2020 Unfolds (Iowa Caucus Edition)

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On the eve of the Iowa caucus, I’m going to go out on a limb here and offer corrupt, creepy, old, Slow Joe Biden a bit of advice. As he goes from speech to speech telling his supporters how old he is, he should have Hunter by his side.  You see the wisdom don’t you?  I’m telling you that Hunter Biden should announce as Joe’s running mate. Hunter Biden for Vice President (for who knows vice better?) and that’s no malarky. Hunter will have the appeal to blue collar America as he hauls the stripper that he knocked up and their love child from venue to venue.  He could offer free cocaine in exchange for a vote. THAT would appeal to all of the Bernie Bros.
The DNC wants the taxpayers to fork out $50 million for security at their upcoming convention. The idea has been floated to send them a dozen “Gun Free Zone” signs instead.

19 thoughts on “2020 Unfolds (Iowa Caucus Edition)

  1. Okay, that opening bit was funny. Unfortunately – with Schiff today fantasy riffing on Trump selling Alaska back to his pal Putin – there's no telling that what you suggest might just happen in Iowa with these clowns.

    DNC – And the delusion continues, but may occur with their mindless base.

    Off topic: Praying for Limbaugh to fully recover, but that is anyone's guess, altho treatment tech had significantly advanced since losing my dad 25 years ago to that nasty when he was a young 57 no matter what money he threw at it. He started smoking when he was in the Marines…because that's what you did in '58. Sucks royally.

  2. I like the gun free zone sign idea. It should apply to everyone, including security. What's good for us should be good for them as well. Set an example.

  3. DNC wants???? Well, since they will be on the sidelines for four more years,they need to grab as much graft as they can right now.

  4. I'm very sorry that Rush Limbaugh has those most severe health issues. Hopes and prayers to him and to those he loves.

    I think that Hunter should be stumping with the old man. He has all of the prerequisites for a stellar political career.

  5. You know that they're doing that. Out of office, they can also grab graft because they'll promise to do something once they've been catapulted to greatness (like a phoenix rising from the ashes).

  6. This observation caught my eye over at 'Woodpile Report'–

    "The Left is having a knife fight in the cockpit. Even their dubious appearance of legitimacy is now forfeit. Be prepared, it's spilling out of academia and NY/DC/LA into the streets. We're seeing Part II of the collapse of the Soviet Union except with depraved lunatics at the fore."


  7. Can't work up the energy to give a darned about the Iowa Caucus. Because, as we saw 4 years ago, all the votes of all the minor democratic peasants doesn't matter as much as a fart in a hurricane.

    As to the DNC wanting taxpayers to pay for their protection, maybe they can get Moms Demand to provide it. Gosh darned, a pack of ugly woke-scolds scares me more than the Secret Service.

  8. The real victor in Iowa was Trump. He received 30,000 caucus votes. The highest of any incumbent president. The closest historically was Obama, with 25,000. You can parse the numbers anyway you want to, but he's strong. And the Democrats are working to twist the numbers so that Bernie doesn't win.

  9. The peasants are cheering for their favorite and the DNC is trying to rig things against Bernie and the bros. Same-same-same.

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