Taking Time out to tHiNk

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Will the zombie apocalypse come before the space alien invasion or after it. This is important because aliens who like sucking human brains may leave the planet with a bad taste in their mouths (or whatever passes for a mouth) if everyone (that they can catch) is a zombie when they show up. 

8 thoughts on “Taking Time out to tHiNk

  1. We have zombie apocalypses every now and then in Los Angeles. In fact, we are overdue for one….

  2. you speak about balancing work and play.
    and then there are these few last funny posts. 🙂

  3. All Democrat lawyers are zombies. If you shoot them in the heart, it doesn't hurt at all (no heart). Go up to one and pull on an ear – don't be surprised if it just comes off in your hand.

  4. I never thought of that, but the aliens may think twice about invading if we are in, or did poorly in, the zombie apocalypse. Very interesting. With pot being legalized, I see many zombies in our near future…

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