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Elizabeth Warren

She is seventy years old, has been a US Senator since 2013, she has a BS from the University of Houston and a JD from Rutgers. She’s a sometimes Native American, when it suits her, and at other times she self-identifies as a white woman from Massachusetts. She’s married to a person who identifies as male and white…that’s way too much privilege for me to accept.  She dances poorly (Sean Spicer, who is no Fred Astaire, can dance circles around her), and was once the only (self-identified) Native American professor at Harvard, teaching something like Native American Studies – but I don’t know for sure and don’t care to look it up. My point is that she is no dunce and she’s peddling snake oil (again).

I just heard her on a news talk show promising ONLY to raise taxes on US Corporations, and she’s going to slam it to them. Maybe 90% taxation. That will show those greedy suckers!
The talking heads never asked her who OWNED US Corporations, and that corporations are in the business of either passing on costs or going out of business. Of course not. She’s a Democrat. She doesn’t get questions other than, “how’s your cat?” and “do you you think you can beat Irish Bob and the Butt Guy?”

I really hate snake oil, which is also referred to as cow droppings out in Rural America.

Mail: Strange Matter

LSP – A super massive star teetering on the edge of collapse? I know this is an astrology post but my mind goes to Washington DC, curiously.

If Irish Bob was to be elected, there would be people outside of the White House with torches, staves and pitchforks. I think that things are going along well in the Age of Trump. What is there to complain about other than fake news, the climate change hoax and the fraudulent Russia Collusion affair (which is to say, the same thing)?

WSF – Way beyond my comprehension.
It’s easier to just say that as things get smaller, many of the laws that we’re comfortable with that explain the universe break down and things get really weird. Neutrons (and all particles of their class) are made up of still smaller particles that we know a little bit about – but not that much. And there’s a super massive star a long way away made up of something – and it may or may not be neutrons. 
But the only place that atoms heavier than Iron are made are inside of those weird, super massive stars. And sometimes they collide and spew that heavy metal out. Think of that the next time you look at a chunk of gold.
LindaG – It is a neat discovery; even if I don’t understand it all.
Nobody really understands it. It’s strange matter and weird science. We’re lucky to live on a rock that’s not too hot and not too cold near a star that is stable and that we have a moon at just the right mass and distance to churn up the molten core of the planet so that tectonic plates an float on the magma and give us a way to subduct carbon rather than keeping it in the atmosphere.  
But apparently after 3.5 billion years, because of cow farts and backyard BBQ’s, it’s broken now and we only have 10 years left to live. Sic transit gloria mundi.

P. S. – Al Gore said that we had ten years left to live, thirteen years ago. Somehow the liberal forgot that.

Jules – I was searching
You were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like
A neutron star collision

And that’s about the limit of my neutronic knowledge. 

Is that a haiku? I know that some things are haikus and some are not, thus endeth my understanding of the essence of art philosophy, which is a beautiful thing. If a guy was trying to write the same thing he’d use mathematics and would say that the, ‘angle of the dangle is equal to the heat of the meat.’ But (people who self-identify as) guys are like that…simple souls. Food, sex, sleep and adrenaline :^/ 

Coffeypot – What amazes me is the time in light years. The first beams of light started its trip to earth around 2600 BC. I cannot comprehend, in my peabrain, that kind of distance. That is the marvel of space.

If you don’t look into the sky and say, “how great Thou art,” I think that you’re missing something. 

8 thoughts on “Old Lizzy

  1. Lizzy? Better ankles than Shillary (yeah, totally sexist). I will give her credit for outspokenness. She isn't afraid to put out details for her ideas. Her as President? Chills my soul.

  2. She drank a beer once to proove that she's just a regular guy. Probably washed out her mouth with white wine after she got off camera.

  3. Never mind busy Lizzy. I’ve got BS going on in my own street and am having JD on a nightly basis to cope with it. Forget the new “IT” cos I’ve got the franchise on clownland.
    “You ain’t impressed yet! Tell me what ya wanna hear…”

  4. I just heard her on a news talk show promising ONLY to raise taxes on US Corporations, and she's going to slam it to them. Maybe 90% taxation.

    There are no nice words for someone her age and with her background who doesn't understand that the corporations will pass those taxes on to the people she thinks she's protecting. She was the head of Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She should understand this.

    Just kidding. She was stupid then, too.

  5. Do you remember when we used to mock the USSR for being run by a gerontocracy? Seems like we're fast catching up.

  6. Liz has a BS in BS.

    Of course, that's what most of them are in nowadays, here in The Future.


  7. Old Lizzy will rue the day that she got the nomination to run against Donald Trump. She seems to have forgotten that all she has in life to date was based on lies about her minority status. She would never have gotten a gig at Harvard had she not checked that Native American box on the application, not ever.

    Once admitted as the only woman of color on the Harvard faculty, she droned on and on about her heritage and how evil white guys in the past rigged the system against all of her people. And her elevation to the Senate? Never would have happened if she were outed as the whitest white woman ever to trod the earth prior to running for that office.

    Donald Trump will remind the voting public every day about Pochahontas and her fabricated lineage. Every single day. And of course her policy suggestions that cost upwards of $33,000,000,000,000 (that's 33 TRILLION!!) will not help in any way regardless of how liberal and stupid you happen to be.

    She will lose to The Donald in one of the biggest landslides in American history, and it's likely that not even the District of Columbia or Minnesota will go her way in the Electoral College.

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