Another Rant on the 911 Mosque

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Should we build a long, skinny, mosque — 1,000 miles long, along America’s southern border? Dennis Miller comments about current events.

Bloomberg and his cronies need to have their consciences flushed out with soap for having approved a mosque in the shadow of the spot where the World Trade Center once stood.

5 thoughts on “Another Rant on the 911 Mosque

  1. If only El-Bloomberg's conscience were retrievable for cleaning! I think he flushed it down the porcelain receptacle long ago.

    I hope New Yorkers respond by flushing his cronies ASAP.

  2. Ya gotta like Miller. And I like the way he mentioned the rancher who was killed. Put the compassion where it belongs.

  3. Dennis Miller used to be a flaming liberal — and now that he's grown up, he's a conservative.

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