Throwing spaghetti against the wall on Saturday.


A Long Week in Afghanistan

Yes, the US Government has turned into a “piece of shit” in all respects, and nowhere is it more evident than in the shameful situation in Afghanistan. Creepy Joe said that there was no way that it could be helped and blamed President Trump.

A frigging trained chimp could have planned managed the Afghan drawdown and withdrawal better than the US did. China has told Taiwan that they are next now that the US has shown itself to be an empty husk.

A friend of mine has been trying to get his US Citizen daughter (age 4, PRC mom) and his wife out of China. I told him, they may be better off staying in Shanghai.

It’s all so depressing.

There are reports that the progressives are turning on Biden, and may be pushing for his resignation to help them avoid a debacle in the mid-term elections, still over a year away. Does anyone think that Ho will do better than Jo?

But back to the clown: Biden retreats (again) to his dead son Beau. This is his first refuge anytime someone questions him about duty or honor. But he does so incoherently.

He says Beau “spent 6 months in Kosovo.”

He did after the war there had ended. He trained prosecutors.

Next, he says Beau was a navy captain in Iraq.

Beau was in the army, and he actually achieved the rank of major. Biden corrects himself.

Next, he says Beau served in Afghanistan. (He didn’t.) Then corrects himself again.

He then says Beau “had regrets…to how it’s going.”

Beau died from cancer several years ago. He has no idea how it’s going. Hunter had an affair with his widow – maybe HE has some insights he’d like to share.

Finally, Biden pivots to Russia & China for some reason but then just trails off in mid-thought: “They’d love us to continue to have to….”

Maybe he realized that both of those nations are thrilled? It’s a stretch to attribute cognition to Creepy Joe.

Biden never even attempted to answer the actual question: Why did we leave in such a dishonorable fashion, with such poor planning?

Maybe Biden will die in office, a lavish state funeral to follow,  and Afghanistan criticisms will be chalked up to “speaking ill of the dead”? Joe will be lionized and Ho’s replacement Veep will be the Democrat anointed. They’ll send Kamala out to cut ribbons for bridge openings or something like that where she won’t cackle publically.

Is it time for a Dead Pool?

I’m surprised that they didn’t kill him off in June (as I predicted). Beans predicts that the Democratic Party (famous for knocking off the inconvenient people in their midst) will wait until the 2 years and one day point during the present term to help/nudge Creepy Joe Biden across the rainbow bridge — but I don’t think that they’re that patient in planning the retirement of a politician who endangers them raking in trillions in graft.



Army chopper, Navy boat (above) Navy chopper, Navy boat (below)


It would have been Perfect for Home Use


Vickers Mk.11 “Viper” 6×6. Referred as a border patrol vehicle or long-range patrol vehicle. It is basically a wheeled fire support vehicle, capable of carrying a squad of dismounted troops with the range of reconnaissance vehicle.

The MK 11was designed for the changing defense requirements of the 1990s. Only one prototype of the Mk.11 was built when the project was stopped.




The Declaration of Independence

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it and institute a new government.”

I’m not promoting insurrection, only pointing out a sentence from our founding document. You can make of that what you will.


Re-enactor Porn for Beans


Can you identify the period?

Not only slaves rowed.

Live Steel?


Early gunpowder – mounted


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    • I did not know Joe personally but a good friend of mine did. His passing is a loss to the nation.

  1. I think the initial plan was for Biden to last two years and a day, after which he would resign or be forced out and Heels Up Harris would finish his term, then per the constitution, be able to run for president twice (2024,2028) giving her a potential 10 year run. But, she’s toxic and you know what happens to demorats who no longer serve the parties long-term goals. Crazy times.

    • I think that the plan may have started out the way you explained. There have been a number of people who posited that, and I doubt that any of them knew her. As you say, she’s too toxic to be speaking in public even on teleprompter or to even the most wacko reporter who might ask a question that wasn’t given to her in advance along with a carefully scripted response. Joe is having that problem now and even says, “that’s not how the question was supposed to be asked” in press conferences – but he’s senile and there you go.

      It’s not inconceivable that VP Harris could buckle under the sadness of losing Joe and arkancide right there in the White House, once a suitable VP replacement had been sworn in. Then there would be another shift in the regime.

      At one point, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), a Pelosi nephew, was being groomed for the top slot. Even if the recall election is unsuccessful, (and who knows with the games that the donkeys are playing to keep him in power) he’s crapped in his own bed so much that outside of being a cabinet secretary like the Butt Guy, I don’t see him being placed, unelected, in the top slot.

  2. Those humvees, AR’s, and ammo aren’t just “stuff we left behind”, they’re a defense starter pack.

  3. Amazing what Joe’s accomplished in such a short time. I just wish at least one was a good thing. I’m waiting for what’s next in Taiwan and I fear it won’t be good.

    • The PRC has to capture the place intact. Bombing Taiwan into the stone age won’t get them anything but an unsinkable aircraft carrier right offshore, and the place is more valuable than that. I’m sure that the politburo and the PLA generals are burning the midnight oil to try and pull that off, but it’s not that easy. Even a neutron warhead that will kill the people might create an EMP that would wipe out the semiconductor industry.

        • Pakistan is in the PRC’s pocket, so no nukes from there. The PRC worked hand-in-glove with Pakistan to develop their nukes and rebranded some of their stuff that is in the Pakistani inventory.

          If they have them, my guess would be Israel or India. There are always trust issues when we’re talking nukes, with Taiwan. They have been heavily infiltrated by the ChiComs.

  4. Stupidity stops being cover for sabotage at some point.
    Every trade deal, worked out by our best and brightest, has injured America.
    The Unintended Consequences are starting to look more and more like the goals.
    And just because they Say ,Unintended Consequences, that does Not mean they weren’t easily foreseeable. The lack of planning was not accidental. What the goals are I don’t know yet, but the Black Budget is going to have to be funded somehow..

    • Afghanistan was a bottomless pit for graft, corruption and it certainly contributed a great deal to the Black Budget (still a politically correct term). We are bombing Somalia and have reinserted troops in Syria, so never fear, the donkeys are starting wars to replace Afghanistan, which, after 20 years of nothing, started to become embarrassing.

      The late Major S. D. Butler, USMC wrote that “war is a racket”. I have his book, which is more of a pamphlet. A man like him would never be allowed into the Pentagon today, where war is the best game in town for the employed and retired stars.

      • Will the CIA lose the drug money from Afghanistan now, and go on a financial belt tightening spree?
        Several years ago someone said he was worried about the Democrat ineptitude about military matters and, in order to appear strong, would think they need to start using nukes. Times could get even more ‘interesting’.

        • There is an ongoing misunderstanding when it comes to the CIA and White Powder (see the novel advertised in the sidebar). The CIA has all the money it needs in addition to non-attributable money. That has never been a problem. Using drugs and drug trafficking to secure political power is another issue separate of the money involved.

          Many CIA case officers go to work for NGOs once they’ve retired. The military version of an NGO is a private military organization (like Blackwater, Executive outcomes, etc). The NGOs need lots of money and drug money is one way they get it…indirectly.

          If you need to start a private war you’ll want professionals from a PMO and you will want a political top cover (the Russian word is “roof”) which an NGO can provide.

          Part of what I’ve done for some time now could be classified as an NGO but it’s not in the sense of our discussion here. It could be, but it’s not.

          You can’t swing a dead cat around your head in the DC Beltway without hitting an NGO, a think tank, a consulting group, etc. all filled with has-beens in government. I’ve splashed in that pond and was part of, later ran, a think tank that received funding to do what it did. No drug money was involved but that was just me.

          • And yet, that ‘influence’ has to come from somewhere. If a large source dries up you’ll have competing interests driving up the cost of what is still out there. May still be pocket change at the government level?

  5. All they need is a drogue ‘chute on that go-fast, so they can drop in like SEALS in scuba gear!

    I’m gonna guess 1600-ish for the Mystery Period, looks like pike-and-shot to me.

    Agree on USGOV assessment.
    After we give up on getting more people out of Afghanistan, we need to send Congress and the Administration there on a fact-finding tour in hopes they’ll be taken hostage and we can decline to work towards their return.


  6. And just when we thought these cretins couldn’t stoop any lower, a snakes belly is miles above the Democrats (who are NOT “democratic”).

    Thinking this might be the Dem’s undoing as [some] American’s who voted for Mr. MAGU and his Worthless Sidekick appear to be waking up, regretting their idiocy. Even the MSM is semi-pushing back, which I never thought I’d see.

    That CNN reporter-ette who was giving realtime reports at Kabul airport…is missing, supposedly airlifted out (last I heard). And a number of Nazerene Fund private airships made a few runs, extricating the “left to shelter in place” (aka be killed) Christians.

    Special place in Hell for Ol’ Joe and his cowardly cohorts.

    Get everyone out, then bomb the place back to the 7th Century so they can’t rise up.

    • Some in Congress are saying that this is the perfect time to send Big Army back in and “establish peace-in-our-time”. Joe hasn’t said it yet, which means that his keepers haven’t typed it onto his teleprompter and encouraged reporters to demand it. Another trillion should do it.

      • No military presence required, drone bombers…altho inventory might be short-handed because Ol’ Joe abandoned the stockpile at Bagram. Bomb it, pave it over using their oil, then stick a Mickey-D’s in the middle. Problem solved.

  7. I was naive. I wasn’t expecting this level of epic, shameful, wicked, incompetent, blundering, deceitful, corrupt catastrophe.

    My mistake.

    • You can be forgiven for your faux pas. Nobody expects Biblical levels of buffoonery, but it’s all the former Obamanation people in a room dreaming shit up – so there you go.

  8. I always figured the party would ditch the b… itch before the 2 years and 1 day happened. She’s always been there as a “it could be worse” example.

    And the way she’s acting? I’d be surprised if she lasted to the end of this year. Too much stuff against her is starting to come out from even the eneMedia.

    Again, it’s the slick bastard that replaces her that we have to worry about.

    • Imagine you were picked for VP precisely because you were so much worse than the president selection, like Joe was with King O, and now “her”. Little wonder she was staring at the floor through yesterday’s lying theater non-presser.

  9. Live steel? Possibly, the spear and the longsword on the left appear to have blunts over the tips. The spearman would have to wear a full bevor with his salet if he were fighting live steel.
    The people behind them are fighting a Ren match (freeform fencing).

    • I noticed blunts.

      A friend of mine used to do live steel demonstrations at the SCA. This is years back.

      • Most of the live-steelers are using rebated blades and blunted tips. And their rules tend to preclude actually killing people, though cuts and broken bones are more common.

        Funny though, the SCA Baton-style fighting is actually more period than what a lot of HEMAists are doing. Kind of like when a ‘martial artist’ goes up against a street fighter or MMA fighter.

        SCA rules for not really hurting one’s opponent are there for a reason. It’s too easy to blow someone’s knees out or to thrust too hard to someone’s head and do serious damage.

        • We always referred to it as “martial sport” because we knew quite well that the safety restrictions we enforced induced habits that would get one killed in an actual fight.

          Our blades were rebatted but we did not use blunts because thrusting was not allowed except for certain, specially designed weapons. Never the less, we still managed to injure ourselves on a semi-regular basis. We were just beginning to experiment with blunts in armoured combat when I left.

          This was one of the reasons that “Ren” style rapier combat became popular, thrusting was allowed (and the armour requirements were greatly reduced). Ironically, the most serious injury we ever had occurred during a Ren match.

  10. I agree with many – the plan was for Jo to last 2years + 1 day (or a few more) and allow The Ho to take over for 10 following. Seems to be enough stink, that unless the Dems manage to take over the election process completely, they’ll have pissed off enough people to swing leadership back to the Right. Hopefully/praying. Maybe Trump should run again on his legacy of low taxes, low fuel prices, jobs, and actual RESPECT by other countries. Not groveling for “friendship”. Something along the lines of “speak softly but carry a big stick”. Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam cartoon addendum: “But I carry a BIGGER stick, and I use it too!”
    As for photos of aircraft and boats, you’re missing some. Such as USAF heavies and boats. But I disavow knowledge of such capabilities or participation…
    Re-enactor pron: The Centurion in all the flashy armor seems to have his left boot untied. Poor attention to detail, two demerits or five lashings, whichever is worse.

  11. As to the guy in the pilgrim hat? That may actually be… a pilgrim. They were sent breast and back armor and helmets as protection against the savages, along with other colonists. So… 1620s – 30’s, maybe 40’s.

    Lots of nice armor there.

    Had problems with your site so this is the reason for the late guessing.

      • It’s the hat. Pretty much gone from England by the 1640’s but still big in Scotland until the late late 1600’s. But very popular amongst New Englanders from 1610ish on, especially amongst the Pilgrims.

        The whole outfit screams early to mid 1600’s, but I think the hat gives it away. Or I could be wrong.

  12. Identify the period:
    67 PC (post cataclysm), old style 2088 AD (or CE to anti-Christian /globalists)

    The man in the photograph is a veteran of the Royal Sardinian Infantry, which liberated Cagliari from Moorish invaders after a brutal two-year campaign spanning 63-65 PC.

  13. “Some in Congress are saying that this is the perfect time to send Big Army back in and “establish peace-in-our-time”. ” – LL

    I had not heard this, but it makes sense.
    I have been voicing my opinion that the Deep State Military Industrial Complex must have a new war to keep the cash flow going.
    My thought was that this would grown from a seed planted in Africa, but your mention of going back into Afghanistan in a big way is a reasonable premise.
    The Chinese in Africa might make that AO problematic.
    The cash must flow.
    There are lots of rice bowls that need filling on a daily basis.

    • So, when you are in the pocket of the military industrial complex, doesn’t it make sense to leave a lot of good stuff in the hands of the enemy so that you are forced to buy better stuff when you have to take them on again?

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