Yesterday, I took the She Devil (my Ducati Diavel) into Phoenix for routine service and new tires. The dealership where I got the work done was empty of customers with the exception of me. But they had a nurse to check temperatures and insure that everyone wore a mask. Thank heavens the nurse was a pretty lady. I accused her of being a “fetish” nurse, but she assured me that she was a regular nurse when she took my temperature and gave me the once-over before allowing me to walk back to the service area. Once back there, all of the employees including the mechanics wore masks. The experience was a little weird in a state with no helmet laws. I wear a helmet as a matter of practice just because of habit even though few do in AZ.

(above, the latest nursing fashion in the era of the Chinese Plague)

You’d think that the motorcycle community would have had enough of the Chinese Plague. There are certainly a lot of (gucci) bikers showing up on the rural blacktop up near the White Wolf Mine, and I haven’t seen any of them wearing masks. I haven’t seen many outlaw types up there so I only mention the regular folks who gather with other like minded people to go for runs into rural Arizona. Restaurants open up on Monday, so there will be a LOT MORE coming up into the area to stop at the usual watering holes, so popular with the two-wheel crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike (almost) fetish nurses checking me out. Where have they been all my life?  But the whole heavy PPE thing in an empty motorcycle dealership with the staff behaving as though the Plague had come just seemed discordant.

But summer has come to the high country and I plan to lose myself on the mountain roads while enjoying the weather and the season while riding the She Devil.


  1. I’ve wondered if a full face helmet counts as a mask?
    Our governor tried to require masks in public, but backed down in less than a day…
    It’s time for me to take my BMW out for a spin again; the rain has made a mess of my dirt road. I can ride in it but prefer not to.
    How do you like the Ducati? any problems with it? When i was buying my bike, there was somebody buying a Ducati – the first one he test rode had problems, so the dealer pulled out another one and told me that Ducatis either run great or poorly.

    • My Diavel flies like a homesick angel. I just came back from a romp and the bike only really gets happy when you shift into 6th gear between 80 and 90 mph. From there the bike really is happy. I’ve had it for five years and love it. I live on a dirt road too and just baby it so as not to get a lot of dust on the chain until I hit pavement.

  2. Where I live I think that everyone that has a bike has it on the road.

    As for helmet laws I would always wear a helmet no matter what the law are. I wear a full face helmet.

    Sharp looking bike. It must be damn fun to ride.

    • I wear a full face helmet too.

      And where I live, I have never seen the police work radar – ever. Just too rural. And the roads are relatively straight with very little traffic. So it’s perfect for bikes. Curves if you want them.

  3. Whoa, baby! She’s a beaut and a gen-you-ine crotch rocket.

    I always wore a helmet, a Bell “500”. Around town I just had the little duckbill sun visor snapped on, but out of town I snapped on a the “bubble” to keep from getting hit in the face with rocks and large flying insects.

    I’ll never forget the first time I got clobbered by a june bug at 75MPH. Hit me square in the chest and left a bruise.

    • I remember hitting hail out of the blue at about 80 mph. It woke me up. I wear a helmet with visor. With the hail, it looked like a dusty highway ahed and I thought, “this is strange” until I hit it.

  4. Back in my motorcycle days, I also always wore a helmet. I got whacked by a beetle in the eye early on, and had to have a doctor dig out part of the shell after a day or so of horrible eyeball pain. Since then, I wore a Bell-knockoff with a visor. No more beetles in the eye for me.

    Note: a die hard bike owner would actually just buy the tires and install them himself. It’s not that difficult. Then again, I am mechanically inclined, but owning a motorcycle is not exactly for the mechanically un-inclined.

    • Don’t be shy. You’re a mechanical genius.

      It was easier for me to drop off the bike and say, “do the standard service and swap out the rubber”. No apologies. The Ducati doesn’t have a service manual that I have access to. And I’d rather that they just 100% it and run the credit card.

    • A larger White Tail (possibly a buck) strutted across in front of me about 50 yards from the house.

      It depends on where I am. Some areas are more heavily forested than others. The plains to the northeast are sagebrush and I have a better field of vision.

  5. Your Diavel is a real beaut and must be a riot to drive. Fun bikes they are, after you get over the Italian maintenance requirements.
    I miss my 1995 M900 Monster (Il Mostro). Lots of carbon fiber, widgets, and hard luggage. Tore up Tucson, AZ, White Mountains, Mt. Lemmon, Kitts Peak, and surrounds. Bike, two-piece leathers (thanks, Aviano, IT), and Renaissance Motorsports are long gone. All I’ve got left are memories, photos, and my AGV Max Biaggi helmet.
    Polaris RZR is much more appropriate for Fallon, NV though…

    • You can do a lot with the Razor or with a dirt bike. I have had dirt bikes and need another one. It’s more balancing the budget at this point before I launch in that direction.

  6. coming from mandatory helmet states. i quickly ditched my helmet to feel the “freedom” of going without. about twenty miles later i took a bumblebee to the forehead at about 90mph. thought i had been shot, almost wrecked it. pulled into the next truck stop n put it back on. freedom, I’ve found, can be another word for pain. now i choose to exercise it only when the reward is worth it.

    • I wear it, I wear gloves, I wear long trousers, I wear boots. If I have to kick off the bike, I’d like as little pea sized gravel in my hide.

  7. People would probably behave a lot better if there were fetish nurses and Thor Gods looking out for us in the new normal.

    As for masks, if we have to wear them I’m on the lookout for a Joker smile imprinted on one. That should keep people a bit further away, methinks.

    • If you can’t find a joker mask there, I’ll look here. I checked now but they’re out of stock. Warning, they’re made in China so they may be infected with the plague…but I think that you’re immune.

    • It was a stock photo. The nurse at Ducati was attractive in her little outfit. I’d have taken a photo but it might have been in bad taste. I think that they’re hiring out-of-work strippers to fill that role.

    • She looked like a very attractive out-of-work (furloughed) stripper, dressed up like a nurse. She used a hand-gun to check my temperature.

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