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Even as attempted illegal border crossings are up 21% as would-be migrants are lured by promises of a free house, free welfare-for-life, free medical care and an ObamaPhone by creepy Joe and Ho, —- there are other things we can chat about, like neat arcane aircraft.


Ho (Gothe) 229

Ho 229

Germany’s Horten brothers, Reimer and Walter, conceived of and developed the idea of an all-wing aircraft before and during World War II. Their work on dozens of creations of large winged gliders and jet-powered planes, including a four-engine bomber. It primed the creative energy of future engineers who would eventually develop the Northrop Grumman B-2 stealth bomber and similar aircraft. …more here.


The Ho 229 was meant to be a bomber. The concept of stealth as we now know it was not something that its designers understood. The Luftwaffe requirement was for a bomber capable of taking a 1,000 kg bomb for 1,000 kms reaching a maximum speed of 1,000 kmh.

The Hortens made gliders and they tried to make an unarmed experimental plane, Gothe took over and did get it to fly but it ultimately failed primarily because the concept of fly-by-wire was still decades in the future. Gothe built another experimental aircraft using the same principles but the war ended before it could be put into production

(Note: “Ho” in this context refers to Horten, not to Camela Harris, a California politician)


Lest We Forget

This Week of Thanks needs to include those who gave us the gift of freedom that many in The West take for granted. So as you go about your lives preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, should you decide to celebrate it, please don’t forget THEM.


Editorial Note

Even though donkeys in states populated by elites – California being the prime example, have determined that viruses are spread between 10 pm and 7 am and so have ordered a curfew for any who are not (a) politicians; (b) lobbiests; (c) tech moguls; (d) Hollywood actors, that may not be enough. Here at Virtual Mirage we are suggesting:

Yes, the cone of isolation…but you should also wear a mask.



The core principle of the movement is never to identify itself, but always to present itself as the mere opposite of what it is, with the corollary that the movement must always and ever accuse any opponent of the sins and vices and shortcomings which are theirs and theirs alone, but not those of the conservatives who they mock.

In their narcissistic narrative, these antisocial and unjust cravens call themselves social justice warriors, these fear-ridden and unimaginative regressive conformists call themselves progressive, these brain-zombies call themselves freethinkers, and these  enemies of every form of liberty, aside, perhaps, for sexual perversion, call themselves liberal.

The movement in truth is a hypocritical yet hysterical combination of totalitarian anarchist, socialist plutocrat, gnostic nihilist, and atheist idolater.

The economic theory of socialism, as espoused by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and AOC, predicts that endless productivity will suddenly result once prices and wages of all goods and services are abolished, and no man owns private property. The explanation of how productivity will result once all the causes of productivity are gone is never explained.

Likewise again, in Plato’s Republic, the philosopher, enamored by the example of Sparta, envisions a city state of perfect virtue, temperance, and proportion, which results merely by hypothesizing a philosopher king of impeccable judgment and wisdom, just as angels enjoy. They have trotted out the doddering, senile, corrupt machine politician of fifty years as their shining example.

In Plato’s Republic, he rules a warrior class of sinless paragons who share all property, and all wives, in common, without the least trace of jealousy or avarice, more loyal than guard dogs. With simple laws and firm control of all art and literature and education, king and aristocracy control happy slaves and workingmen who happen to be as industrious and selfless as bees or ants.

Thomas More wrote a similar work, this one a satire, mocking the inhuman aspirations of the Puritans of his day, who sought to rectify human society to superhuman perfection. His island could not exist, and so was called, in Greek, the Land of Nowhere, or Utopia.

Plato’s dark conceits have been tried time and again, from the Middle Ages onward, with over a hundred communes and shared schemes attempted in Ohio in the last century and a half alone. The legal and social model that works in Utopia only requires human nature to be replaced with the more tractable natures of angel and guard-dog, ant and bee.

Of late, the Utopians have given up on Utopia, and the Socialists make alliances with Plutocrats without a blink.

They are self-identified:

  • first, an urgent desire to blame others for one’s own shortcomings;
  • second, a shifty-eyed guilt-haunted inability to say anything clearly or directly, aside, perhaps, from vulgarity and blue words;
  • third, the humorless self-righteousness of a man trying to hide a crime from himself; and in all things, the pride of Lucifer.

They want the laurels of a poet without the sweat and tears men call genius, they want the medals of the hero without the long marches, cold rations, and deadly danger heroes face, they want the palm of martyrdom without the pain of a hangnail. They  want it all, and wants it all now.

Once infected these leftists are unable to carry out their core functions: Teachers cannot teach, preachers cannot preach, scientists cannot do science, news reporters cannot report news, political parties cannot do politics, businesses cannot do business. Instead, they brainwash, blaspheme, defraud, deceive, disintegrate the social order — and then go broke.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday

  1. Communism only works until you run out of everybody else’s money! Said a wise person. Everybody wants to be a cowboy, until it’s time to do cowboy shit! I’m finished with the posers!

    1. It’s all about control. Only the “people” are ever broke. There are always special stores for cadre and for the elite.

      Some are always more equal than others.

  2. Have you visited Grim’s Hall, over at grimbeorn at blogspot? There have been a number of discussions about political/social philosophy.

  3. Rumor has it Jack Northrop got taken from his deathbed, against every security rule in the books, so he could get a look at the brand new B-2, the culmination of his life long belief in the flying wing.
    How sweet is that- I hope it is true.

    1. Mr. Northrup was given a one-time, Special Access Clearance, to see the B-2.

      He turned to his escorts and reportedly said “Well, now I guess I know why God let me live so long.”

  4. Chinese Flu. I put stuff up on Facebook frequently under the heading, “Stirring the pot”. Primary purpose is pissing off (P)regressives. This is what I put up this morning.

    Stirring the pot, conspiracy edition. We are in an undeclared war with China. They know it; we don’t. Every time the COVID-19 “flatten the curve” occurs, their agents re-introduce a new, maybe improved, batch.

      1. WSF will stir himself into the work camp. Luckily he’ll be the commandant with fraulein Helga.

  5. So what you’re saying…Liberal putzes are basically the odd ducks of society, emotionally and physically lazy while demanding we all share in their self-imposed angst and misery.


    As for the Horten boys…genius. My dad would often say “Things are rarely invented, mostly they are redesigned and repurposed.” Those guys were certainly way ahead of their time. But what does that say about modern designers? Look at housing now, zero charm. Architects copy the same details from each other or are way out in left field with weird stuff that costs a fortune yet adds little extra value. Or we have the now prolific “industrial” look that in ten years will simply look “sad”, like Soviet style tenements. Where are the design innovators?

    Got a text from my brother, no less than five of his “friends” have been BEGGING him from taking the Thanksgiving trip out West…because…COVID. Fear among the masses is now ingrained…over a lousy cold virus. Common sense is severely lacking, so is rugged-individualism. All about conformity. No, I won’t play, even if it secures me a spot next to the woodstove and some hay-infused lobster bisque (that you so generously suggested). Not doin’ it. They can kiss my Eastern European/Scots-Irish ancestry you-know-what.

    1. Science deniers (the criteria for being a ‘denier’ varies with the moment) should all be put into work camps until they accept the truth – even if it kills them.

  6. Every Horton flying wing post is a good post.

    And I’d say your analysis of the lib disorder is right in the X Ring.

    1. I’m glad that the cadet is orienting his education toward a commission in the US Army Signal Corps.

    1. Yes, and so are very many modern military aircraft. The aircraft are designed to be unstable so they they can maneuver faster. A human pilot can’t react fast enough to the instabilities to be able to control the aircraft. This was what the early days of “Fly-By-Wire” were about, as the aircraft designers knew they could never get the performance they desired without having the aircraft do a lot of it’s own flying. The pilot decides a general course of action with his control inputs, and the plane does it’s best to match those inputs as best it can without incapacitating the pilot or having the airframe disintegrate.

        1. Different issues and different priorities. Boeing would not be allowed to use software developed and paid for by a military program on a commercial product.

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