A Scenario

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Today is Labor Day, a national holiday.
There you are, surrounded by friends and family, thick, juicy steaks are cooking on the mesquite, the corn is roasting next to it in the husk, and you’re just about ready to eat. The kids are in the swimming  pool, splashing and shouting…everyone is happy. Salads are arrayed in all their variety and the situation is ideal–

And Obama shows up.

My entry/response:

Something wicked, this way comes

16 thoughts on “A Scenario

  1. But, Opus, he's just trying to help you help others by taking what you have and giving it to them. I can see that you still haven't caught the progressive vision or fundamentally transforming America.

  2. Nothing good has come out of his presidency with the exception of many Americans coming to the realization that socialism is bad. Unfortunately not enough woke up.

  3. Smile…. wait for the flash.

    Hey, who invited Steve Erkle?

    Damn. There goes the neighborhood.

    Have you met my Dog?

    In truth, I'd be more likely to just slam the door in his face.

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