In Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu returned to power amid a surge in terrorist attacks aimed at Israel largely directed from Palestinian-controlled Gaza and the West Bank. “The new government is determined to restore … quiet and personal security to the citizens of Israel,” he assured the parliament before he was sworn-in.

Hearing the news of Netanyahu’s return, the mainstream media melted down (as expected) over his choice of right-wing coalition partners. In an attempt to discredit the incoming Netanyahu-led coalition, it has repeatedly been described in the media as the “most right-wing government in the country’s history”.

“Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition will likely test ties with the United States and Europe, amid fears that it will undermine the country’s democracy and stability,” The New York Times hoped.

“Far-right Israeli government sworn in amid surge of resistance,” The Washington Post reported. Netanyahu was “launching a divisive chapter of national politics that pits newly influential ultrareligious, ultranationalist leaders against an opposition that warns democracy is in peril,” the newspaper lamented.

Germany’s state-run TV Tagesschau covered the developments in the Jewish State with the headline: “The New Government That Also Causes Fear.”

“Netanyahu’s cabinet has promised to expand illegal settlements in occupied West Bank and pursue other anti-Palestinian policies,” Qatar’s state-controlled Al Jazeera TV channel complained Thursday. “Hardline coalition vows to legalize dozens of illegally built outposts and annex the occupied territory,” the left-wing British newspaper The Guardian echoed.

The Biden regime shared the media’s hostility and is set to take an adversarial stance toward Israel’s next government.

“President Joe Brandon and his aides have a plan for how to deal with the far-right, anti-Palestinian tilt of the incoming Israeli government: make it all about Benjamin Netanyahu,” Politico reported. –The Biden regime will hold the presumptive Israeli prime minister personally responsible for the actions of his more extreme cabinet members, especially if they lead to policies that endanger a future Palestinian state (…),” the news outlet noted.

— Yada-yada-yada…


Identify the Aircraft


The world is a small place and the more that you travel, and the longer you live, the smaller it becomes.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I’m going to BBQ some porterhouse beef steaks and bake some potatoes and have friends come by to have a bite to eat.  There will also be fresh onion rings and sauteed mushrooms to go with the steak, a nice tossed green salad, and homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The toast will include a splash for our friends beneath the sand because that is how it is done. The meal, good wishes, and the promise of something better. Maybe.

Here is hoping that 2023 will be better than 2022 was. I have my doubts, but life is hope.


The Metaverse

During its 2023 Davos conference, the World Economic Forum will host a press conference on its “Building The Metaverse Initiative,” and release key “studies” and details about its efforts to further facilitate what appears to amount to a global surveillance network, according to documents reviewed by The Dossier.

The Metaverse, a buzzworthy bumper sticker slogan that refers to a whole host of ideas in the technology space, has potential current and future applications both for private and governmental entities. It will be featured as one of the core staples of the 2023 Davos conference.

What is the Metaverse, exactly?

The term Metaverse was invented by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, in which citizens used digital avatars as a means to escape their dystopian reality.

Today it can be defined as “a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet: a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.” Before its expanded definition, the Metaverse encompassed a technologically advancing virtual and augmented reality space.

To entrepreneurs and technology companies, this computer world can serve as a potential revenue and data harvesting stream. For the committed forces of technocratic tyranny, the Metaverse can act as a global surveillance network that can keep tabs on anyone with an internet connection. A Metaverse-adopting society can make it much easier for ruling governments to track the movement, behaviors, and activities of their citizens.


The donkeys keep counting until the democrat candidate wins. The end of the republic is pretty obvious. In what world would it take 10 days to count the ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona? They keep finding new ballots. And the law enforcement agencies tasked with investigating these shams are cool with all of it.


Bullet Points:

* I too was a man trapped in a woman’s body. Then I was born.



  1. Aircraft F 94? Though single seaters were pretty rare if I recall correctly.

    Bullet points. Great point.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has been the most effective Prime Minister Israel has had in recent history. Definitely not a saint but then why would you want your leaders to be saints anyway?

    Glad to see the subpoena withdrawn and am looking forward to seeing some tax returns for Biden and a lot of congress critters in the near future. Good for the goose, good for the gander and all that.

    LL Hope you and yours enjoy your meal. I am having Tri-tip and grilled asparagus but the apple pie and vanilla ice cream has me contemplating a trip to the store. Sounds like it will hit the spot.

    2023 being better than 2022. Maybe, but I think I will prepare for the worst. It seems like we still have a little bit farther to fall before we hit bottom and can start on the way up aging

  2. Israel brings to ind an old joke. Substitute Israel for men and the rest of the world for women.

    According to women, men only have two faults. Everything we say, and everything we do.
    Since we are going to be dirty bitched regardless, we do as we please.

  3. I have had really good luck with a beef strip loin on the smoker. Take the whole (or half) loin, trim off most of the fat cap and peel off the membrane that looks like silverskin on venison, then sklurk it down with Worcestershire sauce (2 or 3 ounces for a full loin). Give it a dose of salt and pepper to taste and finish off the spices with a bit of garlic powder and a grace of cayenne pepper. Put it on a roaster rack inside a lipped pan (to catch the au jus) and smoke at 300 – 350 degrees (my wood fired rig cycles up and down) until you hit 135 degrees internal temp. Slice it into steak-thick slices and serve it with sautéed asparagus sprinkled with crushed red pepper and parmesan. It is fit to eat.

      • you’re welcome at our table any time. Tomorrow even it’s salad, duck breasts, and my wife’s cousins. Trust me: the duck breasts will cause far less stomach upset.

        • A tube steak on white bread with a drizzle of mustard? Cederq, you’re going to have to make your way to Arizona if you want steak and bake.

  4. J6 “committee”: Out of airspeed, altitude, ideas that somebody else didn’t issue to them, good looks and, at long last, time.

    Tick-toc, thou band of harlots. Write if you find (honest) work.

  5. It should be a Happy New Year, despite the goofballs and reprobates ruining everything they touch. Your “meal” sounds like memories in the making.

    In that vein, we are having our usual quiet evening at home. Although, after assembling the finally arrive Sauna, save for a few details and PaulM extras (because I am my fathers son), I’ll be baking out 62 years of acquired pain and suffering. Might even have some B Vitamins in a glass to toast the coming New Year, in which I will endeavor to maintain my sanity. We shall see what the future brings…my loyalty rests in God, beyond that it’s a crap shoot. But certainly not boring.

    Note: If I don’t comment Sunday you’ll know I forgot to set the IR timer, fell asleep and cooked myself to a crisp from the inside out, like microwave popcorn. If so, count on me hovering above watching the crazy show…like a cheap drone.

    Lake will not let this blatant theft go, she is in the right and deserves retribution. Interesting how after the court verdict Hobbs has been verwy verwy quiet…waskullee wabbit. In hiding I suspect.

  6. P-80 Shooting Star. Not a T-33, as it’s a single cockpit and you can see gun ports up front.

    Dad learned to fly in the T-33, go J-Flight Jets! Eldest brother still has his flight helmet (found in an Arizona Army-Navy Surplus Store years after,) and a painted ‘J-Flight Jets’ with 4 T-33s on it.

    • Late to the party. Yes, it is related to the P-80 but is an F-80C. The give away is the folks in the rice paddy. At least according to Wikipedia, the F-80C was the first model to be deployed to the Orient.

    • Beans, as a note, the T-Bird’s nose could be changed to different configurations as required. If you needed guns, it was guns or a photo nose and so. A most versatile airplane with high altitude capability and long legs for an early jet.

      A photo recon version was on display as at the Split, Croatia castle as a Cold War trophy. The plane was forced down. I don’t know if it is still there.

  7. Yep, P-80 Shooting Star. We’ll be doing much the same tomorrow, but ‘traditional’ southern style, so Ham, Hoppin’ John, Collard Greens, and cornbread. And yes, a splash for those who’ve gone before us.

  8. I expect the Metaverse will be a Zoom meeting implemented as a first-person shooter video game rather than a Brady Bunch grid, with blinking ads on every surface.

    Have you noticed the progress bar at the bottom of a youtube video how has a ‘relative percentage of replays’ graph? They’ll watch your sightline in the metaverse, too. Do you mostly admire the bodies of men or women? They’ll know in five minutes of beer commercials. I’m sure polygraph machines aren’t all that great, but are you practiced in fooling one your whole workday? Are you already feeding polygraph data in with your wearable exercise tracking gadget? Just wait until work starts giving you word association tests under time pressure like from the new Blade Runner movie.


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