Peacock or Dust Mop?

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peacock one day – feather duster the next

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. It’s true in life and it’s particularly true in politics. The question that Hillary Clinton needs to ask herself is whether or not her husband, Bill’s, coat tails are long enough to drag her into the White House.
I don’t know anyone who met Bill Clinton and didn’t leave the meeting without liking the guy. It doesn’t mean that they agreed with him, but he’s a likable rogue. I don’t know anyone who left a meeting with Hillary Clinton who had that innate sense of charisma fall down on them. In fact, quite to the contrary, she’s reptilian. 
How will the public react to the cold, reptile as she runs for the presidency with her history of lies, deleted e-mail and baggage in her wake?
Even Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren has less baggage than Hillary Clinton — but as Hillary tells everyone, it’s “her turn” to be president. I believe that the American people may react differently than the Democratic Party hopes that they will.

8 thoughts on “Peacock or Dust Mop?

  1. She is part of the reason we have President Obama. She, and her followers, believed she was due, and nobody wanted to run against her. The one that did, became The One. She will probably do the same to somebody else. I hope Warren changes her mind, I would love to see that whacko go down hard. If she doesn't, the far freak left will always say she should, and believe that America wants a fake Indian princess…

  2. First obama and then Hilly? I don't think the country can take it. Not sure we'll ever finish with bama, never mind Clinton.

  3. The most die hard Progressive I know recently said, "I wish I had a better candidate than Hillary to vote for". She admitted she didn't think she would ever say those words.

  4. I think that both the Reptile and the Fake Indian Princess could fill Obama's shoes.

  5. But…Hillary endured Bill's hijinks for so many years that she's EARNED the US Presidency. I can't say it in that entitled (near Etonian) drawl that she affects when she'd not in front of the camera.

    I think that the "bitch factor" will work against her. It will work against the fake Indian too.

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