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Caption: Progressives are proud of what they built in NYC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and elsewhere. Hello darkness, my old friend…


A Tucker Carlson Piece Worth Watching (Shawn Ryan Show)

It’s over three hours long, but worth viewing in its entirety IMHO.

00:00 – Introduction 08:55 – Key to a successful marriage 22:42 – Patreon question 33:55 – Childhood 42:35 – Project Mockingbird 48:41 – Applying for CIA 56:49 – Getting sober 1:03:41 – AA with Russell Brand 1:09:03 – Shawn Ryan on sobriety 1:30:17 – Journalism career 1:50:50 – Weaponization of media 2:22:00 – Spiritual warfare 2:59:46 – Religion 3:07:16 – Can I say one last thing?


The option that the woke push is a hive city where you work until you’re a useless eater, and then you can be recycled. What a glorious thing to look forward to. Face it, you’ll be happier as a drone, owning nothing and being owned.


More on the Debate from VDH


Bullet Points:

** National banks have closed more than 400 of their branches so far in 2024.

** One of your betters celebrating Independence Day.

** Have you ever wondered why so many negro youth drop out of college in the first quarter? It’s not because of money. There is plenty of free government money for inner city people.

** I’ve mentioned this ride before on my blog but I’ve been having so much fun with it that I’ll mention it again. 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (modified) – Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Yes, it’s still on the road, and it is still my favorite ride. It is not as smooth as the Raptor on the highway, and it is not “pretty” in the way of a prom queen, but I have enjoyed this rig. The stock FJC has short legs, but I added another 20-gallon fuel tank underneath (in front of the rear bumper), have an additional ten gallons in Jerry cans on the rear swing arm rack that holds the spare tire, and sometimes, fuel on top as illustrated in the photo (left). I put 2.5-gallon cans on top because they’re easier to move up and down. I usually don’t need that additional 7.5 gallons, but if I’m running hard in the wilderness, there have been times when I’ve been glad for it. More often than not, it ends up as donor fuel to some schlep that is running out. The 4.0L six-cylinder engine is not a fuel hog if you drive reasonably. I paid cash for it new, then started bolting things on as I found a use for them. The Death Stalker scorpion found in Iraq and encased in lucite on the transfer case shifter gave its name to the rig, “The Scorpion.” One mountain dweller asked why I drive around with a canoe on top. I don’t always, but I explained that you never know when you find a small Alpine lake, and it’s one way to find out if the fish are biting. I welded up the canoe rack (of my own design) about six years ago, and it worked out better than I thought.

** Coyotes – difficult to eradicate.

** Bomb Iran now has an official theme song. It’s a real toe-tapper.

** Summer update: I know it may make me sound like a pig, but two BBQ hot dogs with mustard, chili, onions, and a little cheddar go down like a fat kid on a see-saw. They’re almost an appetizer.

** An Amish joke.



Identify the Armor:





It’s a late model (note armor)


Is it technically armor? Armor of another nature?


Parting Shot


48 thoughts on “Dystopia & Sermonette

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. Sturmtiger
    2. Cruiser Mk IV or in this case Pz.Kpf.Wg.A13(e)
    3. M24 Chaffee
    4. Panzer IV Ausf. J
    5. Best I can come up with is a KV-1-equipped car from a BP-35 train.

    1. That was quicker than I expected. As to #5, I think that’s about as close as anyone can come to the Russians playing weld-er-up.

  2. It’s legal in Australia to visit USA buy a car and bring it home with very little tax if you keep it for so long. Two years from memory.

    Are there similar exceptions in USA if you bought a new Hixux or Landcruiser here?

    I have a six year old Nissan Navara (Hilux equivalent) that I am considering replacing if that helps. Well set up for work or hunting. If the rain stops by Tuesday as forecast going bush on Wednesday.

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Did a lot of reloading for 30-06 and .243. When you realise your using the third 1 kilo (2.2 #) container of powder its been a long session. Range tomorrow to try new scope.

    1. I’m not sure of the specifics, but I think you have to pay a 25% tax on it and a number of fees that works out to something like cost plus forty percent.

      1. Ouch
        Too expensive

        Just looked at Tax website. No tax if you have owned the car in USA for a year then bring to Australia. Can do this once every five years.

        Otherwise 10% tax plus shipping.

    2. RCC,

      Would be interested to know about your new scope, if you’re of a mind. Reloading–large rifle primers have been just about unobtainium here for some time.

      1. RHT

        Trying a Zero Tech 4.5 to 18 by 40 scope. Looks like a Vortex but not as expensive. Reviews are good so will see.

        Large rifle primers are the same here in most shops. Using up 5000 I bought a few years ago before the crazy buying started. Down to about 900 left. Federal small rifle is around.

        No one I can think of makes primers for civilian sale in Australia since Winchester shut their factory here in 2019. There are locally made projectiles, powder and cases.

      2. I laid in a Large store of CCI magnum large rifle primers and am still feeding on that. I’ve heard that Fedgov selected that component as the easiest to influence in terms of limiting reloading/handloading. I agree with that. If I were trying to impact private ammo manufacture, I’d go after primers, too.

  3. To paraphrase Tucker: Andover, Yale, HBS, McKinsey – the cursus dishonorum of progressivism. “Progressives are proud of what they built … ” Thanks Donor Class Democrats, the ones whining now of FJB’s ineluctability problem. Because they never cared about anything other than his bribability.

  4. A lot has been said about the SHOCKING news that Biden is a puppet. What is shocking is the number of Americans who believed what the MSM told them to believe all the way up to the moment they saw the debate with their own eyes.
    We The People MUST know two things:
    First, WHO is in control of our Country, because that individual (or group of individuals) have taken power without being elected and MUST be brought up on charges of TREASON.
    Secondly, We The People MUST Know the individuals in the MSM who knowingly helped this group of Traitors, they should stand trial for their part in this Conspiracy.
    Or to put it the way the demoncrats and their lapdogs in the MSM has said for the last 6 years:
    “We must protect our Democracy!”

    MSG Grumpy

    1. what’s shocking to me is there are people, in my community, that still openly support joe. seemingly normal people, but totally gone when it comes to that. one woman, a nice lady, spouted off a series of affronts by trump all of which have been debunked over and over again. and still willing to vote for a vegetable to have nuclear armagedon in his hands. egad!

      1. Yes, Trump-hatred is yuuuuge. But as you point out, there are people who have incomprehensible (to me at least) ideas about our politicians, and Orange Man Bad syndrome doesn’t explain it all. An example. Several persons I consider friends were chatting about Biden a few months ago (well before The Debate). They agreed that he was probably slowing down, “but nowhere as badly as the press makes him out to be.” (Yes, they have this vague idea that The Press is either politically neutral or a bit against their prog leftist views. Really!) But then they cheered themselves up by talking of Harris. Person 1: “I met her at a fundraiser. She’s very smart.” Person 2: “I met her too. She’s not getting a fair shake in the press. For some reason they’re making her look stupid. She has a lot of good ideas.” [No, I didn’t say a word.] These were both MDs. One is a C-level executive, the other a full Professor of Medicine at an Ivy school and an FDA advisor. They’re high-IQ, very decent, and generally sensible people. Apart from this stuff. (I think both of them have also shaken Hillary Clinton’s hand and are proud of it. They have the money-to-spare and the opportunity to get into that sort of Clinton fundraiser.)

        Another anecdote in the same vein: I was on a business trip in San Francisco with the executive person. One of our new hires took ill on that trip. Nausea and puking her brains out in her hotel room. Refused to go to urgent care or the ER. You have to look after your people, even if they’re being dumb. So we walked over to the downtown Target to get OTC meds and Pedialyte [1]. About 80% of the merchandise was behind glass. Exec was shocked. “What on earth?” MC: “$950.” Exec: “What?” MC: “Stealing up to $950 is just a misdemeanor here. So people just walk in and take stuff. So everything is locked up.” On the way to Puking Girl’s hotel we saw an entire block of “street bazaar” where persons were selling obviously stolen goods on tarps on the sidewalk. The Uber driver said, “Please don’t look. This is embarrassing for our city.” Later Exec and I had a chat about all this. She was clearly shaken. MC: “That’s what you get with stupid policies.” Exec [with a bit of spark; spirit not yet crushed]: “You mean Liberal policies?” MC: “Well, yeah. But Liberal is not so much the point. This is the result of misguided compassion. Misguided, say, fundamentalist Christians, can also create stupid results the opposite of what they intended. That said, this mess in California is entirely on the Progressives.” That was over a year ago. But when San Francisco comes up in conversation, I can see the shadow of that in Exec’s eyes. It really shocked her. I don’t know if it’s changed her position on anything politically. Probably not.

        [1] Target: There was an armed guard at the exit of the Target. He looked Filipino, a compact, tough-looking guy with a scowl wearing an OD green vest (yes, as in armor) with a Glock 19 on his hip. My hotel was on “Fashion Row” with Yves St Laurent, Mont Blanc, Rimowa, etc. About 30% of the storefronts were empty. The remaining shops mostly were LOCKED. Someone had to let you in, after which they locked the door behind you. YSL had an armed guard out front. East Asian guy, late 20’s, tall with gym muscles, wearing black “tactical” clothes, “paratrooper boots” and a black vest. Another Glock 19 on his hip. Amusingly (to me) he had four additional magazines prominently displayed on his gun belt. The (female, Asian) manager had the front door cracked open and was saying something to the guard. As I passed by I said “hello” and asked about why the additional mags. They were not amused and gave me dirty looks.

        1. folks just can’t understand the media is a business, bought buy the highest bidder and subject to that boss, and not an unbiased independent entity with our best interests at heart. in better words, paid propaganda.

    2. We have a Republic, not a democracy. (I need to start saying that every time someone says “our Democracy”)

  5. Amish girls do know about candle lit dinners. If dad, mom, and the ten brothers and sisters are also at the table it’s a normal dinner. Otherwise it’s your first day married.
    The Toyota FJ Cruiser could make a good “technical” at this point. It’s old enough. But you’ll need to remove all the doors, roof, and glass then weld in an appropriate gun mount. If you want it to look “field used” then take a sledge hammer to the body and change out one tire to something odd otherwise it’s a museum display version.
    As to VDH viewpoint, it’s way too early to see what rabbit comes out of the hat. I’d suggest looking back in history to VP Agnew.

  6. Coyotes. For better or worse, we have RING cameras on the front of our house. Notifications pop up on my phone of various happenings in the area. We live in Arlington, TX. There are park areas and open ground scattered about. Daily, and sometimes more often, the same folks post about seeing coyotes in broad daylight. Quite likely they are seeing the same ones mostly. I replied that as often as these folks report seeing them, they should all be on a first name basis by now.

    1. As a young man my dad participated in coyote drives. A large group of men would set up a perimeter around the area to be hunted and then start walking in toward the center, maintaining distance between each other. Shotguns were the required firearm. The coyotes would flee toward the center, then try to break out when they all met in the middle. Even with the distance between men there was always someone who could nail the coyote trying to break out.

  7. The public education machine is creating “equity” for all students with those HSBC kids.
    I think 6th or 7th grade reading level on HS graduation is extremely optimistic.
    Pudding Joe stole your identification trick, LL. That’s no fair.
    Maybe it explains how he got the job, though?
    – Kle.

  8. you can’t read at college level if all you speak is ebonics or spanglish/texmex, college books (for the most part at this time) aren’t written in these languages
    the unfortunate side to this is that white, middle-class children are being forced by peer pressure into this language problem

  9. A lot of terrific fodder this morning LL. My mindset is a bit different from my norm (could be the excellent coffee operating)…more philosophical I suppose as I try to see things more clearly. In this argument the ‘misfit toys are them, not us for once, we are The Normies in this mess they have created. Thing is, it [still] amazes me the small minority of societal misfit toys have become (already have been) are so warp-minded they believe, and have convinced themselves, that their clear and present dangerous modus operandi is…GOOD and RIGHTEOUS (Isaiah 5:20 mode)…to the point that “We The People” are the enemy of ‘their good’ so must be silenced and/or marginalized while being told to suck it up once again.
    – Short answer to their demand is: ‘Hell No!”…you don’t get to do this anymore. (How that fleshes out is still beyond me.)
    An indulgence if I may…might be relevant to/for some…mainly clarity that helped me see things a little differently in this, July 4th/Independence Day weekend:
    –Last night before checking perimeter doors and hitting the hay (as we males do) I was thinking on the ‘above’ subject a bit (might have had something to do with watching S2 Ep2 of The Chosen, when the reality of seeing Scripture in realtime storytelling generates a little clarity)…I re-watched my brothers YouTube video of his Guest Cabin timberframe build that we did last June. Four 60 +/- year-olds converging on the Wyoming open range landscape with snow-capped peaks all around, assembling this 1200sqft frame over a weeks time, then installing the SIP exterior, roof, etc. (it’s 3 weeks from move in, mostly self-built). I came to realized a couple of things in seeing this endeavor from drone and camera viewpoints…and this is not self-congratulatory, it’s in retrospect – yet speaks to what we on this side of the political fence are watching unfold while being told “You vil like it!”:
    1) Almost no one does this anymore. Not a criticism, not in everyone’s wheelhouse…but those who want us to be forced into their mold may have never wielded a framing hammer or a socket wrench or a broom. They believe their lives are special without them actually producing anything of value…except hardship for everyone else.
    2) A team effort (family no less) with a singular focus to getting a job completed as planned…but stay flexible as things happen.
    3) No jobsite whiners or prima donna’s will be tolerated (runs counter to every shill on “that side” of the fence who believe they are the center of attention).
    4) One should be ashamed of a job well done…pride (small ‘p’) is not a sin, it’s a virtue.

    Brother commented (in part – speaking to the above effort that was born out of parental example and teaching, but moreso speaking to many of the blog posts you have put up just in the past week alone): “We (the doer’s) have a competitive advantage in today’s world…and I am no longer willing to apologize for it…I used to be embarrassed by it because to me it’s just common sense…but sense is not common.”

    Comes down to humility and gratitude, not self-aggrandizement…which the latter is rampant among those self-appointed “betters”. There are doers, and there are those who expect things done for them…the “participation trophy” entitled types. I am at the point in life where I have little patience for the latter mentality. Jesus did advise to his Apostles to those who would not listen or even take a pause in their hubris, “therefore shake the sand from your sandals and move on”. Good advice (well, ‘exceptional advice’ from The Master).

    Call my self-indulgent musings a sermon if you like…somehow felt it needed to be shared as things appear to running headlong off the cliff (only God knows)…though I suspect most here are likely much more experienced and smarter than I am in such things and have more thought out perspectives. Cheers.

      1. *One should NEVER be ashamed of a job well done…”
        I’ll sit quiet and listen to your sermons anytime.
        (may comment though)

    1. >Almost no one does this anymore.
      Forget building a cabin (which is pretty impressive in my book). In the circles I travel, it seems no one knows how to change a tire. And it wasn’t a matter of “Call AAA [1] because I’m too busy to change a tire.” (That sounds assholish, but it can be true.) Even “It makes no sense economically for me to change a tire, because my time is so valuable,” would be acceptable (again assholish, but less assholish if true). It was just “I don’t need to know, because I have a cell phone and I have AAA.” I’ve probably gassed on about this before, but it was actually shocking to me when out of a room of 7 persons, all in their 30’s (except me being the old man), not only no one had ever performed the act, but no one knew how to do so. And only one guy wanted to learn how to do it.

      @You Godless furriners: AAA=American Automobile Association. An organization that provides roadside car service for a nominal yearly fee. They also sell insurance and holiday packages, I think.

      1. How do they account for the time they spend waiting for AAA to show up? Would they have the tire replaced by that time – assuming they know what they’re doing :)

      2. Tried changing a flat once in nice dark parking lot when it starting slowly raining. That was when I discovered the jackhandle didn’t fit the lugs on my F150 (thanks Ford). Neither did my many years old 4-way. Two different guys at the same meeting tried to help out, neither of their wrenches fit either. AAA it was. Luckily only 5 minutes away (after wasting 20).

        1. Or when you’re towing a trailer and you didn’t think to check the lugs on the TRAILER with your available wrench. How do I know this?

          1. Grease the bearings periodically too. Learned that in the school of hard knocks.

        2. Oh, I’m not knocking AAA. In general they’re great. And I’m glad to have a membership.
          Been there with the non-fitting wrench thing too :-(

  10. One comment on why coyotes are so successful. A genetic study of coyotes, done several years, showed that they are monogamous. When a male and female mate the male stays with the female all the way thru from conception to when the pups are out on their own. The female is stronger, healthier and produces more milk for the pups because dad does the hunting and baby sitting when mom needs to get out for a while. There is a lesson here, I guess.

    1. Nature tells us a lot, some of us watch and learn…others are just bait, and it never works out well for the bait.

  11. Yep, the progs have created their separate little ‘dystopias’… Let them enjoy it as those of us in flyover country laugh, sit back, and enjoy our BBQ. OBTW, HEB’s hurricane prep limits are 4 cases of water and only 2 briskets… :-)

  12. When my piled higher and deeper (Phd) brother started at Kansas State in the fall of 1966, he took a biology class taught by Herschel Thomas Gier, a coyote expert, who wrote a book on the species. One of the most interesting tidbits was that a male coyotes testicles only descend during mating season. That kept them out of the way and not subject to injury the rest of the year. If only the rest of were as lucky!

  13. I haven’t watched the Tucker episode yet. My take on WTC building 7: The idea that dense city fires can be contained within one building is very modern. In 18xx in Boston during a fire, bystanders dynamited a standing building to collapse it and remove the airspaces and ventilation and make it harder to burn. Opinions of that success vary, but that was the idea. In the densest cities, I would expect explosive demolition experts, and the bombs they need, to be ready and on-call for the fire department. When is the safest time to blow up a building? As early as possible when less of the structure is weakened by fire, all the bystanders have evacuated, and the area around is already ruined. Add in insurance fraud about who dropped the building so building tenants can collect, and there, we’ve explained all the observations. The demolition charges didn’t have to be set up in advance, they could have been velcro-strapped around columns at the time of need.

    Whatever happened to the gold in the vault under WTC? Do we have LARP of the Die Hard movie where terrorists covered for thieves?

    As far as I have heard, coyotes mostly eat small rodents like mice, not cow calves. Wolves eat cows, and panthers eat humans. But coyotes are not a problem to humans farming cows.

    AAA changed a flat tire for me on my first truck after a) I didn’t realize there was a crank under the hood to uncrank the spare tire winch and I was trying to use the hubcap removal spoon which didn’t reach, and b) wheel had been rusted on by New England road salt and needed hammering off by AAA. I thanked AAA and I learned. Now I have a 3/4″ drive beam-type torque wrench to check lug nuts.

    Unsleek male testicles seems like an unfinished design. Why is this important organ not protected by pelvis bones?

  14. Hive Cities?
    I’m Not A Number…I Am A FREE MAN!
    Well, for now, anyway….
    I’ve always admired the FJ’s. Rugged, Reliable, Capable, and Durable, and enough modern stuff to make them extremely versatile. The Off-Road guys I worked with at DirecTV liked them, and they were a tough bunch to please. I was spoiled by my Grand Cherokee, so I didn’t look much further.

    1. After moving to Colorado I bought a new ’85 Toyota pickup extra-cab, did some mods…loved that truck, took it everywhere (altho the 4-banger needed more oomph to get over the passes.) Ultimately gave it to my buddy’s employee after 250,000 miles, he rebuilt the motor and drove it for another 10 years.

  15. on coyotes again: I have lost some calves to coyotes or feral hogs. Dont know which. They just disappeared, never found. I do know coyotes will bring down a full grown deer, esp. on a small acreage surrounded by a game fence. They go in under the fence and just run the deer down by running it in relays. There is a vid on Utube showing them killing a full grown deer. In their favor they also prey on baby feral hogs.

  16. One of the best things I like about Biden is that he’s the first black president to serve under a black president , who lived under a black president, who’s Vice President was a black president, who is black and a president and… OMG, it’s like a FRACTAL.

    Welcome to Quantum Physics, LL.

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