THE RISING PRINCE – Paul Pelosi Jr. –  Woke Hero! I’m sure that he has a laptop somewhere.  At least Hunter Biden has moments of heterosexuality.

SMALL MODULAR REACTORS Bill Gates established TerraPower to create an advanced nuclear reactor “demonstration” project in Wyoming. It was awarded a huge subsidy in the Inflation Reduction Act. Prog companies like TerraPower suck most of the investment capital out of the market.  The US Energy Department granted TerraPower $2 billion last year. Assuming no delays, TerraPower aimed to finish the Wyoming generator by 2028.

But wait. TerraPower released news of a delay this month. The project’s completion will be delayed by at least two years because TerraPower relied on Russia to provide it with high-assay, low-enriched uranium (HALEU) fuel. So 2030 or years beyond. USGOV is contemplating another $10 billion in grants to keep them going long-term.

I was asked why projects I have been involved with couldn’t get that sort of welfare money. My response: “I was not a frequent guest at Epstein’s Island.” I hope that I don’t sound bitter. Investors throw their money to Gates and others like him because of the unlimited government safety nets.


Paul Pelosi Jr. was also a partner…

CDR SALAMANDER explains how the Diversity Machine is working.

<snip> The hordes who took courses in critical pedagogy, insurgent sociology, gender studies, radical anthropology, Marxist cinema theory, and postmodernism could no longer hope for university careers.

What became of them? No single answer is possible. They joined the work force. Some became baristas, tech supporters, Amazon staffers and real estate agents. Others with intellectual ambitions found positions with the remaining newspapers and online periodicals, but most often they landed jobs as writers or researchers with liberal government agencies, foundations, or NGOs. In all these capacities they brought along the sensibilities and jargon they learned on campus.

It is the exodus from the universities that explains what is happening in the larger culture. The leftists who would have vanished as assistant professors in conferences on narratology and gender fluidity or disappeared as law professors with unreadable essays on misogynist hegemony and intersectionality have been pushed out into the larger culture. <end snip>

Green Trucks – Radical EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan announced the final rules for the latest national clean air standards to cut smog- and soot-forming emissions from heavy-duty trucks. They are so stringent that they will shut down truckers everywhere. It’s exceptionally woke.

Thanks to the Germans for setting the record straight – Anyone who wants to use professional euthanasia in Germany must be vaccinated against the corona virus. The Association of Euthanasia announced that from now on medically assisted suicide may only take place under 2G rules. From now on, euthanasia can only be conducted in Germany with a valid vaccination certificate.

Notes on China China’s entry into 2023 can be described as a crisis. GDP growth has been declining not just because of covid19 shutdowns but because of bank failures and other economic failures that can be traced back to CCP misrule. The government has stopped announcing annual GDP growth rates and is now announcing it will make its best effort to keep economic growth going. A growing number of Chinese and foreign economists are questioning the reported size of the Chinese economy. There is also an unresolved real-estate bubble and more Chinese banks are suffering liquidity (cannot meet demands for withdrawals) problems. The economic damage done by all this led to a $5 trillion dollar stimulus program to alleviate suffering among workers and provide businesses with the cash needed to keep operating. The actual decline in GDP growth is a state secret but is believed to be bad enough to create persistent GDP shrinkage and an official end to the decades of high GDP growth. China’s economy is, at $18 trillion (or less) a year, the second largest in the world. The Americans have economic problems but not to the extent China has. If you were to withdraw the Potemkin Village (Paper Tiger) effect that China portrays, it would be interesting to see what the reality would be.


  1. “Tough Sh*t, Mitt”, that’s just delicious. I spewed coffee everywhere at that one.

    Steely Dan had a song named Show Biz Kids about Hollywood that perfectly encapsulates the Gatesies, the Pelosi’s, the Mitt’s, the Xiden’s, and all them sumbitches they call friends and how they feel about those not in their circle-jerk of fellow travelers:

    Show biz kids, making movies about themselves
    You know they don’t give a f**k about anybody else.

    • The age we live in. That crap is tolerated by some and embraced by others. It simply needs to be ignored – like the mixed-race British royal couple who live in Malibu.

  2. A recruiter from Terrapower called me about a procurement manager role earlier in the year. The most important question (to them) was not about my purchasing background or nuclear operations experience (I have both), but “are you fully vaccinated “. This for a fully remote job. “I’m fully vaccinated as required by Florida law” wasn’t an acceptable response. Would’ve been good money, but it is apparent to me that they have no damned idea what they are doing, besides grifting for federal money. (I missed the required unconscious bias training they require too)

    • It’s just a grift. I doubt that they’ll ever produce a megawatt. Maybe Gates will buy another SMR project and claim it’s his product when he’s grifted enough?

      • It’s an expensive grift (for taxpayers). If Trump ever gets back in office he should gut DOE (both of them). Then audit all the funds allocated/spent over the past ten years. That ought to keep 87,000 IRS agents busy.

        • There is a lot of varying technology when it comes to SMRs. Some is available now-5years out. Beyond that it incorporates a lot of vaporwear and unproven educated guesswork. To be fair, it’s always on the bleeding edge of technology. I’m presently involved with an Eastern European country, a southern European country and Rolls Royce SMR.

  3. I would posit getting the jab ends up with the same result as euthanasia, just slower and more painfully.

    I remain a Pure Blood working in EMS every day exposed to lots of sick people in hospital ER’s across three counties. Since having suspected Chi-Com Xi Flu in March 2020 (there was no testing because it supposedly wasn’t here), I have only had two 3-day traditional head colds. My J&J once jabbed wife comes down with severe bronchitis every couple of months requiring trips to the doctor and meds. This is also the third flu season I have shunned a flu shot because I no longer trust anything being injected into me.

    • “I have shunned a flu shot because I no longer trust anything being injected into me.”

      Same here. That said, I broke down and got the Novavax shots (2) for Reasons. Supposedly it’s a traditional (actual original definition) vaccine and not that mRNA malarkey (AKA notavax).

      I’ve mentioned before that I underwent chemotherapy (R-CHOP) for B-cell lymphoma last year. They were trying to get me to get the mRNA vaxx during chemo. I refused.
      1. The mechanism works through training your white blood cells to recognize the spike protein. But chemo is deliberately killing all (okay, 95%+) of my WBCs every three weeks. So what’s the point?
      2. It’s admitted that mRNA vaxx is associated with increased thromboembolic events. And I’m already hypercoagulable from cancer.
      3. Put 1 and 2 together and it’s a “no upside but clear downsides” if I get the clot shot.

      This could not be refuted by the oncologist so they called in an infectious disease specialist to talk sense into me. We chatted, I laid out the above: “I’m a knuckle-dragging heart guy and not an ID person, but what am I misunderstanding here?” She said, “Nothing. You’re correct. There is no benefit to you personally to get the Covid vaccines.” So that’s how I got a waiver. Then oncology wanted me to take an experimental monoclonal antibody (still in phase 3 trials but apparently under some EUA waiver; and $20k per dose). This drug was intended as a POST-exposure shot for high risk people who were exposed to an active Covid carrier; NOT for prophylaxis. (So they wanted me to take a $20k experimental drug, on an OFF LABEL indication!) I had no intention of getting this bullshit shot, but I dutifully took the package insert info. That evening at the office my friend Dr G came in, we chatted, and he read the package insert. Turned out they broke blinding for an “interim look” when they hit 1800 subjects (biostat geeks can discuss “alpha spending” now). So across 1800 patients randomized to drug vs placebo, infection rates were identical between treatment and placebo arms, but treatment arm had 3-fold the rate of SAEs (serious adverse events). WTF? Why were they pushing this on me? Now the thing is, I had a really good oncologist, one of the best in Boston. I think between media hype and hospital admin pressure, people just turned off their critical thinking on the topic of Covid. I finally got them to lay off by essentially threatening to shoot them. Seriously. The actual phrasing was “If anyone tries to inject me with mRNA Covid ‘vaccine’ I will consider it an attempt to do me permanent life-altering injury. And I will respond as needed to defend myself. Coming at me with a syringe full of vaxx is exactly the same as coming at me with a knife or gun.” That didn’t help my social credit, I’m sure. But it’s my sincere belief.

      Another anecdote. One of my people (former research trainee, now an attending cardiologist herself) got her two shots and then a booster. A few days after the booster she got chest pains concerning for cardiac etiology. Although mid-30’s and otherwise healthy, she went to get EKG and troponin drawn because she was concerned about vaxx-associated cardiac problems. “So why did you voluntarily get the booster at all, especially since you (and your toddler) both already HAD Covid — despite your original two shots?” No response other than the “think how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t been vaccinated?”

      Gawd. That “would have been worse” theme is as hackneyed, and wrong, as the “we need to import third world trash people because Delicious Ethnic Restaurants” bullshit.

      • That sums up the entire debacle…and good for you standing on knowledge and principle. I do like the threat of bodily harm if anyone tried to stick you.

        True story:[2020] A family member of friends is a Cali ER nurse, tough gal. Hideous motorcycle accident victim, half his face was missing. She starts to work on him to stabilize despite he wasn’t expected to make it (you do regardless, right?) when the Hospital Administrator came in and demanded a Covid “test” (most field ones are bogus). She turns to this clown and screams at him to “Get the hell out! This man is dying and you want me to do some stupid inaccurate test?!”. Yet he persisted, eventually saying “We won’t get paid if he doesn’t get the test.”

        The man died. The HA changed the death cert to “Covid”.

        Then to read about the zero challenge trial data, EUA’s for everything, zero liability, masks, 6ft…on and on with the insanity. That was it for me…after that I the rest was all lies.

        Special place in hell.

        • This whole Covid thing has made my default about any medical treatment that involves injecting or ingesting anything into my body to be a resounding “NO”.

          Having said that I give myself injections once a month for arthritis because they work. Each time I inject myself I keep wondering what else is now in the shot.

          Mike_C, great summation with a lot of good information. Thanks and best of luck beating the lymphoma!

        • not a Dante scholar, but I think Canto XXVI: Circle Eight, Bolgia 8, fits the description: the Evil Counselors who are wrapped in flames and burn for eternity

        • I discussed the shingles vax with my trusted doctor who will retire in March. Shingles is horrible. There is a measurable chance that it will cause some people to contract shingles. I had childhood and ADULT chicken pox (horrible). He said 10-20% chance the vax would cause shingles in my case. So no. But I understand your situation.

          Stress years ago caused me to have mild case of shingles. I don’t allow that sort of stress in my life anymore.

  4. Broaddrick is really funny in her acerbic truth jabs…and spot on.

    PP-Jr (has a nice ring to it) – The Nan is exiting stage left because the heat is getting too close for comfort as her Hub and Son are being exposed as the scum they are, with her greasing the skids to gain wealth and status. Satan demands payback for granting wishes.

    Gates- And here I thought the Left hated nuclear. Oh, that’s right, they only hate Conservative Nuclear.

    I’m thinking you’re correct, Epstein Islander’s get special status for the circular government money laundering schemes disguised as “solving problems” while never producing results…because it’s not about producing anything. Wallow with the pigs in their stye and your soul gets tarnished, if not downright obscured in slime. You, on the other hand, despite being an innovator, were never invited to This Particular Island Party via private jet serving up all sorts of in-flight Satanic BS. That means you are on the outs and have to do it on your own. No loss there, under God’s prescription character and conscience trump the bank account.

    • I’m serious. The permanent administrative state only trusts you and rewards you if they have something on you. They didn’t have anything on Pres. Trump. So the hatred spews forth.

      • From Hoover forward…The Files expanded.

        All you heard was “BUT, BUT, HIS TAX RETURNS!”, which turned out to be – as expected – a dud. Hahahahah. Fools errand that went away in a nanosecond after years of demanding their ‘bought and paid for’ Court/judge subvert Federal Law.

        What did they think would happen from a guy who employs serious tax attorney’s and CPA’s while getting audited every single year?

          • Read that…realized they were super double-duty wrong. More foolishness that wasted millions of dollars for zero effect.

        • The point wasn’t to catch him in wrongdoing (though that would have been a bonus). The point was to publicly smear his name, and to drain his energy and focus. It’s how the masters of whispers and innuendos operate.

          They don’t care about logic and reason nor rule of the spirit/intent of the law. They’ll cheerfully smear whoever they can. And when they themselves are caught? It’s obfuscation, logic-chopping, and arguing about possible loopholes and bad precedents rather than the intent of the law. And on top of that, steadfast obstruction, and sheer brass neck. And finally if those don’t work, crying “persecution!” These are people whose bedrock motivations come from ill intent. Assume (and deal with them as if) they are rational men who share your values about honesty, transparency, respect for the spirit of laws, not to mention duty and honor, and you’re already behind in the game.

          • I have dealt with their ilk, Mike_C. It requires a pagan ethos and a willingness to be viewed as a rabid wolf. (a rabid white wolf if you will) The rabid white wolf doesn’t care about who your parents are, which old-school tie you wear, which club you’re a member of, or how much money you have. The rabid wolf will get you and you’ll be alive while it devours (and poisons) your entrails.

            I realize that means that you must become a monster, but it is the only way they’ll leave you alone. I learned that lesson and practiced that art. Scary Larry was born. It becomes simply who you are. Lone wolves have few friends, and people keep their distance. Fools don’t and they are destroyed in a method that presents itself – in time. There’s plenty of time.

            Hemingway was right. “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

            So those who want to be sporting with you should understand the game.

  5. When we moved to Texas from Kali in 2015, we rented a 22 ft Ryder diesel truck (It was the only 22 foot rig available at the time). Gawd, what a gutless POS. It had a Kali compliant exhaust system that, if/when it became too plugged up, set off a warning light on the dashboard. You were to then pull over and stop, shift to neutral, and run the engine @ (IIRC) 2000 RPM for about 20 minutes to “burn off the blockage”.

    We were regaled with horror stories of non-Kali compliant trucks having to stop at the Kali/Nevada border and transfer loads to trucks that were compliant.

  6. BigPharma and their toadies at the FDA are now revamping flu vaccines to incorporate mRNA with spiked proteins as the baseline ingredients. Beware. They are not giving up.


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