All civilizations eventually become spacefaring or they become extinct.


I Wonder

How much of their income comes from space aliens and how much comes from human beings?



It’s 2020, yes I can imagine that world.


Elegant Evidence of Reincarnation?


Back to America

Washington’s latest hemisphere-wide economic initiative, Back to the Americas, means to address mutual economic-security needs, most notably by relocating U.S. manufacturing companies to Latin America. How many of you have heard about this far-reaching initiative by name on the news?


Most Common Foreign Nationals in Japan, by Prefecture

How many of you would have said, “Brazil?”



  1. Re: Japan – honestly, South Korea surprises me more then Brazil. There are a ton of Japanese in Brazil too, and the 2 ethnicities don’t view each other as monsters wearing human skins. Well, as much as the Japanese can see any non Japanese as not-monsters-wearing-Human-skins, anyway.

    I think we’re already there on the you-twit-face.

    The tax map might not say it all, but it sure says a lot. Rhode Island’s State motto should be changed to “I bet you never knew it could be worse than New Jersey, right?”.


      • …even moving out of the state! I visited Cali on business many moons ago, should I expect a tax bill?

        • The bill goes into effect January 1, 2021. If you move your business out of state after that date, CA will tax you for ten years. You KNOW that one is headed for the Supreme Court.

          I just arrived back at the White Wolf Mine after traveling for work. The fuel I bought (30% more expensive than in AZ) was my contribution, but because I lived there once, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to tax me at some point. If the donkeys pack the Supreme Court, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CA law is upheld.

  2. Alien Lives Matter!

    Death & Taxes- Colorado has a ballot item to require the citizens get to vote on “State fees”, which sidestep the “tax” category, allowing our betters to impose them at will without recourse. Death taxes are theft of monies already taxed multiple times over…seems American’s left England for similar reasons (George tossing a dead farmers wife and children to the gutter then confiscating their land and home), and Colonial’s fought a war over taxation without representation.

    Things are never invented, just recycled for re-use under a different name and time.

      • A pox on black helicopters, Fredd. And Grey lives don’t matter. The Obamacare death panels were designed to rid the voting pool of anyone over 60 (Republican voters). The Donkeys want to put that back into play.

  3. Everybody knows aliens do not eat, they are powered by other stuff. Just don’t ask me what that other stuff is, I surely do not know. But it ain’t earth food, that’s common knowledge.

    So, in answer to your question, all of the money coming into the Space Aliens Grill & Bar is of human origin. The aliens take 20% for the naming rights.

    • Hillary Clinton drinks gin…therefore I suggest that the aliens are burning gin in their internal combustion engines.

      So illegal aliens take the 20% or space aliens, or are they the same in many cases?

  4. The Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in it.
    Robert Heinlein

    I seem to recall that Heinlein also commented that the space program is the only government program that paid for itself, perhaps not monetarily, but in advancements in various fields.

    • Now that the government is farther removed, the space program might actually pay for itself.

      Which was the basis for many votes for President Trump – get the politicians out of DC to the extent possible.

  5. There are many stories out there of English aristocracy losing the family estate because after Sir Stiffupperlip got killed at Ypre the family could not pay the death tax. Seems unspeakably cruel.

    A lot of those who get hit by the “wealthy dead” tax in this country have most of the dollars rolled into in a small business, which has to be sold or dismembered to pay the hit.

  6. They’re usually fueled by class envy, but as you point out, small family farms and businesses are most often the victims. Rich people set up trusts in states (or countries) where wealth is preserved.

  7. Is the US Dept of State really the source of the Back To America map? The map includes the Falklands as part of Argentina. Do the Brits know of this?

    • The US State Department probably does consider the Falklands as part of Argentina. They certainly raised a ruckus over Argentina’s rights over the Malvinas during the Brit-Argie war.

      Just like the State Department doesn’t really acknowledge the existence of Taiwan as an independent country.

      Or that the capital of Israel is… Jerusalem.

      I really don’t think a decimation, in the good old fashioned Roman way, wouldn’t be useful as a way to treat the State Department.

      • State has 13,000 Foreign Service employees 11,000 Civil Service employees and 45,000 local employees. Get rid of the local employees overseas. Most are spies anyway. That leave you 24,000.

        Decimation wouldn’t take enough of them. I suggest a homosexuality test. If you do that, and eliminate gays (who can move on to being social justice warriors elsewhere) you’re left with something like 100 people at the entire State Department. Then decimation might send the right message. You’re down to 90 people. You can work with that core group to rebuild.

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