(Strategypage)(h/t Claudio) Before 2022 Russia had a reputation for being a formidable threat as a practitioner of Cyber War. So far in 2022, the Russian reputation as a military power has been much diminished along with its standing as a Cyber War threat. While Russian military activities were widely reported on by the media, much less attention was paid to the similar defeats Russia suffered as they sought to carry out major Cyber War campaigns against Ukraine even before Russian troops crossed the border. The Cyber War defeats continued throughout 2022. Russia had a formidable arsenal of Cyber War weapons and pre-planned attacks, especially against Ukraine.

Like many other capabilities, that reputation was tarnished and diminished during the recent war in Ukraine. For Russia, the defeats were frequent and victory was few in this network battle space. Russian defeats began the day before Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border and continued during the first months of the war as Russia unleashed most of their pre-planned attacks designed to do maximum damage to Ukrainian networks and Internet-based capabilities. Ukraine knew what its key Internet vulnerabilities were and, with the assistance of Cyber NATO and the major American Internet services and security providers, the Russian efforts were blocked. China, the other Cyber War threat to NATO and the West, took note….By the end of 2021 Ukraine had created a network of half a million software engineers, information specialists and other experienced Internet users to deal with Russian Cyber War attacks as well as carry out information campaigns worldwide to let the world know what was really happening in Ukraine. The Ukrainian efforts were successful and this resulted in Ukrainian attacks against Russian networks and propaganda. The existence of these formidable Ukrainian Information and Cyber War capabilities is another reason NATO is eager to have Ukraine join the EU (European Union) and after that NATO. Ukraine is already a founding member of Cyber NATO.


Bullet Points

* Breed’s Breed – San Francisco Mayor London Breed touts a program that many decry as racist and unconstitutional. San Francisco’s Guaranteed Income Program for Pregnant Black Women spreads through California. I find it fascinating that on one hand, liberals encourage black women to kill their babies in utero, and on the other hand, they are funding humans who identify as both negro, pregnant, and female.

* From CDR Salamander – There is one global power that is more than happy to buy oil at market prices and has zero interest in Saudi internal affairs or human rights of any sort – the People’s Republic of China (the Worker’s Paradise). As the US is insulting the Saudis, the PRC is courting them.

For a nation that spent much of the last quarter of the 20th Century exporting one of the most extreme forms of Sunni Islam to the world, the 21st Century Saudi leadership seems to have different motivations – mostly survival in an increasingly divergent future.

* Illegal Immigration – If you don’t think that Mexico, and other South American countries, aren’t emptying their jails into the US you are not paying attention. Pedo Joe has a different take on those democrat voters flooding across the borders.

* Your question of the day (besides how you like your chili – from an earlier post) is this: (1) Do you believe that the US Constitution has already been terminated? (2) Does the US actually have a two-party system?



  1. Question of the day:
    !) Yes. On Jan. 20, 2021 I took down the American flag in front of my house and ran up a Jack Rackham pirate flag, because I believe on that day our Constitutional Republic ceased to exist.
    2) No. Judging them by their actions the GOP’s end goals are the same as the Dem’s, just at a slower pace.

    • It was dead when the Stealection took place and wasn’t countered in the courts. Justice Thomas was correct when he said that the Supremes would rue not bringing the case forward.

      It was dead when all investigation of Hillary was dropped.

      It was dead when all investigation into Barack’s actual schooling, religion, birth was dropped.

      Questionable when the Clintons were able to get away with what they got away with.

  2. 1. Functionally, yes.
    2. All state and higher-level politics is theater at this point. (Not all, but anything important.) We are “instrumentum vocale” to The Best People.

    What do I mean by “Best People”? It’s the same reason people in past days called THEIR tormentors “The Fair Folk”.

  3. terminated/invalidated? Yes. Since 1973 when the media (or whoever was behind them) took over the U.S.
    two-party system? not in Congress, and certainly not representative of the majority of the citizens of the U.S.
    cyberwarfare with Russia? so this groundwork was all laid in place (with Bill Gates’ help?) in the Ukraine back in the ’90s, along with biowarfare labs abutting the Ukraine’s western border with Russia? No wonder Vladimir Vladimirovich is a bit nervous/(testy?) Under the same circumstances I would be too.

      • Man, that’s just crazy conspiracy talk. The next thing that you’ll tell us is that the US State Department came out on TV and acknowledged 46 Ukrainian bio labs…oh, they did. Well, it doesn’t matter, who can trust the US State Department? They’ll say anything.

        Vlad thought that he could pull that one off. It goes to show you that you can’t trust those generals. What an embarrassment.

  4. We can’t have a two party system with an ignorant majority of citizens. That’s why the Constitution is ignored. Even those that swear to uphold the law have never taken the time to read it.

  5. The Constitution has been bypassed and we have a Uniparty now.
    Lot’s of public distractions between the two factions in it to keep the “people” arguing about anything. But the real money keeps going where it’s been going.

  6. In Winter Kills, Richard Condon’s epic history of the successful conspiracy to assassinate President Tim Kegan, Condon talks about “the people who own this country” (deep state, although the term had not yet been coined) and the theory that there was no difference between the two parties. This was, what? 1974 or so? I’ve seen precious little to make me think otherwise since.

    Yeah, OK, sure it was fiction but a whole lotta truth there. That’s the facts of things, so it might as well be the theory as well.

  7. 1. Functionally, yes.
    2. No. Two sides of the same coin… A ‘uniparty’ with the same goals, just different approaches. One side courted by the MSM, the other ostracised…

  8. Comment made somewhere can be (somewhat, variable memory) here: The US, as a federated republic under the Constitution, is dead. What we are seeing are vultures squabbling over the corpse.

  9. 1) Terminated? More like ignored by those who swore an Oath to uphold it. Their action continually run over it to the point it (as Old NFO said) is functionally irrelevant to an ever-growing segment of society, starting with 90% of Congress. The Founders created the most exceptional governance document ever, yet the scumbags who think they are more important than everyone else (the same being filched to pay the bums salaries) work very hard to do end-arounds of the contained solid language…justifying their treason and sedition with smarmy feel-good Bravo Sierra. And they’ve only gotten better at their nefarious game…selling their souls for cheap trinkets and fat bank accounts. “Sacred Honor” is a foreign concept to these people. God sees.

    2) 2-Party? 90% are all on the same team…THEIRS. The Middle Aisle does not exist save for the principled few. Most recent example: Sinema. While the glamour shot makes her look like a harmless babe, she is what Proverbs repeatedly warns against; snakes in a nice package are still snakes. Unfortunately the NEA created a lot of stupid un-serious people who can’t think for themselves, and they constantly vote the charlatans into office, wrecking it for the rest of us.

    There is always hope…but the prepared understand that hope is not a plan. This will get uglier, then really nasty…unless we can find a path back to Constitutional mores. Otherwise America – in my 62 years on the planet – is toast with a side of burnt diner coffee.

  10. South and Central America noticed, very hard, with much scrutiny, when that feckless ass Carter allowed Communist Cuba to empty its jails, prisons and mental institutions.

    Took a looooong, loooooong time for Florida to recover from the Mariel boatlift.


    So, of course, the SaCA governments would wait for Tater Jo and the Ho to take over. They did the same damned thing during Barky the Lightbringer’s reign of terror, though not to the same extent as under Tater Jo and the Ho.

  11. (1) Do you believe that the US Constitution has already been terminated?

    The Constitution was not terminated, it has been operated as it was designed to, and that design can’t defend itself against a attack. Most of the consequences of the structural flaws we see today were pointed out by the anti-federalists at the time.

    (2) Does the US actually have a two-party system?

    Yes. The Democrats and Republicans seriously compete for who is first in line at the tax feeding trough. But the more important two parties are nobility/peasants, and you’re a peasant. The national fiat debt money defended by the was designed to give a controlling ownership share of the GDP to the Eastern establishment families, to create a new American aristocracy. Given that, the Constitution, which specified a copy of the British government, was merely a smoke screen to hide the actual decisionmakers, the central bankers.

  12. Yes, the Constitution has been abrogated. Sometimes it comes into force, but only on a whim. My best examples are from State Governors during the recent Covid putsch:

    Ordering churches closed. Nobody made a fucking peep.

    Forbidding public assembly, by fiat. in people’s homes. Nobody made a peep.

    Rhode Island’s El Presidente for Life just resigned the Emergency Declaration of Fiat Rule for another month.

    Yeah, there are no parties. Which is sort of good, they Parties should be abolished as obsolete and frankly, illegal. However, everyone in National and almost everyone in State-level politics being on Team Gravy Train is not too good.


    • “Ordering churches closed. Nobody made a fucking peep.”
      Not true. My friend sued Whitmer in Federal court over that and she capitulated without the case commencing. The problems was that many churches voluntarily stayed shut because of weak ineffectual “pastors”.

      • Agreed, Ed. There were lots of churches that pushed back against the closing mandates. There were others that rolled on their backs and pee’d on their bellies. It’s important to note that the larger institutions with more to fear from the federal government were quick to comply. Individuals can decide for themselves what it means and how they want to react.

        My feeling on things like mask mandates was, “your dirt, your rules”. That means that if you demand that I wear a stupid obedience mask to enter your premises, I have to decide how I’ll react. In most cases, I wore a bandana, which was a form of F-You if I wanted to go someplace demanding obedience. I almost always keep one in my back pocket anyway, so it was handy.

        The reaction of people varied. I had woke people demand that I wear a mask in their presence and my usual response was a simple, “no” without an argument. Masks were stupid and the underlying political message disturbed me.

        When mask rules were initially put forward, I was living in rural Arizona where no masks were worn. I remember going to Flagstaff (woke town) one day and two guys came out of a Wells Fargo Bank wearing masks. The Kimber came out instinctively and it took maybe ten seconds as I assessed the situation before I figured out that they had not just robbed the place. I didn’t throw down on the masked men.

        • We did the bandana deal, but only a couple of times. Most times I ignored the request or went back outside when some ninny decided they had a right to point out my maskless face…it was the better option, for them.

          Exceptional situational awareness at the bank. Imagine being a bank employee now, how do you determine if a masked moron walks in isn’t really a perp? TPTB have created a chaotic society by removing the normal anchor points.

          Churches…not enough flipped the “You Brood of Vipers” bird to so-called officials. God weeps over how feckless and weak many Christians and their pastors have become. Sad state…and America is reaping the result.

  13. “Do you believe that the US Constitution has already been terminated?”
    No, the US Constitution has not been terminated. It is ignored by those who want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

    While God’s Ten Commandments are being ignored by Americans, the UN,WEF are attempting to install a group of new ten commandments and start the third covenant. The play acting is obvious. They went so far as to climb Mt Sanai to break a small tablet and then produce a new one by play acting what Moses did. The production was laughable. Those who hate God attempting to install themselves as god cannot overturn God’s Ten Commandments. God will not be mocked.

    Those who hate our Constitutional Republic are trying to overthrow the Constitution and are doing so by just ignoring it or making up interpretations out of thin air. Because Americans are more involved in sports and other such activities than our government, Americans are uneducated in what the US Constitution, their state constitutions and laws are. As such, they are unwilling to stand against local and state officials when those officials break the law. That is why it is so easy for the US Constitution to be ignored and give us these troubled times.

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