We’re out of Afghanistan, having left Americans behind. It’s a complete mess. The economy is in a mess, but the oligarchs behind the throne are making a killing. With rigged elections, we may never see one that is free and fair again outside of a revolution and the guillotine.



Talks continue with Lion’s Gate about film rights for books. I think that it’s likely that they’d take White Powder: A Novel of the CIA and the Secret War in Laos before they take Red Mist, but they’re all getting a look. I realize that most of you don’t care, but from a business-of-writing perspective, those sales and subsequent production would be transformative and game-changing. I could quit the day job and focus on writing.

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It’s like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end so that you can bronze it.  It’s going to be interesting to see whether Canada goes farther into the socialist/communist camp or whether they’re able to pull out of the death spiral.



  1. Prepare for impact from transplanted non-vetted Afghani’s and China owning us. Putin must be sitting in his big Russian Gold Leafed Oligarch Chair just laughing to himself.

    Mr. MAGU did his best Ted Kennedy thinking anyone would believe his outright lying to America and the world (well, the self-deluded do).

    Working on weapon naming…might come in handy, along with LSP’s WU ‘Wolf” Mongolian style Haka as the pre-battle theme.

    • Forgot…MUCH LUCK with the movie deal, Red Mist paperback is now in house and next on the reading side table.

      Still baffled and trying to figure out how this pull-out success was all Trump’s fault. Tortured logic beyond rationale.

    • Analogy: any bad Afghans coming into the country are a mere dribble into a 10,000 gallon container of fermenting urine and excrement already present and one weekend of broken EBT away from massive riots. And sure the Chicoms are an external enemy. But both the internal garbage and the external enemies could be dealt with. Our problem are the entrenched and powerful forces not only legally within the US but holding major levers of power, that hate us and are actively working to wreck what is left of the US.

      Make no mistake, it’s not only about power, it’s about humiliation and destruction. A surprising fraction of our “elites” have undergone a paradigm shift. Remember how advertising used to be about persuading or tricking you into buying something you might not need or even really want? NOW advertising is about shaming and lecturing you, and about putting freaks, deviants, and criminals front and center. Same principle applies to other areas of life and governance now.

      • ..and they don’t care, hence lawlessness runs amok.

        Spouting their Catholic faith out of one side of their collective mouths, invoking God’s name for affect while leaving American’s to die at the hands of barbarians…the list goes on. Beyond reprehensible. How we deal with it – to end this immoral psycho madness – is where I’m at presently. Let them try their worst, it will be met with severe penalty by those that can effect a proper ship righting.

    • putin is in nigeria sewing up a huge oil/weapons deal. china just released info that they found two huge oil deposits, and a huge weapons deal with the saudis. second and third line consequences.

  2. I read White Powder a few years back and would likely haul it out for the film.
    I’m lucky, sort of. The wife is handicapped so the last time we flew we went to the front of the line. Naturally we took the seats up front, the only ones with adequate leg room and enough to enjoy(?) my bag of peanuts and cup of ginger ale. Contrast that to 50 years ago. Legroom was fine no matter where I sat and on a flight from KC to St. Louis I was served a meal that I barely had time to eat. I miss those days.

    • ‘handicapped so the last time we flew we went to the front of the line.”

      I used to fly a lot of Northwest Airlines. They would put the people in wheelchairs at the front for boarding. This was a nice courtesy, until: After right 9/11 they instituted “random searches” which consisted of TSA coming into the “safe zone” at the gates and doing intensive searches of people at the front of the line. So the only people who got rigorously searched were old ladies of Scandinavian and German descent (NWA had a hub in Minneapolis). Clearly they TSA were cleverly identifying the passengers most likely to engage in terroristic and other antisocial activities.

      My comment of “Odin Akbar!” was not appreciated.

      • Now commercial flying only happens when I’m paid to go somewhere. A two day road trip including a motel stay is only a few hours more. Get to the airport two hours early, endure the TSA circus (extra fun when you have a pacemaker), spend an hour getting your luggage after thirty minutes getting to baggage claim, the another hour+ renting a car and realizing the whole day is shot. And that is if your flight is on time (good luck with that). It is not worth it to me.

        • I only fly if the destination is more than three days vehicle travel away. Seriously thinking of getting a camper and saying the heck with all of the flying. That would have the bonus of skipping rental cars which is an entirely different sort of aggravation. Something that I used to enjoy is now just something to be endured.

        • I have not been on an airplane since March 2020. And I’m not gonna be, either. Nothing I have to do is farther than a two-day drive, and most well within that range, so screw them.

      • I told of an incident on the blog some time ago where TSA and DEA detained my 80-year-old mother, former ballerina, (American Ballet Theater) in good shape but takes a lot of vitamins. She visited me and was flying home to Redding, CA. Wouldn’t let her board. She called me, on my way home from the airport. I made a U-turn, creds in hand, and went back to the airport.

        *But Commander Lambert, how could anyone travel with so many vitamins?
        ^ My mother. Did you look them up in a PDR? Are any of them controlled (moron)?
        *No, but we were sure that she was smuggling.
        ^She had them in carry-on-luggage in marked bottles.
        *Very cunning.
        ^Are you going to let her fly or do I run the roladex?
        * She can fly.
        ^Thank you (asshole).

        • Good for you. The Grope-and-Feel boys need to be shut down. Institute airport security like the Israelis do.

          Especially since regulations exist that keep the TSA from profiling exactly the people who have a tendency to turn terrorist, because that’s racist or something.

          • It’s Islamophobic even though 100% of airline hijackings and bombings were by Muslims. So you pick on an eighty-year-old white great-grandma from Redding, CA who is headed home.

            I remember flying to Beijing, China two weeks after 9/11. The Chinese airline (I forget which one) denied Muslims who had purchased tickets the right to board. They profiled. In the US it would be Islamophobic. In China it was just good sense. It happened at the ticket counter. I was behind the Muslims in line.

  3. Bigcountry had an interesting post on the multi-ring circus/fustercluck that is going on in Afghanistan.
    Dunno if he has good intel, or is toking on the good stuff.
    It did remind me of one author’s suggestion that the govt is a massive, strong hand controlled by multiple brains – each of which is trying to move the hand in different directions.

    Good luck with the movie deal(s).

  4. “It’s going to be interesting to see whether Canada goes farther into the socialist/communist camp”
    Any bets on when the Western Provinces decide they have had enough and say by by to Ottawa and Toronto? Excluding Vancouver, I don’t think most Canadians in the Western Provinces are any happier than Middle America. With the current USA s**t show, they probably aren’t eager to join us, eh?

  5. I may have read this here but it’s good enough to repeat.
    The Afghan debacle is the worst pullout since Joe Biden gave us Hunter.

    • groan….good one. The best part of Hunter ended up as a stain on the mattress, even though he’s the smartest man Slow Joe ever met.

  6. I’m probably way out of bounds and I don’t know squat about airplanes but that beach and cabin look like Dick Proennekes cabin in Twin Lakes, Alaska. If not, great shot anyway.

  7. Get a good movie deal and you can not only afford the Widgeon but you can afford the gas to it too!
    You do have to be careful, the author of Forest Gump was in line for some of the profits from the movie, too bad it didn’t make any money… at least it didn’t the way the Hollywood movie economies worked.

  8. When I first saw the Widgeon, I thought that it would make a perfect back-woods camper.

    Hope you make enough scratch to justify selling your work to Hollyweird. Are you going to keep creative control over your stuff?

      • Creative Control? Look at what James Cameron had to do to keep creative control. Knowing Hollywood as I do, likely not to any great degree. Since the people promoting the work will also promote me to be the screenwriter or at least part of a team that does that, I MIGHT keep my finger in the pudding.

        You should see how one guy butchered my screenplay – that he bought. It was so messed up by HIM that he filmed half of the project and then dumped it and walked away. He bought it. I sold a boat to an FBI special agent once and he immediately took it to Havasu and ran it onto the rocks (while he was drunk) and ruined it. I regretted selling it.

  9. If your mom is till gracing this world and Redding with her presence I am thirty minutes away.
    I retired from the Tehama County Probation Department, Juvenile Division.
    My shooting buddy is a retired Shasta County Deputy Sheriff and lives in Redding proper.
    Wifmann says, “You can never have too much money or too many friends”.
    Most of my friends are retired, but that means we have flexible schedules and sleep is when we can.
    If you want contact info let me know.

  10. Come on, LL – I’m banking on you making this movie deal. I’ve already made a list of all the things I want.;) I think you should send Exiles too – it’s your best selling book to date and it would make a brilliant Netflix series or film. Move over Sons of Anarchy!

    I just heard that British Airways are getting rid of their drinks trolley and you now have to pre-order online before flying. What’s the point of cabin crew then? The best part is calling out for yet another G&T!

    • Let me assure you that others are carrying the water for me to do this. There isn’t much that I can do at this point that I haven’t done.

      Jules, for the past few years I buy food and beverage in the airport, and bring it on the plane with me. If it’s going to be a long flight I order the hamburgers dry and eat them cold with a mustard packet. That’s when I fly back of the bus – which I haven’t done that much of, full disclosure. It’s better than what is served.

  11. Good luck with the Movie people !

    They are scum, but their money spends just like any other. Anything that gets you nearer to the flying boat dream is good stuff, that’s the kind of stuff I’ve been wishing about since I was a kid..


    • I like to fly and if I had my own live-aboard the whole flying vaxed – with. endless boosters required wouldn’t be an issue. Though eventually, FAA would cancel my license if I didn’t bend a knee.

  12. as unvaxxed scum i won’t be able to fly soon, but no loss as i hope to never fly again anyway. my wife just got off the phone with her daughter that lives in vancouver, infuriated by her total leftism. she was a conservative when she left, and bold enough to go across the continent to start a new life but now huddles in her tiny apartment afraid to visit her mother b/c omg the covid. i’m telling ya, there’s something in the water.

    • I’m sorry, man. I can’t imagine being afraid of anything like the plague or an asshole with a gun. You take precautions for both as you’re able but fear? Although, I did exit humanity for the wilderness. It wasn’t out of fear so much as just wanting to not be with the hoard.

      I “took up the white man’s burden” early in life, but no more.

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