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For those of you who went by Brig’s Blog and read her discussion of Hi-Lift jack‘s, this won’t be new turf. But I am responding because having a proper jack handy is important (as she points out).

Rear of my FJ Cruiser this morning, note rear bumper assembly.
Rear bumper swing-arm opens, revealing the Hi-Lift jack.
Now the question is what do you attach the bite of the jack to without having it demolish your rig (a failing known to Hi-Lift jacks)?
Note the rusty black part bolted to the bite of the Hi-Lift jack.

The attachment on the Hi-Lift fits my rock sliders, so that the jack is
not likely to slip off in standard jacking operations.

The Hi-Lift doesn’t work well in mud or in off-camber situations, so for those eventualities, I also carry an ARB Bushmaster X-Jack.

It can be inflated by using a compressor, a CO2 tank or directly from the vehicle’s exhaust.

A Hi-Lift jack can also be used as a come-along (poor man’s winch) and for a number of other and related applications such as stretching a fence. An X-Jack can’t do that.

22 thoughts on “All Jacked-Up

  1. Since your boy also owns one of these rigs, he should take note if he's going to rumble in the jungle.

  2. They work well, I've used one extensively when I was into off roading back in the day. And that extension IS a nice little addition!!!

  3. LL, this might not be the right place to say it, but I've felt that our faults make us beautiful.
    they're a part of who we are, without them, I don't think we'll feel so Complete.

    lastly, I've felt, we should love each other, we're Complete enough to fix our own selves.

  4. Hi-Lifts without the extension tend to tip in, toward the truck body and bash out glass, or do body damage because the lip on the jack bite is not long enough. Hopefully you can get back into the 4 Wheel grind when you retire.

  5. My late father said the proper use of 4WD was using 2WD until stuck, then using 4WD to back out and go home. Wonder why he always had two, not one, handyman jacks on his vehicles?

  6. I agree with your father. My grandfather always said the same thing…and you can't have too many jacks when things go sideways.

  7. It's basic transportation for the places that I like to go – the organic counterpart would be a mule.

  8. I thought that was the exact and only purpose of 4WD? Do people use it for something else?

    AND now there are TWO tools I don't own but clearly need. Especially impressed that it inflates with the vehicle's own exhaust– genius!

  9. Yeah, the X-Jack is smart and it works. Particularly in mud, which I hate, but occasionally you get into it.

    Ok, I hate mud in the generic sense, but (for the historical record) not if women are wrestling in mud.

  10. It's good to be clear about such things.

    I, for the historical record, have never understood women wrestling in mud. I have nothing against either females or dirt. I just don't get it.
    I'd rather romp about with a guy. Mud optional.

  11. If I reply, "I like bolt-ons", you'll snicker to the allusion of medically augmented breasts…so I won't reply that way and will say that it's tough to live with out a hi-lift.

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