The Benghazi Butcher

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Mark the calendar — January 15 — coming to a theater near you.
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is an upcoming American biographical action/thriller feature film directed by Michael Bay. The film is based on the book, 13 hours.
Nero/Barack was loaded in Vegas partying with Jay Z and Beyonce. Nobody knows where Hillary and Huma were (they who wish to ascend to being the First Couple). After the Benghazi Massacre, Hillary knowingly lied to the families of the dead, claiming that the attack resulted from a YouTube video that almost nobody had seen (here or in the Middle East). She also lied to America for two weeks, while e-mailing the truth of the matter to her family.
America could have sent help and we did not. Why is that? 
The answer has never been answered to my satisfaction. Why did Ambassador Stephens travel from the US Embassy to the insecure consulate in Benghazi that had a thirty-foot breach in the security wall? 
What was so important that he go there without a security detail?
I’m sure that this is one movie that Hillary Clinton would rather that America not see. I’m surprised that the Clinton Foundation didn’t simply buy them out and cancel the film…or that Michael Bay wasn’t found, dead of a gunshot wound, in a park.

20 thoughts on “The Benghazi Butcher

  1. I've read the other books, but can't find BLACK SCORPIONS. Amazon says it is "offensive". I find it offensive that they call it offensive.

  2. Yeah, I don't know why they dropped it. There is nothing racial or gender related. There is some violence but it's not graphic or weird. The sexuality is minimal. It's the follow-on to White Powder.

    I don't precisely understand what is "offensive" these days. I personally find the wanton killing of unborn children for fun and profit incredibly gross and offensive, but it's part of the Democratic Party's platform. I find wanton gun violence on TV to be offensive, even though I'm a Second Amendment guy. If I was a woman, I'd find it offensive that a guy is the woman of the year. You know?

    I'm thinking of re-packaging it under another title and cover and taking another run at it…maybe combine the first two books in the Black Scorpion series into one novel? Maybe in that way it will be less offensive?

  3. So "Black Scorpions" is a book I'd like to read, but can't because Amazon thinks it's offensive? Oh my gosh, it's worse than I thought. Fahrenheit 451 beginning all over again.

  4. It's a brave new progressive world. They may be offended because there is heterosexuality (one man/one woman) in the book.

  5. Sounds like a must see. I watched that video and when I did it only had a few hundred views.

  6. Definitely a must see. JayZ and Beyonce are well known NWO shills, btw. What does that make Barack?

  7. Good. I'm glad that film is coming out and telling it how it really was. The trailer has left me wanting more – looks both harrowing and compelling.

  8. Politicians feel insulated by their office and their friends. Usually there is considerable justification for those feelings as they point their noses toward the heavens and proclaim themselves demigods. However there are other times when they are called to account. I hope that this is one of those times.

  9. I still think he was sent there by her on a 'drug deal' for weapons, specifically MANPADS that were in the wild…

  10. Time to put the searchlight on all of them. Naturally, the mainstream media will attack anyone who does.

  11. The Clintons have SO much, on SO MANY people it will be a miracle if anything brings Hilly down.

  12. It's what they do, and they do it very well. They are so dirty that when somebody discloses a filthy bit of work, they say, "of course, we're the Clintons" and the mainstream media deflects.

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