15 thoughts on “Aboud’s Treasure

  1. "The dumber you are, the more surprised you are when somebody kills you." – Willam Bonnie (Billy-the-Kid)

  2. And all of a sudden they were not alone….she said with a species of smile.

    I love the Darwin Awards, it's been a good few years since I've been on that site and now I must go and see what new numpty have made it there.

    Well written as usual, Larry.

  3. There is a trilogy of fictional shorts that will be going live on this blog later in the week: 4500BC; The Shimmering God; and A Hammer. Tomorrow it's a report of ice volcanoes on Pluto. There is nothing if not diversity on Virtual Mirage.

    Meanwhile it's warm where I am, and it's snowing where you are — but not yet enough for you to ski on.

  4. Don't give yourself a Darwin Award while driving through traffic in the Midlands, and don't take a hostage…unless you feel that you must.

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