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Ciudad Juarez is considered to be Mexico’s drug murder capital, but Juarez is several times larger than Los Mochis, and Mochis is home to the four largest drug cartels in Mexico. I’m sure that you’ve heard of Juarez (below), but you might not know that much about Los Mochis. That has more to do with the lack of press coverage than the fact that there is something to cover there. Reporters unfavorable to cartel members simply don’t last long. 
There is not much of a tourism industry centered in Los Mochis, even though it’s located on I-15 on the picturesque Gulf of California, just across from Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, where you might have sucked down an umbrella drink, sitting in a chair on the beach in the sand while Mariachis played in the background.
A Los Mochis Vacation – the antidote for civilization…

Oh, and don’t toss that old lawnmower in the trash. Bring it with you on your Los Mochis vacation. They will turn it from it’s former use into diving equipment.

7 thoughts on “Bloody Mexico – Los Mochis

  1. Los Mochis has got to be better than Bahia de los Angeles. I stopped there for a high school science expedition, slept for 6 nights in a sleeping bag on the beach sands with no tent. The problem was the beach faces the wrong way. At least in Los Mochis the sun sets over the ocean like it's supposed to.

    And don't forget to do the sting-ray shuffle.

  2. Sonora has hundreds of miles of undeveloped coastline, that in a free market society would be…well…developed. Who wouldn't want to go to the beach and play soccer…with a man's face stitched to the ball.

  3. Ahhh… Forget Cartagena…. Pass this great locale on to Obirdbrain as the up and coming place to get a great retirement lot cheap before Sinaloa goes viral with the retirement set.

  4. LA – I just got back from Los Mochis and I came away from it with the same opinion. It would be a great retirement village for the Obamas.

    Race – I think that we can blame Tom Hanks (Castaway) for the idea of putting a happy face on a soccer ball… You wouldn't want to be a guy named Wilson, living in Los Mochis.

    WoFat – Tolerance is the new American watchword.

    Odie – There is hope for a new tourist industry there with California trying to ban gasoline powered lawnmowers.

    Old NFO – It defines 'bad area'

    Opus #6 – You can sleep on the beach by Mochis – but you might also end up 'sleeping with the fish'. Better to stick to Malibu.

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