Today, the US Space Force launched another Boeing X-37B into orbit (more here) atop an Atlas V rocket. The USSF-7 mission incorporates a new service module attached to the X-37B to allow it to accomplish a complicated (and classified) flight schedule.

The launch meant that another X-37B could return from a long term mission in orbit to be readied for a turn-around.

The X-37B is on the books as an “orbital test vehicle” and it contains open source and classified sub-missions as part of USSF-7.

The first four missions of the X-37 were accomplished by two reusable orbiters (X-37A and X-37B). This mission may be flown with a third, and more are said to be under construction.

SpaceX Starlink

Bad weather on Saturday from what formed into the season’s first tropical storm created a rocket domino effect that also pushed a planned Sunday SpaceX launch of its Starlink satellites.

That SpaceX Falcon 9 mission now targeting a 3:10 a.m. liftoff Tuesday is slated to carry another 60 of the company’s Starlink satellites from launch complex 40, the eighth planned Starlink launch for the company.


  1. Go U.S. Space Force. Oh, that I were 50 years younger.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. I’m hoping the Private will advance to the point he enters high orbit. He’s on the tech side, so perhaps that helps.

    • The PFC is in the Army on the tech side. He needs to do an inter-service transfer to the Space Force. But he’d do a good job.

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