Thoughts are ephemeral, they evaporate at the moment they occur unless they are given action and material form. Wishes and intentions, the same. Meaningless, unless they impel you to one choice or another, some deed or course of action, however insignificant. Thoughts that lead to action can be dangerous. Thoughts that do not, mean less than nothing.


Tacit Blue

Tacit Blue was an aircraft created to demonstrate that a low-observable stealth surveillance aircraft that could operate close to the forward line of battle with a high degree of survivability. The aircraft made its first successful flight on February 5, 1982, at Groom Lake, Nevada.


Embracing the Modern

Oh, and wear a mask. And get a second or third vaccination. Yes, you’re likely to end up sterile but if you’re woke, there are a lot of us who’d rather that you not reproduce. Maybe a fourth vaccination would make everything right?

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

These ladies need to wear masks — and get half a dozen vaccinations for all sorts of things – including the plague.





Religious map of the People’s Republic of China.


Wine Production

The grip of the grape.


World War 1 casualties as a percentage of the population.


World War 2 casualties as a percentage of the population.

Here are the countries totals:

  • Poland: 16.4%
  • Nauru (Australian): 14.7%
  • Lithuania: 14.3%
  • Ruanda-Urundi (Belgian): 14%
  • Soviet Union: 13.5%
  • Timor (Portuguese): 12.1%
  • Latvia: 11.7%
  • Germany: 10.2%
  • Yugoslavia: 9%
  • Greece: 8.2%
  • Guam (U.S.): 7.5%
  • Indochina (French): 7.2%
  • Singapore (British): 6.87%
  • Philippines (U.S.): 6.4%
  • Hungary: 6.35%
  • Indonesia (Dutch): 5.2%
  • Estonia: 4.4%
  • Japan: 4.1%
  • Romania: 4%
  • China: 3.6%
  • Netherlands: 3.45%
  • Czechoslovakia: 3.15%
  • Albania: 2.8%
  • Finland: 2.62%
  • Malaya (British): 2.28%
  • Korea (Japanese): 1.9%
  • Burma (British): 1.69%
  • France: 1.35%
  • Papua and New Guinea (Australian): 1.17%
  • Belgium: 1.05%
  • Italy: 1.03%
  • United Kingdom: 0.94%
  • New Zealand: 0.73%
  • Luxembourg: 0.68%
  • Ethiopia: 0.6%
  • Australia: 0.57%
  • India (British): 0.5%
  • Canada: 0.4%
  • Bulgaria: 0.35%
  • Norway: 0.32%
  • United States: 0.32%
  • South Africa: 0.12%
  • Brazil: 0.02%

Totals on the African colonies are very hard to find and are extremely rough estimates based on dubious sources, the exception is Ruanda-Urundi which had a relatively well-sourced count of the famine that occurred there.

Americans discount the Russians, who bled the Germans white on the Eastern Front, of their terrible losses. Doing that is a mistake and does not do credit to the people who defended hearth and home in their Great Patriotic War.


  1. I am speechless over the ignorance of those women.
    And the large area of Muslim religion in China surprises me.

    • Sometimes we forget that in Communist China, the one-child policy applied to Han Chinese. Minority groups (often living in enclaves), the Muslims in Western China and the Floating Population (homeless) were never limited in family size. And now the Communists are dealing with the situation by herding them into work camps, harvesting organs, and doing horrible things – inhuman things, to a population that they have determined to be “Untermenschen” – we’ve seen that before, unfortunately.

      Based on studies, something on the order of 70%+ of the people who receive psychiatric help in America are liberals. It’s a mental problem, I’m telling you.

    • The Muslim area in China is due to China occupying traditionally Muslim regions. And much of the Buddhist area is due to the invasion of Tibet.

  2. Curious what portends for the USA when The Hologram is so owned by ChiComs, their long-tentacle influence is clear to anyone not willfully ignorant.

    Liberalism- Satan controls this world and over half the people “like it”. Got this little episode from my brother (greater Philly):

    Him: “Went to the store. I’m in there…NO mask…and this Lululemon-wearing 40 something looks at him and says “Selfish!”.” (yeah, the same demographic in your pic above)

    Him (he gives no quarter to idiots): “Suck a D–k…Ya know lady, there is nothing worse than a virtue signaling scold who didn’t lose ONE DIME the last year and a half…mind your own business.”
    Her: “Oh, you must be a Trumper”…
    Him: “…and YOU must have voted for a pedo grandpa with dementia…”

    She huffed and walked off, knowing he was not backing off. Said no less than three people thanked him.

    Righteous push back works on these entitled cretins. I’m guessing this moron will have lots to say to her high-end therapist. After 16 months, the crap is getting old and the despicable POS in the White House is failing in real time. The sheepdogs and those who support them are making headway.

  3. You know, they say you can’t unsee something, which is probably correct, but I’d seen the vag screen photo about two years ago and forgotten about it. Same as unseeing as far as I’m concerned.

    I’d like to not thank you for putting it back into my head, a thought that is absolutely NOT going to lead to any action, if you get my drift.

    Now, to forget about it again.

    • While we’re on the topic, I don’t EVER recall AF One or AF Two having to RTB a half hour after departure for an un-disclosed “technical issue”.

    • Sometimes he calls it Tonto Rim. Thunder Mountain was also set in the area. MANY of his novels were set in this country and his cabin is local.

  4. The (Han) Chinese are also desperate for ‘suitable’ women after two generations of 1 male child… Re Tacit Blue, apparently it was truly a handful to fly! It had a tendency to try to pivot 180 degrees and go tail first!!!

  5. Ahhhh….Tacit Blue. Interesting aircraft.

    The screaming females look suitably distressed. The front one wearing boots looks like she’s getting ready to defecate. yep, it’s mental illness.

  6. Those nutters fail to grasp physics or biology.

    You have summed up the college industry neatly.

    Yow, the Brits and French must’ve drafter heavily from the Guyanas.

    My understanding is that the US population in 1940 was about 40 million, and we lost about 400,000 people in WW II wouldn’t that be one percent-ish?


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