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Captioned: Are we living in The Matrix?



A Pause for the Cause

Leftist fascism: those who do not agree with us or disparage our Great Leader, Pedo Joe, must be silenced and punished for the good of the truth and to prevent them from polluting the nation with their heresies and misinformation. All hail our Great Leader, whose wisdom and acuity must not be questioned. (more here)


Life in 2024

Alex McFarland offers a more DEI-friendly version of the Preamble of the US Constitution (American Thinker). One criticism of his article is that he doesn’t take the side of the oppressed hard enough. Amerika is all about oppression. I’ll let you be the judge.

…This 52-word Preamble lays out five objectives that the Framers had in mind as they crafted the U.S. Constitution. During six weeks in 1787, 55 men framed what is almost universally acknowledged as the finest governing document in human history. It is little wonder that the “Constitutional Convention” result is often called “the miracle in Philadelphia.” They wrote,

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Imagine if that document were written by today’s woke, phobic-fearing, CRT, DEI, alphabet mafia. If it were, it might read something like this:

“We/They/Them, humans, trans-humans and fluid non-identifiers of this Confederation of trespassing Colonizers, endeavoring to live out our truth, having stolen these lands of Indigenous people to whom we really owe an apology and reparations, but shall leave that national karma to citizens of the 21st Century to deal with,

“In order to pave the way for a responsibly sourced, fair-trade-based community, do hereby establish social justice, ensure domestic partnerships, diversity, inclusion and enforced equity,

“Provide for the common defense [insert “guaranteed monthly income”] because defense implies structural aggression, which we do not condone, and since people are fundamentally good, we expect the government to sustain, mollycoddle and provide at no cost, pretty much everything,

“Promote welfare (we very much support more welfare) and have other people pay for it.

“Defund the police and all common defense forces because the mere presence of law enforcement makes us feel threatened and unsafe,

“And secure [well, not “secure” because that implies someone else is insecure, exploited or oppressed, a problem that we believe universal government intervention will solve in time, but let’s not go there now],

“The blessings [Wait, scratch “blessings”] because that implies a ‘Blesser’ whom we know to be the product of homophobic, cis-gender haters of European descent, a being they call ‘God,’ but they no longer speak for everyone!

“I mean, like, not everyone is a Christian. There are Wiccans, Satanists, and – Well, you can’t just assume that gods exists or that it or He/She or whatever blesses people in some way. Do you think you are better than other people, so you’re all blessed? There are no blessings. There’s just stuff. There’s a bunch of stuff, and a bunch of stuff just happened.

“Therefore, as we promote a non-white, gender-free reality, based on sustainable and universally proud and inclusive practices, we/ourselves/themselves/theyselves/itselves and our posterity [Can we strike “posterity?” I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds like something a dead white guy would say.]

“Since overpopulation has harmed the environment, and because a birthing person has a right to terminate her/his/their pregnancy at any time up to and including after delivery, I think we can all breathe easier knowing that the burden of children is one form of human enslavement that birthing persons are legally protected from.

“Plus, marriage — as straights defined it — was basically a form of state-sanctioned indentured servitude, so I take issue with the assumption that there should be any so-called ‘posterity.’ Thanks to open minds and open borders, we have matured beyond that.

“Thus, while being open to shifting social norms, we, the above non-identified collective, declare we have a better idea and may ghost the whole government thing and just be free, because the whole recreational drug freedom thing is working out really well. (Legalize and unschedule fentanyl!)

“Fight the patriarchy!”

Signing the Constitution.


The Clock

Around 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians, who lived in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), revolutionized how we perceive and measure time. They developed a sophisticated numerical system based on the number 60, the sexagesimal system. This unique system led to the division of an hour into 60 minutes and a minute into 60 seconds, concepts still in use today.

Their agricultural society drove the Sumerians’ need for precise timekeeping. Accurate calendars were essential for planting and harvesting crops. They also needed to coordinate their complex religious ceremonies and administrative activities.

To aid their timekeeping, the Sumerians made significant advancements in astronomy. They observed the movements of celestial bodies and used this knowledge to create a lunar calendar with 12 months, which closely aligned with the agricultural seasons.

The division of the day into 24 hours, each hour into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds was a monumental achievement. These divisions were not arbitrary but were designed to be practical and easily divisible, reflecting the Sumerians’ advanced understanding of mathematics.

This innovative approach to time profoundly impacted later civilizations, including the Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans, who adopted and further developed the Sumerian system. The legacy of the Sumerians’ timekeeping system is evident in our modern clocks and calendars, demonstrating the enduring influence of their ingenuity on our daily lives.


Trekkies will get this one:

Bullet Points:

** If the Sword is too heavy? Grow stronger or perish.

** This goes out to all fathers who took their families on vacation.

** More boating with EdB.

** After forty-seven years, Jill Biden got her old babysitting job back.

** What happens if you invest in dumb coin?

** This makes me want to put a long stem rose between my teeth.


Identify the Aircraft



Yes, there is a big hint, and two photos




Parting Shot


42 thoughts on “Blogging Stuff

  1. “I knew Christopher Pike, and you’re no Chris Pike.”

    As to life in 2024 generally: We have ceded control of our civilization to people who (collectively/culturally) are a mess of Cluster B personality disorders. These are people who simultaneously claim to marginalized yet also insist on being the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. They whine incessantly about being powerless when they de facto cannot be even questioned. (De facto here — so far. Perhaps soon to be de jure.) And so forth. Narcissism, histrionic PD, borderline PD, oh, it’s all there. No wonder their worldview is so screwed up. We are increasingly being forced to live under the control of not Karens (we should be so lucky), but rather Amber Heards.

    1. …and that explains succinctly why the democrat party is putting forward the notion that with the demise of Pedo Joe Biden to dementia (which has been a problem all along), they can run Ho Harris or Big Mike Obama for the win. Both Harris, an Indian woman who made her living under black men and Big Mike/Michelle Obama are classic “victims” of the patriarchy.

    2. Perfect Mike_C….x2 with LL’s comment….I file it under my oft used axiom: “When that annoying kid who used to get stuffed in a locker during gym class gains a position of influence.”

      1. Genuine oppression builds muscle in the person oppressed. There are countless examples of that, from the picked-on kid who joins the Marines and returns to the hometown after boot camp and kicks ass at the bullies to the cultures that are made strong through adversity. Even Science Fiction took that as the foundational example in Dune (Herbert). Early Christians were persecuted by Rome. A few generations later the Roman Empire was Christian. The Latter-Day Saint religion was driven out of the Midwest, the governor of Missouri issued an ‘extermination order,’ they went West, and it’s one of the wealthiest churches in the world today. The State of Israel, which had such humble beginnings, isn’t willing to be pushed around. The Empire of Japan thought that they had their moment in December 1941, and ended up being flattened by the nuclear age in 1945. Of course, the Japanese claimed that they were being oppressed and that’s why they started the war. With the help of the Marshall Plan both Germany and Japan bounced back from almost complete destruction to become industrial powerhouses.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Douglas Havoc with Helmore/GEC Turbinlite searchlight in nose.
    2. Short Sperrin
    3. Bell YFM-1 Airacuda
    4. Ambrosini Sagittario

      1. IDA-
        1. Douglas Havoc Turbinlite
        2. Short Sperrin Gyron engine
        3. Bell YFM-1 Airacuda
        4. SAI Ambrosini Sagittario

          1. I always loved the Airacuda. Possibly the most “Sky Pirates” aircraft of all time.
            Not that it was ever really useful, of course.
            – Kle.

  3. I blame the space aliens for our current predicament. Speaking of aliens, are illegals “our posterity”?

    1. Thinking they are our “posterior”…certainly those allowing them to run amok unchecked are, and proud of it.

      1. People who immigrate to the US (even illegally) tend to be absorbed into the American culture even if they cling to vestiges of their own.

          1. Legal immigration…100% everyday and twice on Sunday’s. My grandparents on dad’s side came off the boat then got to work. But wading across the Rio, AZ border, or San Diego by skiff….an affront to any one of a dozen existing Federal laws that requires immediate deportation at least 1400 miles South to dissuade returning. But Dem’s need cheatery votes in November, a few million here, a few million there…adds up to some serious effect.

  4. DEI Preamble- Gag!Couch!Spit!Wretch!…and I have a mug of really good coffee I don’t want to miss out on. This is exactly why the modern bored Lefty narcissist hates The Founders, men who at a young age were highly educated on such things – not “feelings – because they understood the world around them for what it was not some Unicorn touchy-feely version only a demented mind could conjure up while smoking weed.
    Keisha Lance Bottoms – The latest push narrative shill with yet another perfect Democrat Operative name sent out to run cover for their one and only (until next week anyway, when Harris has “the meeting” and announces “for the betterment and love of my country I will step aside”).
    Sumerians, who lived in ancient Mesopotamia- Sooo, it’s their fault. (heh)
    (I enjoyed Mesopotamian history in school, maybe because I liked saying the name, but did find the culture fascinating. Wonder if The Marxists Teachers Union even teaches that history anymore?)
    Captain Pike was injured in service to Star Fleet, doing an actual job…The Husk thinks he’s God’s gift to We The People and it went to his empty head. A better meme would have him being pushed around by his operatives.
    Apparently EdB is having a rough boating season…even if this link wouldn’t load for me. But I feel for him, a man need a real vacation. (Dad could get 2 weeks worth of family of six gear into the Impala trunk, which, apparently, was sized to hold ‘x’ number of bodies. Amazing trunk packing skills. Dad’s never go on vacation incidentally, the “overwatch” role never stops.)
    The Rose- In stilettos no less, on a slippery floor. THAT’s serious talent, and good legginess control. BTW, I never see pianists that looks like that, or piano teachers for that matter…swear every one of these gals (seems to be a lot of them lately) are AI generated just to mess with us males who never took piano lessons and now feel we missed out on Band.
    Pastor Mentor told me, “The longest distance in the world is between the head and the heart.”

  5. Not one (repeat: not one) of my piano teachers looked like that.
    I tried “boating with EdB” on Chrome, Brave, Yandex, and Phoebe – no go

    1. Me neither, talent with good DNA.
      I try to be clever (aka. believing I’m hilarious in my spout-age) but most of this stuff isn’t funny at all, it’s tragic. I have to remind myself history repeats and this stuff is nothing new, only repackaged.

    2. Boron, my piano teacher (yes, I played/play) had a face that would make a train take a dirt road. If she looked like that I would have stuck with lessons until I was a virtuoso.

  6. Bloggers: I don’t know what happened to the Boating with EdB link. In short, he sank yet another pleasure craft full of passengers. Stay tuned to VM for more Boating Adventures with EdB.

      1. The Mrs. ring the dinner bell or something Ed? Moving along there, with the windows open below deck.

  7. Somewhere along the way I missed an easy way of dividing by 60 and how 24 became the number of hours in a day. I can see 12 months in the year because that’s pretty much observable. The moon returns to the same constellation at the same time of day in 12 months – ignoring some long term cycles. There’s a lot of math in there that I was never taught, although I was taught alternate bases, like octal and hexadecimal, which seemed really absurd as a sixth grader. Sixteen years later, when I was entering programs into a computer by octal switch settings, it made more sense.

    1. Serious work on different bases arrived in grad school (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA) when I began working with fractal-based encryption in my thesis, which bordered on revolutionary (even if only in my mind) at the time. Part of me thinks I should have gone to MIT and worked on some of their early PGP (pre-Govt. back door) and other encryption studies, but I’d have missed out on a lot of life if I’d done that. Choices, the road taken vs not taken and all that.

  8. I don’t care what she looks at my age, pianos need to be caressed and smooth keyboarding, she is working out all of her past, present and future anger issues and looks like a tight-end bobbing and weaving all over the place. I too play piano and organ and my style differs far from that. I don’t try to wear out a cash register before it’s time… Besides, how can you balance your heels on those come-hither walnut stompers and not have chronic ankle problems.

    1. That reminds me. I bought a package of grapes last week right before some travel. Just stuck them in the fridge without even tasting one. I should go check if they’re sour. 😉

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about “tight ends” and “bobbing” in this context.
      And we’re not even going to touch the issue of who gets to “play the organ”. Ahem.

      1. Not sure this is equatable to your grape inference, but last Friday I bought a package of pre-sliced “International” cheeses during the monthly Costco run…for our snobby Sunday evening charcuterie board layout. MrsPaulM opened them yesterday…moldy. How is this possible in a sealed – at the non-gmo organically grown free-range farm – barrier package. @#$% — Guess I’ll have to degrade our evening snobbery with American cheese on Ritz crackers and a Guinness (a nice Hess red with Ritz? Not on your life).

  9. Modern arrogance assumes we are smarter than the ancients. Civilization begins when a society can support intellectual efforts instead of a focus on hunter/gathering just to survive IMO. Since I made a solid C- in high school algebra I leave mathematics to those smarter than me.

  10. Sumerians:
    Note that the Base60 system can be factored to the lowest 3 prime numbers (neglecting 1): 2 x 3 x 5 = 30
    That system has lasted thousands of years
    Meanwhile, the French in 1790s decided to use some weirdness that the Revolutionary Party came up with based on only 2 prime numbers – skipping 3: 2 x 5 = 10
    Then they fooled the world by calling it “metric”.

    The French came up with other weirdness at the same time: Consider the French calendar (an exercise left for the student). Now part of the dustbin of history

    Note that the meter itself is not defined as a constant; the speed of light is. Tweaks to the speed of light change the length of a meter.
    Now to get really weird: the speed of light is constant because … because. Now maybe that’s so … but then Newton was the end all to be all. Until Einstein et al
    Sorry (maybe); I’m a contrarian physicist of the 3% club.

    1. Well, it’s all too much for a knuckledragger such as me. To define speed (of light, or anything) then you have to have some unit of time. I have no idea why a second is defined the way it is, but presumably some terribly clever people decided it should be so. It’s above my pay grade, and so long as it all works on a day to day basis I’m content. My brane is full right now dealing with my day job (on which I am wrapping up the “day” at 2:40AM /eyeroll).

      So far as “metric” goes, I’m agnostic. It’s certainly easier to scale in your head, and beats furlongs and rods and cubits for convenience. That said, I’m old enough that my “gut feel” is in inches and pounds rather than in metric. I can either do the math in my head quickly enough, or have enough reference points memorized, that it APPEARS that I’m thinking in metric. The main thing that annoys me about the metric system are persons who insist on pronouncing “centimeter” SAHN-ti-mee-tur (for some damn reason). It seems to be a Harvard Medical School affectation [1]. Are those pretentious monkeys pretending to be French? Then do it correctly: Wear a beret, wedge a freaking baguette into your armpit, and say sahn-ti-MEH-truh. (Centimètre: Respect the accent grave, damnit.)
      [1] maybe other pretentious jackholes do it too and it’s not just HMS. I don’t care. A pox on the non-HMS people who do it too.

  11. Wow, just look at their suits in your closing infographics! Perfectly normal coats then… baggy as you like pants! Obviously a problem. Solution? Take those pants to a tailor. I know, I’ve done it.

    Works, typically.

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