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For those of you who suggested that I post a Cat Friday blog, here it is.

When I was up at the White Wolf Mine last weekend, there was a bobcat (which I named “Bob” – but it might be a Roberta) on the driveway near the front door when I drove up. I fumbled with my phone to get a picture, and Bob posed for me, but I stopped and just enjoyed nature rather than taking the photo. There will be time for photos in the future.

Domestic cats don’t have much of a future up in the high country, but we have other predators to keep the rodents in check, and you don’t have to worry about feeding them. They’re fine on their own.

Thanksgiving (aftermath)

My oldest daughter has a photography business and she always sends out photos like this (left) of her boys/three of my grandsons.

I’m thankful for family.

And friends become “family” don’t they?

Therefore, by extension, I am thankful for those of you who drop by this blog.

Take a couple laps today to work off the dinner, the pie, the ice cream, the cake, and so forth. Left overs are usually pretty good, so get the work out in before you turn to the remnants of turkey, and stuffing for breakfast, in a skillet with a couple fried eggs on top.

Things may be different when the new ice age sets in. A few extra pounds and a layer of blubber may become the fashion, so don’t get too obsessed with the work out. Sit back, have a cup of egg nog and think on that.

18 thoughts on “Cat Friday

  1. We had a great cat (mouser) for 17 years. He must have gotten slow because he never came back after being let out one night.

  2. We have bobcats around here as well though they're secretive and I seldom see them. Plenty of coyotes though and I see, and hear, them all the time. Eggnog sounds like a wonderful idea. I need to pick up some bourbon to make it even better, though a good rum works as well.

  3. We had a bobcat as a pet when I was a kid.
    It was a kitten when dad brought it home.
    We became its litter mates and as it got older it would come home at night to sleep with my brother and I.
    Once he attacked a hanging hind-quarter of elk and acted like it was going to eat the whole thing on the spot.
    Beautiful animal.

  4. Lots of predators to keep rodents in check. Owls, hawks, the occasional eagle, coyotes, wolves, foxes, and of course all your variety of wild cats.

    It's nice that your daughter can send out photo cards like that.

    Hope things are going well for you this weekend. God bless.

  5. I'm working off the feast by swapping my wife's tires today. The summer tires come off, and the studded snows go on.

    Zero experience with Big Cats. The biggest cat I've ever know was our neighbors semi-feral, 36" long, 25 pound black Tomcat named "Lucifer". I used to watch it run down rabbits, kill them, and then drag them off somewhere to do whatever to them.

    That animal just radiated EVIL in every direction for about 100 yds……

  6. Coyote? Possibly. You want to hope that he accounted himself well in the final act — as do we all.

  7. The bobcats up in the AZ highlands seem to be more brazen than the average cats, possibly due to the scarcity of humans to interact with. I don't get the sense that anyone is using predator calls to lure them in for a head shot, and pelting them out to make a nice bedspread.

  8. I had a coyote pup named Dusty who grew up to like the taste of chickens and it was his demise at the hands of a neighbor. I've mentioned Dusty on the blog before.

  9. Pebbles the Wonder Dog may take it into her head to run down elk. Of course she could do it if she really wanted to. The question for Pebbles is one of desire.

  10. At age nine, my father was the section foreman for the Moffat Tunnel. About twenty people lived in the company town of East Portal. Saw several mountain lions along the creek. We few kids never went anywhere without dogs for company. None of the cats seemed interested in us.

  11. Wow, LL – you are the first person outside my family that has ever mentioned the amazing delicacy that is fried stuffing!

    Best thing about Thanksgiving, hands down.

  12. Maybe if you'd been wandering alone, fell and started bleeding as you walked home, you'd have ended as cat scat. I can't say that would be the case, and they've never bothered me, but I don't trust mountain lions or bears, or people.

  13. We put a pound of bacon and a pound or so of sausage in the stuffing so it starts out being delicious. The day after, fried, with an egg topper and maybe a bit of turkey is something worth eating.

  14. Nice bobcat pic and hope you had a great Thanksgiving! And yes, when the Ice Age kicks in we'll be happy for all those extra pounds.

    To compound the issue, I'm enjoying beef and mushroom pot pie. Keeps you warm in the coldest weather and good leftover training for permafrost scarcity.

  15. I feel as though we've just adopted a teenie-weenie bobcat into our house. Taz bit my husband twice on their first meet. She's a hellion, but she's tiny and manageable. I can only imagine the kind of hurt a bobcat can put on a person. Watch your back, LL.

  16. A proper english roast beef pie will sustain you during the dark days of a cold winter. No doubting that.

    Happy Consumer Saturday.

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