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The Anti-Militia Law

Leftist Democrats in Congress have introduced a bill, HR-6981, the so-called “Preventing Private Paramilitary Act of 2024.” It is the “brainchild” of Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland), he of the so-called “select committee” that investigated the Jan. 6 siege at the US Capitol.

If passed, it would effectively criminalize (not that Democrats typically worry about actual crime) so-called “unauthorized paramilitary activity.”

How is that defined?

§2742. Unauthorized private paramilitary activity

(a) OFFENSE–It shall be unlawful to knowingly, in a circumstance described in subsection (b), while acting as part of or on behalf of a private paramilitary organization and armed with a firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or other dangerous weapon–
(1) publically patrol, drill, or engage in techniques capable of causing bodily injury or death;
(2) interfere with, interrupt, or attempt to interfere with or interrupt government operations or a government proceeding;
(3) interfere with or intimidate another person in that person’s exercise of any right under the Constitution of the United States;
(4) assume the functions of a law enforcement officer, peace officer, or public official, whether or not acting under the color of law, and thereby assert authority or purport to assert authority over another person without the consent of that person; or
(5)train to engage in any activity described in paragraphs (1) through (4).


This law would circumvent the Second Amendment’s clause of a “well-regulated militia.” The only exception under the proposal defines an exception as any regularly organized State militia, or any unorganized or reserve militia called into service by a State or the United States.

The last part of that clause could actually prove a saving grace for patriots who would wish to assist in a state like Texas since any such militia could be “called into service by a State…”

What is a “private paramilitary organization” as proposed in the bill?

PRIVATE PARAMILITARY ORGANIZATION–The term “private paramilitary organization” means any group of 3 or more persons associating under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement, or security services unit.


  1. IN GENERAL–Any person who violates subsection (a) shall forfeit to the United States any property, personal or real, involved in, used, or intended to be used, in any manner or part, to commit or to facilitate the commission of, the violation, or that constitutes or is derived from proceeds traceable to the violation.


This is fodder for campaign fundraising, and it gives the communists something to bloviate about when they’re on the stump talking about how dangerous patriots are.



Tortuga developed as a stronghold for pirates operating throughout the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus mentioned Tortuga during his first voyage because the island resembled a turtle’s shell. The Spanish settled the island a century later, in 1598, to cultivate sugar and tobacco.

In the early 1600s, the French settled on Tortuga, with the island becoming divided between French and English colonists from 1630 onward.

Tortuga developed as a stronghold for pirates operating throughout the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus mentioned Tortuga during his first voyage because the island resembled a turtle’s shell. The Spanish formally settled the island in 1598 to cultivate sugar and tobacco.

In the early 1600s, the French settled on Tortuga, with the island becoming divided between French and Colonists from 1630 onward.

During this period, buccaneers (from the French word boucanes – to describe huts for making ‘viande boucanée’ – jerked meat or jerky) hunted the wild boars and cattle in the largely uninhabited areas of Tortuga. The name would later be applied to describe the corsairs or privateers authorized to conduct raids on Spanish in the Caribbean.

After a rapid period of succession between the Spanish and several nations over the dominion of Tortuga, the French Engineer Jean La Vasseur raided the island during the early 1640s, quickly taking control of the island’s major ports and establishing himself as the governor. La Vasseur was also credited with constructing the Fort de Rocher, which overlooked the island’s main harbor to prevent further encroachment by the Spanish.

The official lawlessness of Tortuga under La Vasseur’s governorship made the island an appealing base for piracy to operate freely. La Vasseur opened the port to privateers of all nations in exchange for a percentage of the wealth of every vessel anchoring there.


A new Original Fictional Short


As I signed the disclaimers with a giddy sense of impending adventure, I noted an asterisked caveat that reminded the signator that firearms in the 1640s were notoriously unreliable. The .56 caliber flintlock pistols were provided in a brace of two by the travel service, along with 3F black powder in a sealed flask and a dozen lead balls. The muskets they handed out were of the British Land Pattern in .75 caliber. We each received two cartridge boxes with the rounds pre-packaged. I hefted the weapon, a reproduction naturally.

“It’s artilleryman’s fusil, shorter than the standard, but still no sights. Line up the rear tang screw and the bayonet lug, and if the target is close enough, you might hit it.” This from the armorer who went by the name of Crim.

“Not short for Criminal,” he said in a New England accent. “You can also call me Sonny.” We shook hands.

I asked, “Crim?”

“My family was part of Ananda Marga, the Crimson Path, or the Path of Bliss. Somebody pulled Crim out of that, and it stuck.”

His eyes, almond in shade and shape, were non-commital as if he had a secret he didn’t plan to share. His mouth formed a straight line, and his face was shaped vaguely like an inverted isosceles triangle without being reptilian, blunted at its corners to provide a solid chin and wide forehead. He wore his black hair longer on top, combed back with tight sidewalls.

“Have you been across the event horizon?”

“Yeah, I was there and back now. I don’t want to ruin your fun, so don’t ask me what to expect. You have had the same briefing as every other client.”

“We have a lot of firepower here,” I commented.

Crim or Sonny handed me a cutlass in a scabbard. I withdrew the weapon and tested the blade. You could shave with it. “I don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight.”

“Look,” Sonny scrutinized my nametag, “Tony, the timeline changes with each transport. You’re actually going backward in time, and the A.I. will try to drop you on the land in an open field, but it’s been known to screw up and dump you in the ocean. If that happens, the flimsy life jacket won’t keep you afloat. Dump the musket and ammo and save the cutlass. The powder will be wet. The blade is not made of period steel. It’s very high-quality metal and will hold an edge no matter what you cut with it.

Wardrobe fitted our little company out with period clothing and injected us with an RFID homing capsule that would be used to retrieve us. Once kitted out, we looked like typical time travel nerds with gear poking out at all angles. You can’t say that they went cheap on the equipment, and then again, we each paid a king’s ransom to drop back in time to the days of the Spanish Main, gold doubloons, and pieces of eight. We planned to bring priceless artifacts back with us.

It’s not as if we hadn’t sword-fought with virtual reality goggles on our heads in the Pirate’s Treasure first-person shooter game. My top score had been near legendary in the gaming community.

I knew all about the French Calvinists who settled in Tortuga. I studied the psych profiles of the buccaneers, and I sailed on the Bloody Shame, a simulated pirate brigantine of eighteen six-pound brass guns. I learned to shimmy up and down the rigging to help the simulated crew set the sheets. Of course, we all knew that if we were lucky enough to board an actual pirate’s ship, it would be much like the game-designed Bloody Shame.

Nine bold adventurers, most of whom had only lived in their parent’s or grandparent’s basements, stepped from the ready room into the transportation chamber. From there, all smiles, we crossed the horizon and into somewhere.


Meme of the Day


Identify the Aircraft


50 thoughts on “A Brave New Week!

      1. And the dive brakes make it a dead give-away.

        Well, for some of the visiting savants (who amaze). Me? Not so much. heh

        1. Eventually, it will stick and you’ll be able to identify all the worlds armor and aircraft with a shrug.

  1. So the left finally proposed a law to allow the government to go after Antifa and BLM. “other dangerous weapon” such as golf clubs, umbrella, campaign signs and the usual things carry by the organized George Floyd protesters.

    1. Your government loves you, Fredrick, and they want to protect you from God and Guns types. You know, you could live in a hive city, not own anything (renting everything from the company store), eat bugs, and when you are finally a ‘useless eater’ be rendered down into Soylent Green — and you’d be happy!

      1. Hive cities.
        Read a recent report spreading cities contribute to climate change. What to believe?
        Peat beds are expanding. No, peat beds are shrinking because of drought.
        There is no way for a good prole to be correct.

        1. Hive cities are woke because they can have absolute control over you and can move you to a bunk farther from the stove if you show “attitude” – which you definitely will, WSF.

    2. Didn’t Seattle just give huge restitution to The Anarchists?

      I say, Good…you get more of what you subsidize. Let the Idiots in Charge eat cake.

      1. If memory serves it was something like $30 million to allow them to keep tearing the city apart. Did SOROS (whose name spelled backwards is still SOROS) run out of money or something?

        The idea that Seattle would use taxpayer funs to fund the continued destruction of the city has to be one of those things that even the wildest Sci-Fi couldn’t imagine. 30 years ago could you have imagined Seattle doing that? I was looking to retire out on South Whidby Island for heck sakes. Now I wouldn’t consider visiting the place. Barack had his tranny husband was the virus that started it. He may be an emblem of much deeper rot, but under his watch.

        1. When politicians fund raise while admonishing those not supporting the anarchists, “Houston, we have a problem.”

          There are quite a few places dead to me. Canmore (Alberta Canada) was on the visit list. Not anymore…let alone the fact getting my Passport renewed now takes a pound of flesh and more government invasion into my person. Early 80’s spent a month canoeing through Canada (near Algonquin Provincial Park). Terrific. Can’t do that now (altho, as here, the rural folks are typically not “Trudy-Ites”). But “risk management” must be employed. Also why we won’t fly anymore, too many lunatics, even in 1st or Business Class.

          1. I used to head up into BC to hunt fish and camp. Back in those days you had to have at least a 12 gauge shotgun when camping to protect yourself from bears. Only took a driver’s license and “Have a good hunt!” to cross the border, oh, and plenty of American dollars, they liked those up there back then. Now I wouldn’t dane to peek across the border if I was within five feet of it and like you Paul M, I avoid most large or even medium sized cities on my travels or “Walk Abouts” as I am getting the itch to hook up the travel trailer and see what I can see… Find out where that dirt road goes.

        2. I keep thinking took that Schwartz György took his name from the Greek:
          σωρός (sōrós) meaning “heap” even though I believe I can understand how he took (more likely was given) the name “Soros”.
          Likely he went around the camp pointing out to the guards the people due for the “showers” saying “Soros” meaning, in Hungarian, “You’re next”.
          How did our government ever allow this σωρός to become a citizen?

          1. How did we allow a political hack, known for ‘doing’ his biological daughter and a low-life hooker into the White House?

  2. Tortuga
    IMHO one of your GOAT fictional shorts;

    With the time travel and the gaming, your story’s are surpassing C.S. Lewis. Reaching the next generation with truth and wisdom is a real challenge.

    We have 2 grandkids here local that color crayons and brushes will not suffice. We are no match for the A.I. generators and customization that gaming now offers.

    Thanks so much for sharing tid bits of your historical and geological studies with the V.M. audience.

    How many krugerrands would we all have to pitch in to irradicate the porno virus I keep burning through to log in to V.M.?

    Duck duck go is working, but on my part it’s getting worse, not better with the virus addresses taking over when the random archive pop up bubbles are appearing. ( BTW I really enjoy that feature on rainy days)

    Are there steps I’m ignorant of to log in? Am I being targeted and other readers have no problem?

    1. I have to login – then cancel – then login – then cancel – then login to get to VM on my iPhone because of the redirection malware. If I knew specifically who and where on the attacks, you wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore. I’ve tried.

      1. I bought Guardio as a defensive measure. It’s a commercial spam filter. Then GUARDIO marked Virtual Mirage as a malware site. I wrote them a note expressing my displeasure that the software I bought blocked me from my blog, which does not contain malware—and discontinued my subscription.

        1. Ed B, it happens on my laptop, I don’t not plan to bless me with a smart phone.. I use MalwareBytes as my virus and malware protection and all I get now is a warning dialog box that drops down to warn me but it doesn’t keep me from the site. Even after whitelisting VM it still does it and a couple of other blogs I peruse.

          At times the pictures LL posts don’t populate, but pressing the CRTL button and spinning my curser wheel will load the pics.

      1. I don’t get a porno virus. I get a MALWARE warning page advising me that if I continue on to VM, my computer will be destroyed. Again, I’d like a name and address. We’ll see what a little double-growth hickory will do.

        1. Me neither, just a stupid other page on Android cellular network (not Verizon), back up (after a light expletive), reload, and get to your homepage without a problem. iPad, nothing. Firefox, nothing. I’m on Starlink, maybe that affords something different, more of a closed loop not going though China. Plus, I have few Apps and ZERO social media garbage.

          1. Yep. On an Android tablet. I browse to this site via incognito mode and avoid the duck et al.
            Yes, a temporary work-around until something better.

        2. “I’d like a name and address”
          You need A Beekeeper.

          I’m sitting here waiting for a batch of cases (chest CTs) to download, and idly watching The Flash rather than productively doing something useful. Oh, gosh, but it’s awful. How is it that they’re spending SO much money these days and producing such trash? That appalling Rings of Power (featuring Guy-ladriel) is over $50 million per episode. But the entire Godzilla Minus One movie was under $15M. Sigh.

    2. There are “real” virus doctors (computer technicians) who are able to do a superb job of curing/removing these problems without destroying/wiping your data/programs.
      I’ve used three different shops over the years (15) in my (now) permanent residential area. I’ve also found out that some of the commercial stores employ them (visitingdoctors) on a monthly basis.
      the charge for this service is not low (usually on an hourly basis), but well worth the expense.

  3. Saying it out loud, not that we don’t know the answer therefore this is mostly rhetorical…but it’s worth looking at the foundation when the building starts to lean:

    Why is it The Dems and their Swamp Club pals on the other side of the aisle are rabidly desperate to destroy EVERYTHING Constitutional, and always by some nefarious backdoor method? Are they that demented? No wonder Then Mental Midgets wanted 87,000 new IRS armed “agents”, they want it to be a paramilitary organization for escalating raids on the unsuspecting guy in his boxers drinking coffee reading non-mainstream media.

    Gotta agree with GFW2, the “shorts” keep getting better. Excellent one LL. Now I want to go back to 1800’s Tortuga as a fly on the wall.

    1. Some of it comes down to wanting total control, and the elites feel that the road to that end is increased taxation…is that an UNLICENSED tomato plant growing on your deck, PaulM. Eighty-seven thousand armed agents with their own SWAT armor to ensure that you didn’t earn an untaxed penny, dawn no-knock warrantless raids on patriots might quell their ardor. Or it might have the same impact that the British raid on Concord had. As Pedo Joe reminded us, “I have F-15s. What do you have?” I would answer that we might have the people who FLY the F-15s. Swalwell called for striking conservative areas with nuclear weapons as a chilling effect on Constitutionalists who still think that their representatives represent THEM.

      1. Exactly. Gettin’ jiggy. November will be the ‘tell’.

        Here’s the thing tho: Never in my life could I have made this up, as you posited above. The fact this being done as righteousness without a single bit of backlash means the Uniparty is real — we have ONE party, not two, and an Executive Branch running our country by fiat, effectively nullifying Congress. Yet no one steps up to the plate to combat this sedition. Next week we’ll be in another war by these morons. Why? because they get to send “others” to do their dirty work.

        1. I was more politically “centrist” years ago. Living and working in Orange County, CA, on political corruption cases, among others, my targets were all Republicans because they ran the show and held power. I knew many Republican officeholders at the state level and was unimpressed by them. My FBI partner, who later moved up to Associate Director, listened to Rush Limbaugh while we drove around. As I mentioned on the blog, I went to Oathkeeper meetings on duty. I also recognized the other people on duty from the Orange County Law Enforcement Community.

          I trained a few people in the art of political corruption investigations and always used the analogy that politicians were rats. There were white and black rats, but the difference was the hair’s color, not the rodent’s nature.

          Today, an argument could be made that I’m anti-swamp, and that would be the case, but I rubbed shoulders with swamp creatures and, to an extent, was part of the establishment. If you sense a duality, there isn’t one. A long time ago, the people I associated with were sincere patriots who believed in the rule of law. I don’t see as that’s the case now.

          1. You managed to maintain your objectivity while “rubbing shoulders”, the “others” immediately fold themselves into the fold to play and get paid…principles, morals, and ethics be damned. Yours is a sign of strength, theirs…a weakness willfully exploited.

          2. THEY would say that I broke faith with the government.

            What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? (Mark 8:36)

  4. Unauthorized private paramilitary activity. The government continues to make virtually everything illegal, especially when they can define the terms and then selectively enforce the “law”. I am not deeply religious but what the heck was wrong with the Ten Commandments, well other than not having any good opportunities for graft.

    Very interesting “short”. I do think they would get a rude awakening during their first encounter with someone else wielding a cutlass despite all the VR gaming. Fighting is darn hard work.

  5. “(3) interfere with or intimidate another person in that person’s exercise of any right under the Constitution of the United States;”
    You mean like the right to peacefully assemble?

  6. Here’s an amendment to HR-6981, from Sam Gamgee:

    “I can add some more, if you like it. Calling your Chief names, Wishing to punch his Pedo Face, and Thinking you Congressmen look like a lot of Tom-fools.”

    As to Raskin himself, not gonna touch that one. Wouldn’t be sporting.

  7. The Pirate pointing the pistol has a pan that isn’t primed. Note the flint is down and the frizzen is forward. Also note that I love alliteration.

  8. Not sure I have anything of value for visiting sites issues, but to offer my experiences.

    I live in east asia for 9 years. I don’t recall how I found VM ( perhaps cederq’s site?) about 1.5 years ago. until today, I didn’t know “login” was an option ( am not much of a joiner anyway.)

    I use only ios and ipados.
    A VPN ALWAYS ( presently Psiphon-free).
    about 48% Opera browser, 47% Brave browser ( i frequently shift from the browser vpn to psiphon and back. I switch between browsers multiple times a day. just to make the non-surly ai work a bit harder connecting dots) when i use Safari, I use it’s safety options, Lockdown, 1blocker, ad blocker, ad guard.

    I’ ve had pop up problems or such. The only times I’ve had any difficulty accessing any sites was when down due to maintenance or extreme DDOS, until it is resolved.

    I’ve done like this since living in the pooh bear country in the 00s.
    It works for me, so I haven’t altered the basic format. I do switch search engines as needed. quit DDG about ‘18. since about ‘20, i alternate mostly between Metager and Startpage. They are quite adequate for me. YMMV.

    Other than ocassionally at TBP, this is the only site where I read comments. Every day I read them here. I often show some to the spouse ( non-asian) so she sees I am not the only “crazy”, “atypical” american.

    May G-d protect and preserve us all as the snow melts and the demons regather…

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