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There are a lot of American cold warriors who never had the opportunity to go to hot war with the USSR who are promoting a new war with Russia. The problem with this is that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was dissolved on 26 December 1991 by Declaration № 142-Н of the Soviet of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, formally establishing the dissolution of the Soviet Union as a sovereign state and subject of international law.

I’m sorry that they didn’t get their war. It would have been a grand war with the combined fleet steaming into the Sea of Othosk, guns blazing, missiles flying, taking out the Ruskie sub pens at Petropavlosk Kamchatski, invading Siberia in the dead of winter, etc.

I recall a classified briefing many years ago after the USSR collapsed. I can’t discuss the text of the briefing but the moron go gave it lamented that we weren’t able to have it out Dr. Strangelove style to see if all of their nuclear weapons worked as advertised.

And as I sit here, an old man, living at the top of a mountain in semi-isolation, feeling oracular at the moment, watching France pledge to send a Grand Armee of the Republic into Ukraine to push back the red scourge from sacred Ukrainian soil, I can’t help but reflect.

There is a panic in the permanent Washington establishment. What if President Trump were to win again and replay his first term in office, wherein we didn’t start any new wars for four years? Oh, the horror. You’ll recall that all the Arab states made peace with Israel during that first term. America’s oil independence turned into a situation where we began exporting. Talk about destabilization. They’re pushing for another four years of Pedo Joe and the Ho, waiting in the wings to break the glass ceiling as the first American Indo-Afro-caucasoidal person who identifies as female to sit in the Oval Office.

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  1. I’ve never known anyone that fought in combat and had a strong desire to repeat the experience. War is Hell, and anyone that relishes it is insane.

    1. The quants would like to know real time how many cities the Russians could level. Naturally, THEY don’t plan to be in any of those cities.

        1. Agreed…my inly response is of great respect to those who have been there…as I was not one…so galactic level hat tip to all who went into that hell.

    2. A fuller quote of Sherman is even stronger:

      “I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell.”
      — William Tecumseh Sherman

  2. Any Congressional “person” (I’ll leave it at that) who desires to follow suit with France’s action to send “our boys” over to Ukraine needs to be rounded up and given a First Class ticket to Kee-Evv, with a rucksack and pair of boots…and no comm’s (sorry, you have to leave your encrypted Obama-Phone in your desk). Thereafter, the rest is up to them. Betcha funding would stop in a heartbeat (or not, as these (those) morons are so mental…well…suffice it say…they would place second in an idiot contest.

    1. PS. Apparently I’m back in the 21st Century, the time rip musta shook again, so here I am. The Aliens were working on some thing called Petra, side guided lasers to carve the rock, started two hours ago…almost finished. Overheard they were going to store The Last Supper Cup there with a Templar Knight as guard. Now that would make a good movie.

      (You know, this could make a book, maybe a bad one, but still, Mosse did it well with Medieval France, complete with knights and damsels drama juxtaposed to contemporary France. Never know.)

    2. Send them with their extended families. To include the Bidens. (The entire crime family) I’m sure that they could find a nursing home for Pedo Joe somewhere in the country.

        1. They need to have the fear of God instilled in them, that would do it…or rid the planet of them inside of 30 seconds.

          Ancient Egyptian Field Report #3: Couldn’t quite tell by the visuals but overheard a few slaves saying Dufusohtep went by his other name, Squinty-Eye Joe…as some would call him when he once again stepped in it then randomly yelled at the air while shaking hands with…no one. Once his weird friends got tired of saving him from himself I figure he’d eventually become pyramid big stone block grease because he kept falling down on the simplest of jobs.

          (still getting mileage from my new alter-ego…scary part is the narrative – then to now- fits, like history is repeating, only now The Little People have better weapons and know how to use them effectively.

          1. The cackling would draw enemy fire…use her as an expendable decoy/bullet sponge.

  3. Russia 2024 is not the USSR of 80 years ago; not even the USSR of 32 years ago
    and we (the State Dept) haven’t been able to get out of that mindset
    nor the US media, for that matter

      1. If only it were just “the military mindset”. Bad enough some people think Russia of 2024 is the USSR. I’m worried about Blinken and Nuland (etc) making their plans to punish those dastardly Cossacks. Put down the resentment, FFS. For your own mental health and that of your posterity. Please.

        Weaponsman commentator “Kirk” talked about his time in former Yugoslavia. He speaks some Serbian, and when the local Serbs discovered this he was welcomed as a long-lost cousin (which he was). They invited him to the village. Along the way they pointed out landmarks and other things of historical interest. “See that church? The raping Croats came through there, killed the groundskeeper and raped the nuns before cutting their throats. Then they nailed poor Father Bogdan to the altar!” Kirk was confused. The briefing his unit received had not mentioned ANY of this. His hosts named each of the nuns and the names of the groundskeeper’s children. “I never heard about this! When did it happen?” Kirk blurted, horrified. His guides replied “1528!” Later Kirk learned that the children were made to memorize the names of each of the victims the way we (two hundred years ago) might have had schoolchildren memorize the names of Leonidas’ 300.

        No one is obligated to forgive. I’ll stipulate that. And it’s dumb to completely forget. But nothing good comes of nightly reading your enemies list out loud, especially when those “enemies” are remote in space and time, and of meditating on wrongs suffered not by you, nor anyone you know, so that your psyche is filled with resentment, hatred, and lust for “revenge”. Even worse when you revel in the thought of spending the treasure and lives of people who had Nothing To Do With Any of It in order to punish other people who also had Nothing To Do With Any of It.

        1. Mike_C, my understanding when I was in Bosnia, they hold wrongs against for all time, it is never a time to forget revenge and a vendetta for something egregious to the people of that region. Talk about holding a grudge! May we not forget the grudge against those in our modern time of the wrongs and the abject terror we shortly will be exposed to. Forever those person, their families and their yet to be born assume the shame and ostracization they so deservedly are owed.

          1. In the American South – and I’m specifically addressing a place in Mississippi – the local churches still take turns placing cut flowers on the graves of the Confederate dead on Saturday so that they’ll be fresh each Sunday. The War of Northern Aggression is never far from people’s minds. I realize that was 1860s America and not the 1500s, but the point is the same.

        2. I think that some of the more brilliant conservative people (non-Jews) in the US (the word intelligensia has been taken over by the liberal-progressives – pfaugh!) now understand how the majority of the Israelis today are able to work with the people of Germany, the Ukraine, and Poland – say yizkor (don’t ever forget what happened and what drove it), but move forward – the people inhabiting Europe today are not the people of the century past.

          1. I much prefer the average* Israeli over “our” intelligentsia (Jewish or not). And over “our” neocons (Jewish or not).

            *my sample of Israelis may be biased since the ones I know are MDs, or pharma-company people, or engineers. But the majority that I know are pragmatic, hard-headed people not much given to whining, obvious self-pity, or lunatic and destructive xenophilia. This sets them apart from the typical western liberal (Jewish or not). They understand the importance of tribe (not a dig) and cohesion in the face of the rest of the world. We in the US could learn from that, frankly.

  4. These guys act like they played “Kriegspiel” too many times and wound up thinking that in reality the casualties don’t matter.

    1. Yeah, things get “Really Real” when the hordes are at the end of your block, and coming towards you……

      I was living in Redondo Beach during the Rodney King Riots, and the ash from South Central burning to the ground looked like snow at the beach. MSM never mentioned it, but things were really BAD.

  5. I know the difference in incoming and outgoing fire. I have had pucker factor hearing a recoilless riffle round go whizzing by your head and land 10 feet away and getting lucky it was a dud. Those are memories and skills I wish I had never developed.

  6. What a good post and yes, they’re out there baying for war. Sickening.

    Then there’s the demented Old Crook in the Whitehouse and its Caucasoid Whore.

  7. They are ‘trying’ to fight the war they never had, because ‘we’ did our jobs! You and I were there, and we know what we did, even if John Q. Public never will.

  8. I held the line too, and was serving when the Soviet Union collapsed. That was when the endless peacekeeping started. I got lucky, and was not sent anywhere near a shooting war.

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