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It would be refreshing to have a leader who was able to blog about the things that concerned him — honestly. 

If Obama Blogged you’d see those rat claw hands dancing across the keyboard, composing a hateful rant against various and sundry political enemies including all of those illiterate mouth-breathers who live in fly-over country, insensibly clinging to God and guns.

But it won’t happen. There will be no presidential blogs for history mull over.

Mr. Obama may be having some thoughts on the legacy, and the treatment that he’ll receive from history. Will he end up as so many have suggested as the only president who turned out to be worse than Jimmy Carter? The half-black man who “spied on America” and brought us a vastly expensive healthcare system that won’t work, who turned the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency against his political adversaries?

Liberals don’t talk much about President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize because it, as with so much that he’s done, is a sick joke. Despite the hope that he’d focus on real and poignant issues that face black people in America, he didn’t do much to help resolve problems. Buying black votes with welfare and handouts only breeds dependency and deepen the issues that the inner cities face.

Chicago made Obama. It’s one of the most desperate, divided, dangerous and corrupt cities in America. A little over half of all children who enter high school, graduate. Almost of all of Obama’s inner circle have been from Chicago: Valerie Jarrett, Tom Daley, Eric Holder, David Axelrod, Jessie Jackson Jr. (who will spend most of Mr. Obama’s second term in prison), Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, Susan Rice (famous for lying), Cass Sunstein and his wife, Samantha Power (both from the University of Chicago), etc. These are the people whose liberal ideas have built the Chicago that we see today. They brought that failed model of corruption, hatred and decay to the White House. Some of that has unfolded in scandals in the Second Term. There will be more.

Immigration reform has been snatched from Mr. Obama’s grasp by Sen. Rubio (R-FL) who is front and center. The White House was refused photo ops with the so-called Gang of Eight. Gun control measures have all but died in this term as the US Senate and its Democratic Party majority wasn’t able to get the measure out of that house of Congress and to the House of Representatives where it would have also met defeat.

Mr. Obama’s legacy is likewise tainted by his Secretary of State, Hillary (What does it matter?) Clinton and the Benghazi Scandal that all but eclipsed the US Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden on Obama’s watch as President. The Arab Spring has turned into a goblet of hemlock instead of a toast to the victory of Barack’s foreign policy.

At the same time, he will be known as the president who failed to seriously take on the problems caused by radical Islam. We know that he was raised by a Muslim step-father and attended the madras in Indonesia. He entered office thinking that Islam would love him in return but that didn’t happen.

And one day the college transcripts will come out. Will he be revealed to have been a foreign student, openly declaring himself as Islamic? Did he ever actually attend any classes at Columbia University? No professors or students remember seeing him. As Hillary would say, “What does it matter?” Apparently it didn’t matter to enough of the electorate, but it might matter to historians who try and paste together the Obama Years for the purpose of lessons learned.

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  1. Good questions all, and "I" know what I think the answers will be… Chi-town politics IS becoming the death of us, literally…

  2. Who would have thought that America would have chosen Chicago politics to be the national model?

  3. I think he'll follow the path of many democrat damagers once out of office… he'll be revered by the stupid masses and he'll spend his days doing even more of what he does best -raising gobs of cash and dividing the country with lies.

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