A Colorado Tornado Map (h/t Frank)

My preferred vacationing areas in San Juan, Hinsdale and Ouray Counties have been spared. I don’t personally take credit for that, mind you (not full credit)… I hope to be fishing in San Cristobal Lake at some point this summer, free of tornadoes.

You’ll note, of course, that WSF’s beloved Weld County has been beset by twisters regularly. I am not blaming Him specifically —  not specifically. You can make up your own mind.


In which sectors is China investing  in Africa, 2000-2017?




France at War

The sudden demise of Chad’s long-time president—followed by a military takeover—have raised questions about the continuation of its role as an ally in the battle against violent Islamism.


Global Linguistic Diversity


  1. Was in Ouray 2 week ago. Got snowed in at Ridgeway State park. Drove over Red Mountain pass ,to Silverton before the snow hit. I decided not to tow the trailer south after the drive over the pass. That road is a butt clincher. Told my bride I did not want to scare her again with that drive. She might have believed me.
    Went over to Telluride also, sad it felt like Disney Land. Cost like Disney as well, Burger/fries we split, local brew and a mojito was $34 bux. Good burger though. Beautiful Country. Very dry. Lakes all way down. Hard to drink enough beer to stay hydrated , had to start early.

    • Telluride (to hell you ride) is a whole lot like the Magic Kingdom. I’ve stayed there many times. But to be honest, I don’t fit in.

  2. And our top story tonight, the African nation of Niger has changed its name to Jeremy in a show of support for Chad.

  3. Looks like China and France both have interests in some of the same areas. It will be interesting to see how that may work out in the future.

  4. Weld County per some sources is the #2 county for tornadoes in the US.
    5/22/09 a 3/4 mile wide EF3 went by the eastern side of Windsor, CO just missing the Eastman Kodiak facility. Caused one fatality, 78 injuries, and some $147,000,000 in damage. My sister had borrowed one of my trucks. She lived 1/4 mile on the westward side of the path. The hail and flying debris took out most of the truck’s glass and caused some big dents. An old truck, the body damage wasn’t a problem but replacing the glass?
    Enter the bigger fool; a man wanted the truck and paid me more for it than I spent buying and operating it for a year. Rare truck? Only if you lust for a 1986 4×2 Mitsubishi Might Max long bed with a 2.6 “twin balance shaft” engine and automatic transmission. It was rust free.

  5. Once you get East of the I-25 corridor you’re in for some real weather. We can see the thunderheads off to the east in the Summer time, going up to above 60,000′. We’re in the foothils (kinda-sorta) here, so we’re a bit sheltered from the really serious stuff.

    Except for the hail, which comes down like 50cal ball rounds….

    • I spent 18 months at Ft. Carson back in the 80’s and being from the mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon I really had no idea what a good T-storm was till I got to Colorado. A T-storm in western oregon is for the most part pretty lackluster. It was a an eye opener for sure when the 1st big storm blew in after I had been in Colorado a month or so. Amazing to watch and pretty intimidating at 1st. Thought i would never see anything bigger until I spent a night in Amarillo and one came in that I thought was the end of the world. I have since seen some good ones in central and Eastern Oregon but none to compare to Colorado or Texas.

      • I’m accustomed to Colorado thunderstorms. The worst I’ve encountered was in Florida. Near Tampa Bay I pulled over into the breakdown lane because the rain was so intense the wipers couldn’t keep up.

        The Florida drivers kept blasting by at 70+. Probably muttering about the “damned tourist” like I’ve done in Wyoming blizzards. Humbling, when the shoe is on the other foot.

        • The worst I’ve ever seen was in Wyoming, along I-80. It was raining so hard, you could barely see the end of the hood.

          Then it started blowing sideways…….

  6. It’s been a while since I was last in Hinsdale County. Beautiful country and not many residents. Alferd Packer did his eating there.

    • Packer ate his share. There is a restaurant dedicated to him in Lake City. Nice burger joint (allegedly all beef patties). I’ve been there a few times when I’ve driven the Alpine Loop.

      • Packer did thin out the Democrats in that county. Judge Gerry’s famous quote,

        “Stand up yah voracious man-eatin’ sonofabitch and receive yir sintince. When yah came to Hinsdale County, there was siven Dimmycrats. But you, yah et five of ’em, goddam yah. I sintince yah t’ be hanged by th’ neck ontil yer dead, dead, dead, as a warnin’ in reducin’ th’ Dimmycratic populayshun of this county. Packer, you Republican cannibal, I would sintince ya ta hell but the statutes forbid it”.

        Most likely not true but it makes for a better story.

        • I didn’t know that democrats taste good… I guess that they’d make great Soylent Green.

          • Packer was paroled in 1901 and died in 1907. Perhaps it was determined to be justifiable homicide.

    • There are a lot of them, but the French are addressing the problem now, whereas they were not four years ago. They enacted laws against wearing face coverings—then came the plague. But they’re on it. You need to give credit where it is due.

  7. Yeah, the “linguistic diversity” index isn’t exactly one-for-one, but it’s a decent yardstick for predicting the shithole nature of a country. Of course, we’re going that way too, nowadays.


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