It’s a Snow Day at the White Wolf Mine, so you know what’s on the menu —  Chili with homemade cornbread (& butter).

Chili Ingredients – A Survey

Ground beef, Shredded beef, or pork?

Beans (Y/N)?

Do you add coffee?

Green sauce (tomatillo) or Red sauce?

Chili Topping:

Raw onions (Y/N)

Cheese (Y/N)

Additional hot sauce (Y/N)

Cut up tomatoes (Y/N)

Sour Cream (h/t Kle) (Y/N)


Arcane Article: A modified Navy PBJ-1 is under testing at NAS China Lake, as seen in the March 1947 issue of Popular Mechanics.  I’ve seen a few other pictures of this aircraft during testing, but unfortunately, they’re extremely small and the details are unclear.


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Bullet Points

* Ukrainian Artillery in action (Radio Free Europe)

* The more that you like yourself, the less you’ll need others to like you.

* Here is a tiny little bit of a history lesson for some of the sleepwalking sheep. Remember kids: “There are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences.” – Stephen K. Bannon

* Twitter is both a social media company and a crime scene— Elon Musk

* You have to ask yourself what part Jill Biden plays in the crime family’s drama.



  1. My chili answer is: all of the above, although not necessarily at the same time.

    Also, you forgot sour cream.

    They wanted that magazine-fed rocket launcher for something, but I can’t remember what. Heard of it before, though. It would certainly be cool to have around the house!


    • The rotary rocket launcher was so the Navy could continue to do what the B-25s armed with 75mm cannon were able to do against the IJN. But upscaled with 5″ artillery shells with rocket propulsion, because of the excess supply of 5″ naval rounds and the expected issue with the Soviets.

  2. Generally speaking, if I don’t think an ingredient would have been found in Charlie Goodnight’s chuckwagon, I mostly don’t use it. But I worship not at the Church of The One True Chili, so everyone is free to do as they feelz best.
    Shredded beef if there’s time, ground if not.
    As a Native Texan, no beans, unless I think my apostasy won’t get caught.
    Drink coffee whilst cooking the chili.
    Red sauce; they don’t call it “a bowl of the Red” for nothin’.
    None of the toppings, but I will add finely diced raw onions to the pot about 15 minutes before eating, for texture. Cooked properly, i.e., long enough, any onions you start with should have disintegrated by the time you dish it up.
    Flour tortillas served with.
    Preferably cook the day before, or at least start as early as possible the day of consumption.
    And I’m pretty sure Epstein didn’t cook the chili himself.

  3. Chili- MrsPaulM never makes it the same way, in the Crock Pot for the day. Mild to lightly spicy, red tomato sauce, beef and/or pork, beans for added heft, some onion to round out the flavors. Coffee? Never heard that…figure it’s ‘red-eye’ enough. Toppings are some diced onion and cheese with a dollop of sour cream for the cool. Fresh cornbread or a crunchy rustic loaf.

    We know Weird Uncle Joe is missing between his ears, but lately The Mrs. seems in the shadows…maybe her ‘who stole the curtains’ outfits and dour countenance don’t present well enough, even for The Left.

    Mitt reminds me of Major General Benedict Arnold, an unabashed turncoat and cheat.

    • Mitt has all of the character of Benedict Arnold without a single redeeming feature that I can discern. MGEN Arnold fought bravely, was gravely wounded at Saratoga, and by all accounts was a good general. Mitt never served anybody but himself, and if he did anything, it appears that his motive was merely to feed his massive ego. Arnold had the same ego and it led to treachery as with Mitt.

      I’ve never been a fan of red-eye chili and then I had some that a co-worker made. It was excellent, but he never gave up his recipe. I have judged at some large chili cook-offs and I’ve organized chili cook-offs. The best was made by my secretary, SarahD. It won. I asked her husband what her secret was and he said, “20 pounds of filet mignon, and she kept all of the drippings in the chili.”

      • I can see why she won. In modern chef-ery her chili would be deemed “elevated” and require a fancy squarish bowl with an artisanal crostini on the side.

        • The contest was judged by a panel of (hungry) Orange County (CA) Superior Court and Federal Judges. People ate it too fast to put it in one of those fancy bowls, but your point is well taken.

  4. Chili answers.

    Yes (the meat depends on what I have, in my world any meat is acceptable)
    Y on beans
    N on coffee
    Y on onions
    Maybe on cheese
    Y on additional hot sauce
    N on tomatoes
    N on sour cream

    I live with someone who has different foods attached to different times of the year, for her a snow day is a good day for chili. Me? I will eat chili any time it sounds good!
    My use of any meat and any time does on occasion cause mutterings…

    I grew up thinking the proper name was “chili con carne”.

    • I judged a chili cook-off in Yorba Linda, CA and there were a number of good Mexican restaurants that entered. The winner ended up being the Orange County Fire Dept, and they made chili based on pork that was truly exceptional.

  5. i make the chili both ways. red kidney beans if i use beans. onions cooked into it, red sauce, sometimes sour cream and cheese topping but usually bare. crunch up saltines or ritz crackers into it on occasion. ground beef usually, but brisket or pressure cooked stew beef….yeah, jill keeps brandon going in the right general direction, but you know dementia patients are a handful all by themselves, in denial and adamant about still being in charge. still, she’s just a gold digger trailer trash trying to keep the cash cow in the game….sinema just figured out how she can start a bidding war and get twice as much loot, nothing to do with ideology. manchin is still trying to figure out how he got screwed by both wings of the uniparty.

    • You have Sinema’s number. She’ll rake in the cash, maybe retire early with her lesbo girlfriend to a beach somewhere.

  6. Chili answers:
    Usually ground beef though I have made it with venison and pronghorn.
    Beans optional
    Coffee no
    Red sauce
    Raw onions I generally cook it with the onions in it. I’m not adverse to adding more.
    Cheese yes
    Added hot sauce Usually not necessary unless someone else is making it.
    Tomatoes and sour cream Not necessary but a nice option to have.

  7. I like Steve Bannon, and yes, there are no coincidences. Moreover there are no consequences for a certain sector. After last week’s asinine trade that was cheered by The Left, wonder what Ol’ Joey will do with this:

    “U.S. and Scottish authorities said Sunday that the Libyan man suspected of making the bomb that destroyed a passenger plane over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, is in U.S. custody.”

    First off, define “authorities”, is that similar to “experts”. Now all we need is another America-Hater LGBTQRXYZ+42 weirdo basketball player who transported drugs into an enemy country to secure The Libyan’s release under Joe’s Really Bad Art of the Deal.

      • Maybe those families who lost a loved one will get some justice. Not holding my breath with this crew…nothing is as it seems or presented (unless you believe Jean-Pierre is a truth-teller).

  8. Ground beef or Shredded beef
    NO Beans
    NO coffee
    No Green sauce (tomatillo) or Red sauce
    sometimes Raw onions
    Always Cheese
    Additional hot sauce if it has been toned down for children
    Only cooked in tomatoes
    Sour Cream for those who can’t handle a little heat

    About machine guns, they are great if you are shooting somebody else’s ammo.

  9. I grew up in Michigan, but don’t recall ever eating chili. Hubby claims if you use beans, it’s not chili. Don’t recall making it though, it’s usually Hormel No Beans Chili.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • I don’t recall much chili being served in Yankee territory. It doesn’t man that you can’t enjoy it in Louisianna.

  10. Chili–

    Ground beef, Shredded beef, or pork? Not picky but lean towards ground beef and venison.

    Beans (Y/N)? Either way.

    Do you add coffee? I’m with WWW, coffee while cooking. Beer to go with.

    Green sauce (tomatillo) or Red sauce? No.*

    Chili Topping:

    Raw onions (Y/N) Red onions.

    Cheese (Y/N) Yes.

    Additional hot sauce (Y/N) No.

    Cut up tomatoes (Y/N) Either way.

    Sour Cream (h/t Kle) (Y/N) Yes.

    I also like Cilantro.

    *When our kids were still in school, we used to get burritos here–

    –You could get their red sauce on the side. I used to call it “gut grease” as it seemed to survive passage through the human digestive tract little changed.

    PBJ-1. Interesting, I had not heard of that.

    • X2 with cilantro.

      If Chili is hot – significantly hot – it tends to pass through with little processing.

    • Turns into stew…but there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve had potato cut up in a chili stew and it’s delicious too.

  11. Chili Ingredients – A Survey

    Ground beef, Shredded beef, or pork? Mix of venison and beef

    Beans (Y/N)? Yes -red kidney

    Do you add coffee? No

    Green sauce (tomatillo) or Red sauce?

    Chili Topping:

    Raw onions (Y/N) N

    Cheese (Y/N) Y

    Additional hot sauce (Y/N) Y

    Cut up tomatoes (Y/N) N

    Sour Cream (h/t Kle) (Y/N) wife says yes.

    • When there is a difference between what I want in my chili and what my wife wants, she gets her way (milder than I like), but the toppings are custom, and I can add heat.

  12. Chili- However you want to make it… And drooling over those tacos! The B-25 was a robust airplane, but I’m NOT sure I’d want rockets cooking off right in front of me. That has a LOT of potential to not end well…

  13. Years ago I read about a full automatic for 22 longrifle with laser on it. Easily cut a 6 inch post with one mag. Wassupose to be used in a prison situation for guards . The laser was for attitude adjustment before live fire. It would be somewhat affordable and a bunch of fun.

    • Many years ago, Anaheim Police Department sergeants were issued lasers for their Remington Model 870 shotguns. When pulled the trigger slightly, the laser activated. Some of us would check out the shotguns from property issue at the beginning of the weekend graveyard shift (5-8) from 2300-0730. Some of the wild summer parties that the bikers threw could be hazardous to break up. So before the door knock, we’d laze people at the party. They knew what the red dot was, but not where it came from. After 3 or 4 minutes of fun, things calmed down, and then the door knock and a polite warning that there had been noise complaints.

    • The American 180 was a pan-magazine .22LR machine gun. Advertising video shows it cutting through cinderblock walls with no heavy recoil and only reasonably loud noise.

  14. In my humble opinion, chili is any stewy or soupy mixture that incorporates chili peppers.

    Even worse, chili (soupy stew or stewy soup) is the base in which ingredients are added to.

    So you start out with a spicy soup, add stuff and it ends up as chili.

    In the Beans’ Household.

    Chili powder
    Cumen powder
    Finely chopped cilantro if available
    Petite Diced Tomatoes (canned)
    Light Kidney Beans (canned, and rinse and add the stuff from the can)
    Dark Kidney Beans (just like above)
    Pinto Beans (yet again, like above) (and you can use the leftovers from a good pot of pinto beans, bean liquor and all.)
    Corn kernals (frozen work)
    Ground 85% or better Beef cooked with chopped onions (drain grease if too much grease is there, but recover the pan drippings and add them, too.)
    If not tomato-y enough, tomato paste.

    Toss it all into a crock pot and cook on high for 4-6 hours then on low until time for dinner (at least another 4-6 hours) Best if you let it sit overnight and blend the flavors and eat it the next day.

    Top with cheese, sour creme, scallions or any combination thereof. And sometimes… mustard.

    Served with fresh Cornbread cooked in a cast-iron pan in the oven.

    Cornbread recipe:
    Place your skillet in an oven, turn to 425 degrees
    Mix 3 eggs
    1 1/2 cups milk
    2 cups cornmeal
    1 cup self-rising flour (regular or gluten-free)
    While you are mixing the above, toss a stick of butter into the heated pan in the oven.
    When you finish mixing the above, pull pan with butter out of oven, pour flaming hot butter into mixture, mix, pour everything back into flaming hot pan.
    Bake for 40 minutes or so. Done when inside isn’t goopy, check by cutting round in half and seeing. If goopy, put back in oven, duh.

    Notice that there’s no sugar at all.

    And here’s where I am really going to lose people. You can pour your chili over rice or noodles if you want to. Why? Because it tastes good. Leftover chili that won’t go far enough can be used for chili dogs, whether it’s just chili over cut up cooked hotdogs without bread, or with plain-old-white bread or actual hotdog buns, topped by chopped sweet onions and mustard.


    We are already planning for the first chili after New Years, once the ham dinner is over. Until then we’ll just muddle through with leftovers from Thanksgiving, Christmas (both turkey et al dinners) and the usual pizza night and fajitas night and lasagna and corndogs and …. (no, not all at the same time.)

    Seriously, those weirdos who think chili isn’t just another version of garbage stew/soup need to get over themselves. It’s a way of making leftovers taste good. Like gumbo, or boulliabassee or any other ‘ethnic’ boiled dinner.

    • Thank you for the recipes.

      Not being from Texas or Mexico, I sometimes wonder if I’m culturally appropriating when I eat Tex-Mex…

  15. And machine guns are perfectly legal according to the Bill of Rights. The restrictions on the Bill of Rights is what is illegal.

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