I was thinking about the SNAP challenge, as reported at Adrienne’s Corner. SNAP=Food Stamps. I don’t know if they can still use those EBT cards to buy lap dances instead of food, but for a few years, it worked. No, I don’t have first hand knowledge. 
About a year ago, maybe 10 months, I received a telephone call from a woman I’ve known literally since she was born. She wanted me to invest in a ‘counseling service’ that used cosmic energy to heal people. I passed on the opportunity. 

Back Story: Said woman grew up in considerable poverty and lived near me when she was small. The white privilege never reached her. Her father worked in the coal mines and I used to go deer hunting with him. Deer season (a tag for him and one for his wife) and elk season fed the family. He was a competent hunter but I filled a tag for him from time to time. I’ve always had a knack for finding and killing deer/elk. (I parlayed that into a job for myself) 

He looked through stuff at the county dump to find clothes that he brought back for his seven children. The woman in question, when a girl, wore clothes that other girls from school threw out. She grew up poor and ridiculed with endemic low self esteem. I was gone by the time she married, but from all accounts, she married badly – the guy was part of a cult of sorts and seven years and eight children later, he left her. I don’t know that he had skills beyond effective insemination. He’s incapable of paying child support and the cult put daylight between them and him.

stock photo of a welfare queen – not a picture of the lady.
Bad lifestyle choices are not society’s problem. But children become one. Her children (mostly heifer weight female) moved back in with mom with their own children once their sperm donors woke up and looked at the situation. I’m not judging, just reporting.
Now she’s still trying to get $50K a head from investors (so far, no takers) to start the cosmic energy counseling, and meantime is living by the leave of the taxpayer as are the daughters who receive SNAP, AFDC, and a lot of other alphabet benefits. There’s at least 1000 lbs of female flesh living in a small rented (tax payer subsidized HUD) house, bad-mouthing the male of the species, hoping that mom can find somebody stupid enough to fork over money for her dream business.
This abomination replays across this great country in all ethnic groups. Politicians court people like this to obtain votes (by giving them YOUR hard earned money).
It’s a mess.


  1. I don't mean to sound judgemental but when they tip up at the Pick 'n Steal in their pajamas, EBT card in hand and hold up the line while they buy lotto tickets, well, I get annoyed.

  2. Thank you FDR and LBJ for the Welfare System that made the poor more money than working. And their offspring grew up on the government tit and never let go. And the beat goes on.

  3. And I've the "experience" of knowing a couple of these female humans.

    One lived in the apartment building I stayed at with a college buddy when I first moved to Kalifornia. My buddy, who was a paralegal for his slip-and-fall ambulance chasing "attorney" older brother, knew this would be culture shock to me, but explained carefully how Kalifornia was a welfare state, and how this female in the apartment building was a second generation welfare "mother".

    The other was a friend's "girlfriend", who had three young daughters from three different human males. I ran into them years later, and one of the daughters was now of child-bearing age, and had one on the hip, and one on the way, and was living with the mother and my former friend, none of whom had jobs, and subsisted on various forms of welfare, rent assistance, free government cheese, food stamps, and social security disability.

    And they were driving a new car, and buying expensive groceries with food stamps.

    Yep, it's a mess alright, and proof positive that when you subsidize something, you get more of it.

    Thank God we're getting out of here in less than two weeks….

  4. The EBT cards need to be restricted (somehow) to essential food. Maybe bread, milk, baby food, eggs, etc. Then again, the ObamaCare morons in government took two years and $10 million to build a website that didn't work.

  5. They're like the lilies of the field, 'they toil not, neither do they spin'. And they clone themselves — and anticipate that they will be fed and housed.

  6. Yes, the US is really the only country on earth where all the poor people are fat. If you are poor in India or Niger, getting fat is never going to happen.

    And people around the world know this about the US, they all want to come here and become big fat slobs. It's their dream.

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