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If you’re a politician and don’t want to grapple with difficult social problems, the easy out is to blame firearms, or even knives as they do in the UK. Eliminating firearms completely in the US is impossible because there is an implicit right to have them without government interference and because there are so many of them. Politicians, therefore, announce that their hands are tied.

The turd in the punchbowl is that in areas where the public has unfettered access to firearms ownership, crime rates drop. An armed society is a polite society. Most criminals use illegally obtained firearms in the commission of a crime and nationally the statistical likelihood that any firearm in the USA will be used to commit a crime is about .02%. VERY unlikely.

Dealing with inner city poverty, illiteracy, degeneracy, violence, etc. effectively is racist. Dealing with mental illness is expensive and finding a ‘cure’ is often elusive. Surprisingly, treating allergic reactions has been very effective in reducing mental illness, but since it doesn’t require an expensive pill, the medical community doesn’t get behind that with any degree of enthusiasm. Homelessness is a combination of all of the above. Reducing the number of firearms in a population doesn’t have ANY impact on those endemic problems.

Prohibition hasn’t worked but eliminating alcohol and street narcotics would reduce all of the problems above exponentially and would promote a much healthier society. The wine industry, the restaurant industry, and the distilleries wouldn’t sit still for it any more than those who drink or use drugs would. Firearms have no part to play. Yet politicians are comfortable blaming them.


Do You Remember the Maine?

The Armed Cruiser <i>USS Maine</i> (ACR-1) was a United States Navy warship that sank in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898, contributing to the outbreak of the Spanish–American War in April. U.S. newspapers, engaging in yellow journalism to boost circulation, claimed that the Spanish were responsible for the ship’s destruction. The phrase, “Remember the <i>Maine</i>! To hell with Spain!” became a rallying cry for action. Although the Maine explosion was not a direct cause, it served as a catalyst that accelerated the events leading up to the war.


Bullet Points:

** Chinese Balloon – CBS News reported US Intelligence actually saw the spy balloon lift off near China’s south coast and tracked it for nearly a week before it entered US airspace.

** The Post reports: The government of Canada’s second-most populated province is demanding that Mayor Eric Adams “immediately” stop helping migrants illegally enter the Great White North, as recently revealed by The Post. [Emphasis added]

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately,” a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault said. [Emphasis added]

“We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue.” [Emphasis added]

** Nikki Haley for Prez? Who cares?

** Dating for the Unvaxed (purebloods)? As we observe more and more mRNA / nanotech being mainstreamed into various medicines and the food supply chain… Will the fate of humanity ultimately rest with purebloods being able to copulate with other purebloods?


SAMP-Ts to Ukraine

(strategypage) Italy and France pledged to send Ukraine some of their Aster 30/SAMP-T air defense batteries, a European equivalent of the American Patriot. SAMP/T is a land-based version of the original Aster 30 ship-based missile. Aster was inspired by the U.S. Navy SM (standard missile) developed in the 1960s. Aster was developed during the 1990s and entered service in 2001. SAMP/T is French for Surface-to-Air Medium-Range/Land-based (in French it is Sol-Air Moyenne-Portée/Terrestre) and entered service in 2008

Claudio speaks:  There are a few errors in the article. France has ten operational SAMP-T, Italy 5. Both countries are merging their non-operational training batteries to give one deployable unit to Ukraine. Both countries are ordering additional batteries, doubling numbers or more.

A SAMP/T battery consists of eight vehicles. One carried the fore control center, another the AESA radar and the other six vehicles each carrying an eight-cell canister for storing and firing the half-ton missiles. Additional trucks carry reload missiles and other equipment. The radar has a range of 100 kilometers. Like the similar U.S. Patriot system, SAMP/T can knock down short-range ballistic missiles, and low-flying cruise missiles. The system is highly automated, requiring only two crew to operate it. Each launcher can fire all eight of its missiles in ten seconds while the control system can track a hundred targets simultaneously and control sixteen missiles simultaneously. Targets as low as 50 meters (150 feet), or as high as 18 kilometers (60,000 feet) can be detected and hit.

Will NATO troops wearing Ukraine uniforms defend these batteries?


FTX Pay-Outs (Source: Federal Election Commission)

You’ll note that while significant pay-outs went to Democrats, the Republicans benefitted from the laundering scheme as well.


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    1. She’s slightly left of Romney in my view. But she IS a womyn of color and as such, she enjoys a special status.

      1. The problem with relying on being POC is that the majority of the primary voters don’t care about that. They care more about being left of Romney.

        There’s talk she’s actually campaigning for VP. We’ll see.

        1. I think that the Veep scenario is more likely. The Republicans need an Indian woman of their own in the White House.

      2. Except that African Americans who consider themselves the only real POC don’t think Nikki is a POC. More likely a POS. Just like the two halfrican americans who have been president and vice-president (being POS that is.)

  1. On the Maine, were those enough lifeboats for the crew and would they have survived any prolonged battle in order to be used?

    1. In that era, they put the lifeboats on a cable behind the ship during combat so that crewmen who were blown overboard had a place to go. It also helped clear the decks for action. If you were a snipe in the engine room shoveling coal, you’d likely go down with the ship.

  2. Which Collins for Senator is that? The one who only comes to national media attention when there is an especially raw deal for Americans to be enacted? What did FTX get out of the now retiring Stabenow that was worth all that money?

    1. FTX distributed the laundered Ukrainian relief funds based on directions from democrat shot callers.

  3. Nimrata Haley believes she’s all that due to her short stint with PDJT. Is she actually a Natural Born citizen? Yeah, born in SC, but her parents emigrated from India. Then again, Constitutional rules don’t matter to The Swamp, started with The Magical Mr. O, and like a tax, it never reverses.

    FTX- No surprise…The Swamp is 90% on the take, both sides of the aisle…and they are in full ‘Covid Op Part 2’ (sans the Covid part but with the ensuing deaths as before). Ohio is an intentional environmental disaster that will affect 20 states for 20 years. DESPICABLY, FEMA is denying assistance…if you or I spilled five drops of oil in the backyard the EPA Hazmat Teams show up with CNN in tow and fine you into oblivion. I say force every moron official spouting the “community is safe for residents” to spend a week in East Palestine drinking tap water and wading in the creeks. Dead fish don’t lie.

    But hey, shoot down a couple of $12 hobby balloons with $400k missiles and Jet/Pilot time. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Amateur hour.

    1. I’m partially Lachanophobic (fear of curry restaurants) because of my experience with food poisoning at those locations. It doesn’t translate to politics and I have no problems with Indian women. Who knows, one day I might identify as one? However, the Ho has not inspired me, and neither has Haley.

      1. I discussed the matter with Jules once, explaining that cibophobia resulted from becoming ill after eating food at Indian joints. There are lots of good Indian restaurants in the UK. In the US as often as not there are no cars parked in front – yet they remain open.

        I ate dinner at The Stockyards in Phoenix (Near Sky Harbor Airport) last night and ate an 18 oz bone-in Delmonico. The guys I was with ordered the 16 oz Center Cut Beef Tenderloin, carved and served with Béarnaise Sauce, Whiskey Peppercorn Demi-Glace, Creamed Horseradish, and Parmesan Potatoes. You can’t get steak at a red-dot Indian restaurant… I think that you’ll take my point. I’d rather eat their sacred animal (aged and cooked over mesquite) than go to a place that serves defrosted curried vegetables.

        1. Up the road “in town” The Chuckwagon restaurant closed after being around forever and a day. Great food. Now it’s an Indian place with the same facade, hardly ever a car out front when I go by. Not definitive, but unsure how that works with expensive operational budgets these days. We prefer the Mexican place across the road, always great and a known quantity.

          Gotta have a good steak prepared for you every once in a while. And who knew you were such a foodie. (heh)

          BTW, just ordered a couple of weather balloons with solar panels and a little torpedo shaped payload hanging below…gonna ‘Nose Art’ them with “FJB & The Swamp” before releasing. See what happens.

          1. I think that they launder money from India. The same is true of the inner city motels that stink of curry sweat that even the gangbangers and whores avoid. The motels are there, rarely occupied, much like the restaurants, yet the overhead remains.

            What will you do if tiny space aliens occupy the torpedo payload bays? I’m not saying that they will, but neither am I ruling it out. It’s 2023.

          2. Hey, that supposedly adult NORAD dude said as much…I figure if they say it must be true. (and my cue to go the other way)

      2. OH, I suspect Haley and the Ho (sounds like a movie title) have inspired you.
        Just not in the way they would want.

        1. The new Thelma & Louise, only in an EV with failing batteries driving into that abandoned billion dollar Nevada solar array hoping for a recharge…and the scene fades as the sun sets.

        2. I don’t think that Haley was a professional out-call girl servicing California’s inner-city males (a clearing barrel).

          Haley can talk without cackling and she’s not stupid. But she’s a globalist and a female Mitt.

      3. I don’t do dot-Indian food because, to me, it tastes like crap (not that I’ve actually eaten, you know, the thing, the thing being crap/poop/turd as far as I know) to just about any other cuisine originating from above the equator. Though I’ll put a hard pass on various fermented and overly lyed and salted fish products and seal blubber, which would fit the just about any other portion.

        Food adventurous? Yes. Food cautious? Yes.

  4. Purebloods – as an older, married pureblood I will leave the re-population efforts to the younger and single…..simply as a safety measure. Too old to sleep with one eye open anymore.

    1. I wouldn’t want you to awaken to a steak knife making the four seppuku cuts. MRSFRANK would attribute your suicide to something else. Maybe your remorse over a dalliance with Bambi and Leather at the no-tell motel?

      1. That’s why, the sleeping with one eye open thing, I have a hearing assist dog. Something about a Cane Corso barking very loudly seems to make people jump across the parking lot when they bother my door.

        1. That is certainly true about a Cane Corso’s bark. Have a friend with two,they’re brothers and their names are Cain and Able.

  5. Agree that there is a good chance that the operators of the missile batteries will be “volunteers” dressed out in Ukraine uniforms. Weapon systems are complex enough that they cannot be mastered with just a few weeks of training. Same thing with aircraft, can’t jump in an F 16, have a few months of practice and be totally proficient.
    Never been a huge fan of curry but thankfully never got food poisoning from it either.

    Oh and thank you for doing your part to preserve Mother Gaia by reducing the number of cows on the planet.

    Did not know about towing long boats behind the ship during combat. Interesting.

    I attribute a lot of today’s homeless and crime problems to the mass closing of mental facilities in the 60s and 70s. Just because you ignore a problem doesn’t mean it goes away.

    1. As to cows, we all need to do our part. If we don’t, the planet will burn to a cinder within 6 months (as the doomsday clock counts down).

      Re-opening insane asylums is a dangerous business because the woke will want to put US in them while allowing the crazy-homeless to roam free.

      1. Agree, the ship has sailed on insane asylums until there is a complete reboot in society and Heinlein’s Crazy Years are over and done with. Having said that though there will always be a percentage of a population that is more than a few standard deviations from sane. With the population going up that number of of people with mental problems will increase too. It’s not a solvable problem in today’s society.

      2. I’m headed to town (the South one), and since I’m down that way will be picking up dinner from our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant that managed to survive the Covid-Crap Stranglehold Edict by The Idiots In Charge.

        Is this cultural misappropriation, or simply supporting a great local establishment?

        1. Vietnamese food is already a product of Asian appropriation of French culture since France ran Tonkin, Annan and Cochin China for 95 years.

          1. So I’m in the clear. Excellent…‘cause it’s one of MrsPaulM’s favorites, not that she cares what anyone thinks, and her being happy means life is good.

          2. Some of the very best French cooking is the Vietnamese adaptation. The same can be said for Mexico where Emperor Maximillian’s reign introduced French influence to the food and made it what it is today.

  6. Yep, armed societies ARE polite, by choice… A number of years ago the WAPO did an article on VICAP in VA, MD, and DC. VA was the lowest by a considerable margin, then MD almost double, and DC almost double MD. A criminal interviewed said, “I don’t ever commit crimes in VA, I might get shot!”

    Re Haley- Meh, she’ll be gone quickly…

      1. The Swamp gave us John McStain as a presidential candidate, and look how well that went.

  7. Having just been to Iceland where puffin smoked in dung, fermented ray fins and seal flippers left in brine so long they look like human hands are top of the menu I can thoroughly assure you that a chicken tikka masala and pashwari naan is a veritable feast!

    1. Ok, point made. Indian food is preferable to sambal rat on a stick and Arizona road-kill too.

      1. Indians eat monkey brains if Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is to be believed. I’ve never seen them eaten in the Subcontinent, but I don’t doubt that they are consumed there.

        1. Can’t remember exactly where it happened, but some time back an archeologist discovered some bones along with a few tools so he decided that the bones belonged to some human ancestors from way back. The skulls, for some mysterious reason that stumped him, all had holes in the back of them.
          If he had asked any of the locals, they could have told him that the tools were easy to make items they used when hunting the monkeys, to let them extract the brains for eating.
          Instead of being human ancestors, they were human lunch. But no educated man would dream of asking the ‘local primitives’ what they thought of the find.

          1. Canton Michigan (where I work) is to Indian immigrants what Dearborn is to Yemenis.
            There are always cars in front of the restaurants.
            I met the owner of a decent motel in Connecticut.
            I signed in, he called me neighbor. I asked if he was from Canton and he was.
            My folks owned a motel, I told him.
            I never would.
            He said that’s why they do.
            Every hotel chain in this country is owned by Indians.
            Almost every recruiter that calls me (from across the country) is Indian.

  8. “An armed society is a polite society.”
    I interviewed Larry Correia last Saturday.
    We discussed his latest book on the 2A.
    A caller called in and said “An armed society is a polite society.”.
    I asked Larry if that was Heinlein and he said yes.
    Set him up. 🙂
    I then said, I’d never take gun counsel from a science fiction author.
    He laughed.

    1. Sweet. Heard on Prager his new book was put. Will listen. He’s the real deal. Excellent work Ed.

  9. The Patel family seems to own the most low-rent motels in the USA and around the world….along with 7-11’s and other convenience stores. The one’s I’ve stayed in did not seem to be profitable. You may be right about the ulterior motive.

      1. Well, that restaurant I spoke of is directly off I80. I don’t like to unwittingly support nefarious establishments, I’m more aware of such places thanks to your “insights”.

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