Tucker Carlson – Slays it!

Donald Young Murder – info.


Quality you can Taste

An In-N-Out Burger will open in Flagstaff, AZ in December. I may have to wait for January for the lines to go down to a reasonable level.


The Butt Guy Speaks

It is, perhaps, somewhat ironic that we tackle this subject on Labor Day, an occasion when we ostensibly celebrate those who exert themselves and labor to keep the economic machine of our capitalist democracy grinding onward, allowing citizens to contribute to the general advancement of the country while working toward what was historically considered “the American dream.”

Those who toil, raise families, build careers, and hope to pass something on to the next generation were traditionally revered.

That lifestyle has always included goals that involved eventual home ownership, but we also developed a culture where personal transportation and mobility were critical, leading to a culture where personal car ownership was among those objectives.

But now everything has changed.

And there is no better example of this than our supposed Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, adopting a position where Americans should be ushered away from owning their own cars, be they gas-driven or even electric.

Everyone should be using public transportation as much as possible.

Well… not “everyone,” of course.

But most certainly you. – Read the complete article at the link. You will own nothing (particularly not firearms and ammunition) and you will be happy.


Diamond Beach, Iceland

H/T Daily Time Waster – Girl’s best friends?


Identify the Aircraft






  1. Gotta leave it to Surly today…

    Schedule’s gone crazy here. Most R.I. schools are doing half-days today, because “it might be hot”. At least 2 large departments are just closed.

    This would be the first (possibly) 90 degree day of the year… usually we’d have had a dozen or more.

    Freakin’ madness. At this point, we should just padlock the schools. They aren’t even trying a little any more.


  2. The Tucker Carlson interview is the Pumpkin Papers 2.0. The most surprising part of this interview for me was the fact that Larry Sinclair is still drawing breath.

  3. Whataburger is better. OTOH, 2 rounds from a pellet gun can reduce the sign to ‘In and Out urge’. Having once ben a 14 year old boy, and his spirit still lives within me…

    • +1 for IN-N-OUT, especially ‘animal style’. Not on the menu, you have to ask for it. I have begged off for the time being as I am determined to shed a few Lbs. Not a fan of Whataburger, haven’t been to one in years. Perhaps I’ll give them another try.

      We have a Sonic drive-in about five minutes away. Very handy, but until recently, their burgers were ‘okay’. Earlier this year they were closed for what appeared to be an inside renovation. Wife and I agree that their burgers are noticably better now. Tastier and jucier. Staff seems friendler too.

      • In the Phoenix Valley, the quality of Whataburgers varies by location. Sometimes significantly. In-N-Out seems to have very consistent quality control and of course, there are a lot of off-menu ordering options that are part of the cult of In-N-Out.

        • “In the Phoenix Valley, the quality of Whataburgers varies by location.”

          Aha. Maybe that’s the issue. Because of my dedication to my health, and my preventative cardiology training, I ate at both the In-N-Out and the Whataburger nearest ASU when I was out there in June. I was underwhelmed by the WB.

  4. The Left is a cancer that needs eradication from our country…what is being done is an insult to those who served and sacrificed along with those taxpayers who work hard and are forced to support this idiocy (in Illinois I saw more laziness and mind-numbed robots than I cared to know existed).

    The Grift is starting to add up on the Not-So-Magical Mr O. and his Never Proud Man-Wife — The Handler’s squashed the dead “personal chef” (still nothing on it) — Mr. Young dead (never knew that) — and now O’s debauchery exposed to the point that no amount of spin could un-hear the truth. Pandora’s Box lid has been [further] cracked on The Manchurian, dude was groomed by Frank Davis, another deranged Commi. Not much of a stretch that he warped young Barry in his “Hawaiian teenager visits”, and the mother knew it. Telling is who’s being quiet.

    Tip of the iceberg I say. Sinclair had better be in Witness Protection…oh, wait, that would require the FBI to not be corrupt. They’d offer him up like bait then cover up his demise.

    Now we get more “insight” from Mr. Merry Andrew Hardhat, Pete-The Non-Builder, like anyone gives him any quarter. Must be getting some serious coin to be that shamelessly daft. Maui residents get offered $700 each – and no one in position gives a rats patootie about the incinerated. Then Blinken offers another Billion of our money to the Actor in a Hoodie for laundering DemocRat largess.

    Time for America to toughen up and throw these bums out with the rest of the garbage, they’ve done enough damage.

      • We The People have been reduced to emoting such remedies when the frustration of watching these seditious clowns ruin and downgrade our country into a Third World constrained nation…me especially as I emote such things openly here despite desiring to keep it short. Yet, everyday there is a new outrage (still haven’t caught the Chester Prison escaped illegal who pressed his way up 2 walls and squeezed through razor wire…the incompetence by Democrat run areas is glaring and juvenile).

        Growing up in Bucks County, PA, an area steeped in Colonial “insurrection” by a ragtag bunch of farmers, 15 minutes from Washington’s Crossing, I feel the their frustration coming forward through the timeline. At least our weaponry is more advanced, including scalpels, altho a Milwaukee 6ah 18v recip saw would be better. (see, there I go again)


  5. Perhaps there is a master plan. So many scandals, so many egregious government actions, so little prosecution of petty crime, and the list goes on. Are we simply becoming so overwhelmed we are becoming blase? Add the abandonment of the Fourth Estate’s, excuse me, American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) historic responsibilities. Who do you trust?

    Back to a master plan. Who is pulling the Lightbringer puppet strings. That seems to be where most of this started.

  6. OK, Obama, the KING MESSIAH negro was/is a drug fueled sodomite.

    Far out, who knew.

    And, these days, who cares. Remember the tranny luggage thief and, of course, there’s the Butt Guy.

    What utter degenerates.


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