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(link to the study) While no cause-effect conclusions could be inferred from this observational analysis, the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggests that the widespread use of masks at a time when an effective intervention was most needed, i.e., during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak, was not able to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Moreover, the moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe also suggests that the universal use of masks may have had harmful unintended consequences.

They could have just read this blog and listened to the comments, but. Nooooo.


Abortion Stats


No surprise there. If you want to murder your child, there will still be states who will gladly do it for you even if Roe v Wade is repealed. Some states (NY & CA) will murder your healthy child even after it’s born if you decide that you don’t want it.

They’ll sell the body to Big Pharma so make sure to ask if you can get your cut of the commission.



Just one more REASON to be upset

As if you needed one more reason… Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), says it is time to ban federal agencies from being able to track Americans’ behavior by buying their cell phone location data from commercial vendors. (Think the FBI and Jan 6)

“When the government is trying to snoop on your behavior, it’s wrong, and there should be laws against it,” Paul told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show in an exclusive interview aired Wednesday night.

Paul’s comments came after newly released government documents revealed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracked Americans’ compliance with pandemic lockdowns by buying and monitoring their cellphone geospatial data from commercial vendors.

Such data is collected on each American from apps they use on their smart phones and sold by third-party brokers unless a user explicitly opts out of such collection for each app. Increasingly, law enforcement and other government agencies have been acquiring the data for official work, though the CDC was the first publicly disclosed use to track private Americans’ health behavior.

The data also was bought and used by the election integrity group True the Vote to identify people suspected of illegally collecting ballots in the 2020 Georgia election, a revelation that has prompted a formal investigation by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Sen. Paul dismissed defenses that some government agencies have made that their practice is OK because the data is commercially available and merely tracks the locations of Americans without intercepting the contents of communications.

Let’s stretch the Fourth Amendment until it snaps.


Moving On

That’s all I have for now. Have a splendid Tuesday!


  1. “They could have just read this blog and listened to the comments, but. Nooooo.”
    Well, WE knew that.
    Speaking of what we know, has anyone seen 2000 Mules and is there stuff we didn’t know?

    • Watched it over the weekend, after watching Trump Card (Dinesh’s prior film). Yes, the data clearly shows the tracking of ballot box stuffer’s. When they lower the criteria from 10 box visits to 5, the Mule number goes to 56,000 from 2,000. This was a concerted effort in all states, but primarily in the 5 swing states, states that also (I think all) illegally changed their election laws days or weeks before.

      In person voting would fix 98% of this crap, and making sure electronic voting systems are not connected to the Web.

    • “…but. Nooooo.” I see a bumper sticker.

      Cell data. When I go out of town, I stick my phone in a metal 30 cal. ammo can. Yes, I text my safe arrival to family members. So, .gov knows where I was and where I am, but not how I got there. Yeah I know, they can probably guess from the time stamps, and it is really nothing more than a gesture of defiance, but it gives me satisfaction.

      • I built an actual Faraday Cage but the old 30 cal. ammo can has an elegance all its own. I have more than one car. The new one is smart and you know that USGOV can track it because it has every gizmo of that sort known to man. There is also the old rig, dumb as a post… It’s nice to have options.

    • The cell data and video evidence does not lie, although, like Epstein, cameras for some of the dropboxes “weren’t working”. The brazenness is astounding, people dumbly watching some paid Lefty operative stuffing ballot after ballot into a box…and thinking nothing of it. The interview with a LA whistleblower is nuts and should force an investigation. It won’t, because those doing the looking into are part of the cheatery.

      2000 Mules supports Lindell’s (and others) claims, and what we knew in our guts; Trump won, by a lot. Jan 6th, etc. was/is an attack Op to dissuade our side from looking further. (hence why no one is tracking and arresting SCOTUS rioters – even Kavenaugh’s neighbor. Won’t happen, and that was real.)

      All we have to do is look at the resulting “fruits” to know what they are up to and why this election had to be stolen. It’s obvious. High fuel prices, R v W, and Baby Formula shortages are just another distraction. Next week the grid will start to falter, and they’ll say “we need more wind and solar”. Anything to not lose in November.

      Time to clean house. Literally.

  2. Those abortion stats are 100% correct. PP has to provide the IRS every quarter with their records: how many abortions, referrals, exams, and the reason for abortions, etc. If they fudge the numbers they could lose their tax-free status. 98.5% of abortions are for “Elective” reasons. “Congratulations, it’s a girl!” “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want it.” “Ok, we’ll just wrap it in towels and put it in a box and leave it the storeroom until we can’t hear it crying anymore.” Just pure evil. Commiefornia, Illinois, New York have passed laws legalizing infanticide. Unfreaking believable. I weep for the future. And why hasn’t Roberts called for a vote and make the ruling official today? If they wait until July, the violence will just escalate. I need a beer before I explode.

  3. While I’m quite capable of using what I refer to as military language, I usually just say “thanks Joe!” when spending $70 to fill the tank when $30 did the trick in 2020, but then I’m usually rather polite.

      • If you had an EV you’d get a “fill up” recharge for FREE! (except in California where half the EV charging stations are dead).

        • Don’t be a hater.

          Many of those EV stations are powered by diesel generators and there is a shortage of diesel mechanics to keep them all running.

  4. but. Nooooo.
    There was an article (sorry, can’t find it now) that tiny plastic particles from some masks get lodged in the lungs and stay there. Will we see something akin to black lung disease in the years ahead?

    • I’ve read two of those studies. I have no way of knowing how accurate they are. Those cheap shit Chinese “paper & plastic” masks, when worn over a prolonged period have to degrade and they’ll end up degrading into your lungs. It’s obvious. How bad that turns out to be and how prolonged the impact of tiny plastic particles is will come out in time, but you know that it’s not good.

      Supply chain shortages of iodinated contrast will soon cause disruptions for emergent and routine healthcare limiting contrast-enhanced imaging. So maybe MDs won’t be able to “see” what’s going on with your lungs soon.

      I may have worn a mask for a combined total of 5 or 6 hours over the past 2 years, but I live isolated in the mountains maybe half of the time that I wore a mask, it was just a cotton bandana. It wasn’t because I was clairvoyant or anything. I just wanted to raise my middle finger to the scum who were mandating stupidity.

    • BR Man is cool and he has his head screwed on.

      The truth is that it will take a team approach and a concerted effort to fix things and whether it’s Correia or Trump or DeSantis, they will need a willing Congress and not only new department heads but new departments cut out of whole cloth to replace what we now have. Will the Swamp allow it?

  5. With the easy availability of birth control these days I can’t comprehend the disregard for human life that the number of abortions demonstrate.

    I pray my great grand kids will look back at the early 21st century and say “boy those were some crazy years” but I am not hopeful.

    Any new administration will have to spend as much, or more, time disassembling agencies and departments as it spends actually governing.

    • They won’t disassemble easily. A lot of the workforce is hard-core unemployable elsewhere. In DC it’s heavily African American (not the Musk sort) so any move would be construed to be racist.

  6. I was in a grocery store parking lot this morning putting my shopping cart away and saw a lady sitting in her car, by herself, waiting for a close parking spot, she had a mask on.

    I marveled at the power of Madison Ave these days and how they are able to so manipulate people.

    • You see them in the Arizona highlands occasionally. Mostly Flagstaff (liberal enclave). The mask imparts no benefits and in truth, I believe that long-term health detriments will be their legacy. All masks are not created equal, though and some are clearly worse for you than others.

      • We see masks here in the city, but rarely outside. I just noticed the light-up signs on the city buses say “Masks Required”, but all the signs are down elsewhere, although you see lots of store employees wearing them.

  7. People should really be careful about cellphones, but they are apparently the most addictive thing ever invented, for 95% of the population.

    They are not telephones.

    They are radios.

    The FCC and Federal law say anything broadcast must be free to be received by anyone; thus police scanners and RADAR detectors.

    You don’t need a wiretap warrant for cellphones (or cordless phones, which usually aren’t even encrypted) .

    It would be nice if the 4th Amendment applied to cellphones, but everyone using one is volunteering to forfeit privacy by merely carrying the damn things around. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even said that somewhere in the 3,000 page EULA that nobody ever reads.

    As you say, modern cars are also filthy spy devices, and can be remotely controlled / disabled. Also, anything with a Nav system can generally be GPS tracked.

    Even back when there was arguably still a Constitution and Rule of Law, the tyrants didn’t have to force people to submit; the people lined up around the block to pay thousands to submit to tyranny.

    Fun times.


  8. You need a Title 3 wiretap warrant to intercept a cell phone call or use a triggerfish or any of the new cell devices. The court is a little less restrictive when simply tracking a cell phone through repeater cells as it moves, but to be on the safe side, you need to get a warrant.

    You can also get a warrant to intercept communications within a “smart car”, to track it, to lock its doors and turn off the ignition. I did that 20 years ago. Today, I can’t say except that the procedure would be much the same. You need an affidavit laying out probable cause. Does the FBI do that all the time? You know how I feel about them.

    Now there is another element to this. Google tracks cell phone signals and they use that for traffic monitoring. Other companies can track you with the aps that you run on your cell phone and that data is commercially available. No warrant is required. If it’s voice or data communications (e-mail for example), yes you need a warrant to intercept it.

    • Good to know the nuances for the different forms of comm and tracking. Thanks. Time to but an updated book of paper maps. Anybody know if there is an equivalent to the British Ordnance Survey maps?

        • BTW, I don’t claim to be some sort of pure, invisible ninja either. I have a cellphone – I don’t want one, but my wife said I could have one or I could have a divorce. My newest car is 17 years old, but it has an aftermarket stereo with nav, so I’m always visible in it. The ones from the ’60s are clean, if I ever need to temporarily feel as if I were free, I could leave the phone and drive them.

          On the bright side, I’m boring to spy on.


      • Yes, USGS maps can still be had, sometimes even bound into area atlases.

        Not as easy to get any paper maps, any more. Used to have a store devoted to them in Providence, gone 20 years now.


  9. “…they will need a willing Congress and not only new department heads but new departments cut out of whole cloth to replace what we now have. Will the Swamp allow it?” -LL

    In some ways we are looking at a regime change along the lines of the classic insurrection planning pyramid.
    At a certain level of the insurrection you create your own parallel government and services.
    Trump was hampered in the same way that Patton and Eisenhower were in post WWII Germany.
    They had to retain the bureaucrats to keep the machinery of government and industry functioning to stave off even worse massive economic collapse and starvation.
    Trump kept the bureaucracy in place to keep the wheels from coming off.
    He should have set up parallel agencies and then killed off the prior bureaucracy when he had loyal people in place.
    I do not know if that is even doable, but…


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