Alvin Greene – Democratic Party Success Story!

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It clearly doesn’t take all that much to become the Democratic Party hopeful for the US Senate in South Carolina. In the video below, Alvin Greene, the Democratic Party’s choice for US Senator outlines his election strategy. On Virtual Mirage, we’ll be following the Alvin Greene campaign to be a US Senator.

We have suggested that Greene may be the next obama. Come from nowhere, kind of a fishy personal background, questions about where he came by campaign money (maybe George Soros?), felony filing – trial pending, etc.  There is a lot of similarity. Neither obama nor Greene have much understanding of international affairs but there’s always a learning curve, isn’t there?

MSNBC’s Keith Oberman didn’t seem to think much of his party’s bright spark – and perhaps the future of the Democratic Party. The voters in South Carolina overwhelming (60%) sent Greene forward to represent them in the general election in November. I find it difficult to understand why MSNBC would treat him a little harshly. Since the obama regime all but manages/controls MSNBC, it seems odd that they’d do anything but offer soft-ball questions to Greene.

Greene seemed offended at the suggestion that he was a Republican plant.  I don’t know how he could be. A large number of people voted for him and there is absolutely NO indication that it was anything but a straight-up election. That he wasn’t the good old boy the Democratic Political Machine wanted simply supports the notion that even an unemployed, scantly educated, potential (charged) felon from South Carolina can aspire to high political office and receive his party’s nomination.

And THIS  — AND THIS from the Eye of Polyphemus. Jamie Jeffords, South Carolina resident weighs in on the matter.

Michelle Malkin points out that Greene’s win is historic as the first African American major-party US Senate nominee from South Carolina since Reconstruction. 

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  1. It's interesting how some people (Keith Obermann for one) is trying to repudiate the election of a fellow Democrat. The people spoke.

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