I normally don’t ask you to read an article on the Internet. Sometimes I quote from articles and give you a link to follow. I’m breaking from that today to suggest that you read this article from the Intelligencer
Yes, I did write that I was going to back off on the COVID-19/Chinese Plague. Yet, despite my best intentions, this article puts a spin on it that you might find interesting.
For most people infected with the coronavirus, that’s as far as it goes. With bed rest, they get better. But for reasons scientists don’t understand, about 20 percent of people get severely ill. Despite your relative youth, you’re one of them.
That’s the point. It’s all fun and games, shits and giggles until it’s you or somebody that you love. Comment on your thoughts once you’ve read the article. Maybe they’re fear mongering. Maybe not. It’s up to you to decide. 
For the people who become severely ill, it’s not about the question of whether it originated in a bioweapons lab or somewhere else. And if it is somebody dear to you who has been infected, the issue is the same.
The plague will end, treatments for the illness will become available, and in a year or so, there will be a vaccine. For now, ask not for whom the bell tolls.


  1. No joke.

    It's all a larf until you turn 'round and the fighting monkey's barring its fangs.

    Vicious little beast.

  2. So let's see — first it was the young & old, then old, now young, youth, & old. And transmission is very similar to the common {corona] cold, same basic transmission paths but with the "potential" to get some of us, like the common cold that goes bad for some.

    Bottom line is I can only take so many "experts" explaining "what will occur", then – like our weatherman here – have it fall flat. "Man makes plans, and God laughs."

    In the meantime I'll continue my selfless sacrifice of staying away from the crowds…have some fence to fix, some pen clean up, and at the end of the day will have a "Quarantini"…shaken, not stirred, to ease the stress of it all.

  3. Case in point- Triple-doppler whiz-bang multiple satellite weather report as of 7:00am:

    "Partly cloudy" (meaning "mostly sunny")

    It's snowing…a lot.

    Of course we higher elevation Coloradoan's know this is merely Springtime in the Rockies, no surprise. Point is experts get fooled more time than not. Flipping a coin would be simpler.

  4. Yes, they're fearmongering. What other purpose does this article serve other than to make a buck on scaring the easily scared?

    Also: wow, it's always hilarious just how New York, New Yorkers always are.

    AFAICT, there are three main facets of "growing up", psychologically – learning self control, understanding that one is not the center of the universe, and – here's the relevant one – accepting that death is inevitable, and learning to deal with it.

    As for origins, I guess the good news is that if the covid-19 / Wuhan turns out to be escaped bioweapons reasearch, at least we'll know that the ChiComs suck at bioweapons.


  5. I still see no reason to panic. I'll continue to take precautions and try to keep the wife reeled in. She keeps wanting to go out and about. I understand the why, but she is in a high risk group.

  6. Worry. I can't stop it. My oldest son, a high functioning autistic 49 year old, dependent on public transportation, lives in Seattle. For those who know the city, he lives in the Wallingford area.

    At age 75, I've had a good run so don't fear this shit. If it happens, oh well. I dread the thought of burying another child.

  7. Who knows?
    I may get sick. I may die. I won't panic.

  8. Thank you. His church is helping to insure he gets to the supermarket and checking on him daily.

  9. The Stanford Professor they're quoting is John Ioannidis, the guy who led what I've heard called the most downloaded scientific paper in history, on why most published scientific research is wrong. Like up to 70% of it.

    If I see his name on it, I'm reading it.

  10. When you look at Italy, they are no longer testing. They have a body count. Nobody knows what percentage of the population is dying from the Chinese Plague. They know that hospitals have been overwhelmed because of the infection spike. One day the matter will resolve, but almost everyone there has or has had COVID-19 by now.

  11. Or as my "Weather Radar for Meteorologists" book states….."NEVER make a forecast with your back to the windows".

  12. Yep….it's "a public health issue" until it's you or a family member.
    Just like the Stalin quote "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic." The nihilistic evolutionist point of view is that life is cheap. As long as enough members of a species survive whatever catastrophe comes along to continue reproduction the species is a success. The scary fact is that we clever monkeys have taken diseases that cause pandemics which kill at most a third or so of the population ( like the black death) and amped them up to where a 90+% morbidity is not out of the question.

  13. COVID-19 isn't weaponized small pox or worse. It should be a wake up call to everyone that maybe we need to step back from the brink when it comes to germ warfare. But will the world do that? I have doubts.

  14. Some people do a lot of job to put together available data and here is one zoeharcombe.com/2020/03/coronavirus-covid-19-some-facts-figures/

    From this article I find good resons to be optimistic.

    Same with this article based on the experience with The Diamond Princess.

    Yes people get sick and some will be very ill in a short period of time with the demand for hospital services. Some will not survive.

    It is is not like the black death where 1/3 of the population died in a few years time.

    But the biggest problem with this chinese plague is the damage on the economy.

    The US has always been good at investing in carriers, submarines and so on. Other NATO countries have not. But everyone seem to be short of necessary stock when it comes to the basic health servcices when a pandemic like flue hits the economy.

    That will hopefully be solved until next time.

    Take care LL.

  15. Having kids means infinite worry, forever from what I've seen.

    I have a lot of respect for people who take on the burden. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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