15 thoughts on “A Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. Did Vince double-tap his skull or was that innuendo? The deep state was strong in those days and so was media bias *sigh* sometimes I feel like Winston Smith.

  2. The bullet was not found and the handgun was produced later (but who knows if it was "THE" handgun that did the job. Most people believe that he died elsewhere and his body was dumped in the park. The Clintons prefer a wood-chipper but sometimes they do need to display a body.

  3. News that some of the Ken Starr investigation files might be open. Who is still alive to testify?

  4. One round to the head. The circumstances surrounding Fosters murder or suicide, (depending on how your conscience lets you slice it) are murky and the DC police credibility was not good in that timeframe. The circumstances point to a death elsewhere and a body dump. The first thing the police should do under those circumstances is a gunshot residue test on Foster's hands. My understanding is that it was not done. Taken by itself, it's suspicious. Given the totality of details, it's just one more detail in the circumstances of a death that were "poorly managed" by the White House.

  5. Would Bill bring his current girlfriend, "The Energizer Bunny" with him to the White House to provide him the comfort that he needs?

  6. DC didn't do the investigation. Park Police did it… Not FBI, not USSS… sigh And yes, he was dumped at the park.

  7. Do you think anything will ever stick to ass hats? Oh, and that includes the press.

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