator on the surface to provide the energy necessary to power up the purification of Martian brine and to power a colony. I expect that to make it real, you’d need three for redundancy and fuel for the future. NASA doesn’t talk about it because the green lobby would blow a freeze plug. Developing infrastructure on Mars isn’t about landing people there. It’s about a robotic effort in conjunction with human inhabitants that would take some time and effort to establish. There will be no payback. The funds go in one direction.

        1. “There will be no payback. The funds go in one direction.”

          Eh. That happens all the time, and has done so for decades.

      2. And, apparently, there are petrochemicals on/in Mars, too. Benzene and other ‘organic’ chemicals. Suck it, greens! Burn diesel!

  3. Government is inherently insidious (just stating the obvious in case people forgot), inhabited by the proverbial inch-mile types who believe we owe them whenever they decree something. Hochel is a prime example, obviously didn’t pay attention in High School civics and history classes. Doesn’t ever stop them from trying tho…yet…we do have more weapons than them as last Friday’s sales indicates…for ONE day. Every Lefty Lunatic in office (eg. The Magical Mr O) jumps sales, yet they never catch on. Good for us.

    Anyone who wants to go to Mars have at it. Matt Damon left for a reason. But hey, to each his/her/whatever own. I’m staying right here…self-identifying as a California resident who’s ancestors were slaves…now where’s my $238k check so I can buy a Sno-Cat to get around in all the Global Climate…with heat and cup holders. Glad I no longer identify as actually living there now the geniuses let out all the Pedophiles.

    Wednesday does look interesting, Woke idiots be damned…who clearly have nothing better to do in life – like actually living it being productive – than to be critical of everything around them. It’s their profession I suppose. Burton is like Tarantino, weird yet talented.

    1. PaulM, much of the discrimination that I have faced over course of my life came from my ancestors who fought to free slaves. “Look at the slave lover,” they would say as I passed. The scarring has left me bitter and unemployable in my dotage. If the slave’s descendants are getting $238K each for 150 years ago, I figure that I should get double from the California taxpayers. But because I’m not greedy, I’ll take $500,000.00 tax free. It will go a long way toward healing my inner wounds.

      1. Right there with you…I grew up in Colonial America fifteen minutes from Washington’s Crossing, some of the farms had been there for centuries and worked to free slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. Pretty sure I’m connected to that effort as much as Lizzy Warren is an ‘indigenous” people person. Hopefully the Ancestry DNA percentage doesn’t prorate the payout.

        Where do we sign up, apparently Slickster Newsome has plenty of non-existent revenue for payouts?

        1. I’m waiting for the California legislature to pass the bill, then I’ll apply. Self-identification as negro and former slave descendent should be sufficient to get the windfall and put a downpayment on my Pilatus PC-6 aircraft.

          1. Since it’s legal at their behest, therefore not classified as being on “the dole” nor welfare, your conscience is clear. Spend away. Like aircraft, those Tucker Sno-Cats are pricey but when the climate apocalypse hits in 2 years (per AOC) I’ll be covered.

          2. Oh, I’ll take government cheese if it means a new turbo PC-6, they cover the insurance and the fuel. I won’t become their creature for that, but, I’ll consider it a rebate for all the crap that I went through for an ungrateful vampire.

  4. I don’t have Netflix, but I heard that Wednesday was worth the time/cost to watch.

    Mars by 2080? I think the collapse of the Western world’s infatuation with fiat currency is more likely and would wipe that out. Or strand the first settlers on Mars and condemned to die.

    A complication I haven’t seen anyone talk about is that there have been articles over the last 20 years or so that if people can live to some point in the near future, we will practically achieve immortality. I’ve seen the year mentioned as 2030 and maybe the 2025 to 2040 range covers it. I suspect that’s not really going to be immortality, and there are far too many unintended consequences down that road, but it might be a jump in life expectancy. Maybe life expectancy doubles instead of going down. That could improve the chances of settling Mars.

    That’s in stark contrast with the World Economic Forum guys who want to get rid of the “useless eaters” in the world. What’s that guys name? Harari? He says we’ll just give them drugs and video games (and not treat them when they get some medical problem).

    1. Read about a statistical analysis done on the ‘living forever’ thing. At some point the law of averages(accidents, murders, govt action, etc) catches up to you. You might get 500 years or so if you live a VERY careful life.
      Seen elsewhere – living forever is something to need to die to achieve 🙂

      1. Maybe why THAT ELEMENT is directly interfering with “the science”; natural viral loading progression, the Not-A-Vax, blocking widely available cancer cures, dark ages-level treatments for childhood diseases and afflictions, etc…seemingly designed to reduce The Little People numbers so Elites have a better chance at immortality. The Fowch Mengele looks pretty good for an octogenarian, he has access to a lot of weird science, yet constantly talks about forcing people into getting more Shots of the Unknown.

        Cynical? Yup. But observation shows they have no care for “us”.

          1. Gwyneth Paltrow sells scented pellets for covid respirators… It might be tax deductable if you use the respirator while working.

          2. Come to think of it so does Clarkson, inspired by Paltrow’s “scent of her woman”. I’ll pass, stick with clear air…unless it’s ‘New Car” or “Caribbean Breeze”.

    2. I don’t think that the elites would want the “useless eaters” to live beyond their useful stage… This brings rise to the question of why people like Oprah or John Kerry for a random example, are elite.

    3. Wednesday is very much worth watching. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It figures the wokesters are going after it. I guess a minor character having two moms (purely incidental and unimportant) wasn’t enough. Jenna Ortega is very good as Wednesday, and is cute as a button and about as tiny. Supposedly she’s 5’1″ and 100 lbs, but Christina Ricci, who plays a teacher, is also 5’1″ and is taller than Jenna even when Christina is wearing flats. Christina Christina was taller at the premiere, too, when both were in high heels at the upper limits. I found some sites that listed Jenna’s as 4’10” and 100 lbs when she was 17. I don’t believe she grew 3″ between 17 and 20 without putting on any weight. If she’s like my 4’10” girlfriend in Baguio, Philippines was, she hates being so short and has adjusted her official height like others adjust their ages.

    4. Yuval Noah Harari.
      I swear, that guy is in the public eye only because the Masters of the Universe are trolling us. How many “Hate Think” boxes does he check anyway?

  5. Living off earth – the old bones and joints wouldn’t mind a retirement home somewhere with slightly less gravity, but I doubt they could take the G forces needed to get there.

      1. If I reach the point where I have to shuffle off into a retirement home then I would already be stuck in an enclosed space with a bunch of people I don’t know.
        I liked the meme that said the closer you are to nature, the further you are from idiots.
        I would not consider campgrounds as a part of nature – they had to remove a lot of nature to make it commercially accessible to more people.

        1. I suspect that I’ll take the lethal option if faced with a nursing home. Please God, take me first.

          1. In one of Randall Garrett’s magic world mystery sleuth stories, a man who appeared to be a very well preserved 50 was found dead. The corpse looked like a decrepit 80 year old(or something like that). It turned out he had voluntarily had a forbidden spell cast on him which kept a person young, active, and at 100% almost to the end of life – at which point the person would age and die rapidly. The cost of the spell was several years off the person’s total lifespan. I suspect that if the medical world came up with a protocol that had the same effect, a lot of people would opt for it.

          2. The Portrait of Dorien Grey… I’ve accused people of hiding a portrait in their closet because they don’t age. In my case, the camera doesn’t lie. drat

          3. LL- MrsPaulM have a deal, we are to leave the other out for the coyotes when it’s “a good day to die”. We joke about it..sort of.

  6. I assume the “aircraft” in the picture is running an anti-gravity engine (in which case I don’t see the purpose of hte wings). I found this somewhere on-line: “At the average surface location 610 pascals (0.088 psi) (4.6 mm Hg) (0.0060 atm) This is a bit less than 1% of the Earth at sea-level.” With those numbers I’d need an awfully long runway to lift my Cessna 150 off the ground.

      1. If you’d like to buy an MD-500N (Notar), I’ll store it at my house for you. I’ll even sign over fallow land’s carbon credits to you in exchange for the starts that I’ll put on the engine in test flights.

          1. Just as soon as the Market begins to revive and I can cash in some of my ill-gotten lucre I’d stored in my 401Ks, you’re on.
            It’s also nice to know there’s a craft where you don’t have to practice emergency autorotative landings any more (any less?).

          2. I liked practicing autorotation, but yes, it’s an easier flying experience. I realize that asking for the N model reflects a certain degree of spoiled pilot, but why not ask?

        1. I was just considering:
          still’d have to practice emergency autorotation procedures.
          A well-placed 50 BMG API round that’d disrupt (agreed: not very likely, particularly if enclosed with a light-weight deflector shielding) the enclosed variable-pitch composite blade fan would likely produce a similar effect as a round hitting a tail rotor.
          just thinking.

  7. Breaking news: After a group of teenagers set off fireworks in Paris, French soldiers at a nearby army base surrendered to a busload of Asian tourists. Oldy but a goody. Another great post. LL.

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