The Recession hits Tech

ZeroHedge  Facebook/Meta is firing 11,000 employees and the same pattern is there across the board as the reality of recession impacts the bottom line. The article is worth reading. Twitter dumped 50% of its staff and even though many of them were woke fact-checkers, it’s not as if they’ll be replaced. The present reductions seem to be in the 20% of workers range. If you’re one of those laid off, it’s serious even though benefits will buoy you up for a time. Then there will be another 20% as revenues drop further because people don’t buy any goods or services they don’t need during a recession. If the federal government keeps printing money without restraint, it will be a depression and all of the boutique tech companies will fold.


Can I have a free Humvee or an MRAP?No? 

A shocking disclosure from the man overseeing U.S. tax money spent to help Afghanistan. In a new report to Congress, Inspector General John Sopko disclosed that, for the first time in his office’s history, he’s unable to provide an accounting of the spending “due to the non-cooperation” of federal agencies.

The following is a transcript of a report from “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” Watch the video by clicking the link at the end of the page.

Sopko says the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Treasury Department refused all cooperation, and that the State Department provided only selective information.

The U.S. remains Afghanistan’s single largest donor after the botched and deadly U.S. withdrawal last year (Aug. 2021). Since the Islamic extremist Taliban took over, the U.S. has given more than $1.1 billion to support the Afghan people.

Why do we give them one penny? Why not buy homes for horribly wounded veterans with the $1.1 billion?



I suggested that the Russian defensive lines along the Dnieper River would provide an excellent trap for their army, positioned there. Today, Russia announced a general withdrawal from Kherson, and a repositioning of troops along that defensive line. Does General Sergei Surovkin read this blog?

Regional witnesses say that the Russian Army already abandoned key checkpoints around the city and have destroyed bridges in an apparent effort to stop Ukrainian soldiers from pursuing and capturing them.

I applaud the retreat but setting up across the Dnieper in prepared positions clearly opens the door for a Ukrainian Army push to cut them off and leave them in those lines.

From Yesterday:

Maginot Line, Russians. It will bring a quicker end to the war, so I’m not complaining. When everything freezes solid, the Ukrainians can move, and then the Russians will have their backs to the Dnieper.


Bullet Points

* How could John Fetterman have won?   The PJMedia article is worth your time.

It’s hardly even believable: the stuttering, sputtering John Fetterman, a stroke victim who only rarely manages to utter a complete sentence, coasted to victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Like Joe Biden, Fetterman is so clearly unfit for his new job that no sane person could possibly think otherwise; it boggles the mind to think that any Pennsylvania voter could have seen any of Fetterman’s incoherent ramblings over the last few weeks, both in his debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz and in his campaign rallies, and thought, “That’s the man I want representing Pennsylvania in the Senate.” But Fetterman will show up in the Senate in January — if someone can guide him to where it is — and all the explanations of why this ridiculous charade is set to happen are bad in different ways.

* In Texas – How did Beto get so many votes? His first name is as cynical and fraudulent as Fetterman’s hoodie collection. Seriously.  Other than Beto voting for himself and maybe his wife voting for him, who would mark a ballot for Beto? If anyone following this blog voted for Beto, please explain yourself.

* Finding new ballots – how can it take days to count thousands of ballots when other countries count millions of ballots without fraud problems in a single day?


  1. “Today, Russia announced a general withdrawal from Kherson,…”

    Right on the heels of (well, most of) our election results. I’m sure that is just a coincidence.

    Beto. The three households in my neighborhood with his yard signs are occupied by old folks (not) like me with gray/white hair. My take from a distance is that any explanation from them would not square with reality. Beyond that, I think the article linked above about Fetterman voters is spot on, and in many ways applies to Beto voters.

    • Russia should cut its losses in Ukraine, but that is not what the military industrial complex wants, which is just about the same thing as the administrative state (The Swamp). They want an Afghanistan and a forever war where they can shear the sheep indefinitely.

        • Tiberias Caesar warned against that. He encouraged, “shear the sheep, don’t flay it.” My sense is that they don’t care what Tiberias said.

        • On the plus side for the war mongers, the Ukraine is a better place to visit. Good booze and better looking (and smelling) sex toys. Not a financial expert but I bet the banking system is more reliable.

        • The people who run the US MIC are the same people who run the UKR MIC.
          If YOU notice that it’s a Hate Crime. But they can and will talk about their power ad nauseum in their own publications.

  2. How could John Fetterman have won? How could Beto get so many votes?

    In addition to cheating (and I’ll bet that some cheating went on yesterday and goes on in every election), the other explanation is party-line voting. Whoever has the D after their name gets the votes from the people who are dyed-in-the-wool Demmies and in an election that looks as bad as this one did, those are the ones who show up to vote.

    Still, in overview, in every state that didn’t report problems with voting and electronic machines, the vote agreed with pre-election polling. In every state that reported problems with voting and machines the vote didn’t agree with pre-election polling. At least as of a summary I saw a few hours ago.

    • That makes sense. Arizona is screwed up eight ways to Tuesday because of the voting machines. We need to go to same-day paper ballot voting with a photo ID. Take a fingerprint next to the signature, and retain the records for a decade or so.

    • SiG, it is real easy to explain – Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas and Fort Worth plus some of the counties in the Rio Grande Valley. They do as you said just vote straight D or the local Democrats who control the counties make sure that there are more D than R votes. In the past, San Antonio, which I live near, was caught taking the USB sticks from the polling places out of the secure storage after the end of early voting and it just seems like the Ds got a whole lot of early votes.

      Though the Democrats fought it and lost, we do not have straight party voting where you select D or R or otherwise. Texans are forced to look at each race and select the candidate they want to vote for. So it makes it a little tougher to cheat.

      P.S. — Though I don’t hardly blog, my website is down since I had to get a new fiber modem because the old one’s 5 GHz transceiver failed.

  3. “Does General Sergei Surovkin read this blog?”

    We especially read your blog, tovarisch, among others.

    Except Aesop. He’s always wrong.

  4. The state of the country is what we got when we had a mail-order President put in charge of the country: one who was not elected but installed… like a toilet. But he works so well for the Dems that they thought it would be a good idea to put Fetterman in office, too. I wonder what a conversation between the two would be like.

  5. Yes, as others have said, Democrats by and large vote unthinkingly for whoever has a (D) after their name. It’s like a cult. Like Marxism, a “different” but indistinguishable cult.

    Also, the Dems have a long history of running big effective machine cities, where fake voting is rampant. The Repubs also cheat, but they aren’t nearly as good at it, in general.

    Can anybody think of any actual major Republican Machine cities? IDK, maybe Boise, or SLC?

    Even if they are, those States have tiny influence nationally. Controlling NYC and Philly and Chicago and all the PacCoast cities etc gives the (D) huge national power which is essentially unassailable.


    • I don’t know about SLC. There are a lot of democrats in office there and Mitt – a democrat when it counts – is supported by that infrastructure.

    • Urban/City voters are nearly always Democrat/Left (I’ve given up calling these people “liberals”) and they always screw up a state for the 80% of the rural dwellers who are typically Republican. It’s infuriating.

      But that’s “democracy” in action…the newest false buzzword for our Constitutional Republic the voting morons bought into. Same as: “Dobb’s will disallow me to kill my baby.” Unreal the level of willful ignorance out there among the General Population.

  6. if it was just voting the party line, how didso many republican gov’s get landslide victories, while senate seats went dem? i don’t buy it.

    • Democrats have always had a weird penchant for voting for Republican Governors (only). We even get them here, and in Massholia, and Cali, and places like those, sometimes.


  7. Trust me. Boise is nearly as blue as Portland. We moved two years ago and my blood pressure dropped 20 points off both measures

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