23 and You?

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It’s Friday and there is another week in the bucket.
There are now 23 candidates running for the Democrat nomination. I’m not sure why, but there is a lot of hubris in the Party of the Donkeys – not unlike the Republicans the last time around. 
The debates should be really interesting as these moral relativists try and convince the public that THEY are the most progressive and the most radical. 
The media is working hard to give Butt-guy a better chance at things but he has few credentials beyond being a sodomite. He rose to mayor in a Midwestern town of 100,000 people, and now feels ready to lead the rest of the nation. Better than Beto who has said that the nation deserves him…and maybe we do?
The Biden Campaign Motto?
How much did Slow Joe Biden know about the Obama White House’s initiative to spy on President Trump and falsify FISA applications? Maybe that will be answered in forthcoming revelations. And if he’s taken out by the Justice Department, who will rise to fill those size 13 wingtips? Might Spartacus get white hair plugs in an effort to get more than 2% of the Democrat Party polling numbers?
It’s fun to handicap the race and is great for the microwave popcorn industry.

18 thoughts on “23 and You?

  1. Not one of the twenty three bozos on the liberal side has any credentials whatsoever that suggest they can do better than Trump. There are a few undeclared candidates that could possibly get the job done: Howard Schultz, Michael Bloomberg and Mark Cuban.

    These guys have run billion dollar enterprises successfully. Just like The Donald. The likelihood that they can successfully guide a trillion dollar enterprise like the U.S. economy is much higher than the dopes that have served only in public office.

    Billionaires, either liberal or conservative, get how things are done that boost the bottom line. Stupid morons like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Pochahontas have never met a payroll or managed people and assets to any level of success whatsoever, and are in my opinion are totally unqualified to serve at the national level.

    If the non-billionaires think they can convince Americans that things are bad when they are not, then they have a shot. Otherwise, it's 4 more years of the Donald. Or, a billionaire can throw his hat in the ring, and things might get interesting.

  2. Oh, yeah – can't wait for the debates. I love popcorn!

    Beto filmed his last haircut and back massage. Good grief! And it was clear, at least to me, that he in not fluent in Spanish. He just barely gets by. Dope!

  3. 23 candidates and not a single one who's worth a hill of beans. Rational thinking is no longer a quality required by the donkey party.

  4. Irish Bob (Beto) O’Rorque isn’t a Mexican, nor can he speak Spanish, but he married an heiress worth hundreds of millions. So he did one thing right. Could he be elected dog catcher in most American cities? Doubtful. But the media loves a fool.

  5. Billionaires for the most part don’t want the job. It’s much nicer just to be a billionaire— an oligarch. Who can blame them?

  6. Being a billionaire is nice, or so they tell me. But the billionaires are like most of us – they get frustrated at the policies meted out on us by dolts who don't understand economics, such as AOC and her clueless ilk. And the liberals who never took economics in school, or got D's if they did (like AOC) stump on soaring rhetoric touting frolicking unicorns in meadows of gum drops if only we elect them.

    These billionaires know how to produce meadows lousy with gum drops, but these billionaires know – even the pinko billionaires – that a gum drop meadow ain't cheap. Much less free.

    And that's why The Donald came down that escalator; and Howard, Michael or Mark may do the same, and take the billion dollar per year hair cut in pay that comes with the job.

  7. And we make the real thing on top of the stove using coconut oil with real butter on top. Yum…

  8. More like "23 and Them"…the new DNA club for moronic Lefty Democrats…maybe they are all related in the way back.

    Not too hard to guess it'll get weirder and more stupid with this bunch as they toss each other under the Prius.

  9. I'm with WSF and Beans. A Michelle/Biden Oprah superpac.


    Then there's Hunter and the Crack Pipe. Oops.

  10. I know, it’s funny. I think that it’s up to 24 this weekend. I ask myself, “why only 24?”

  11. The king of Starbucks is said to still be running. Will Schultz put a picture of Michelle on the cups and make her his VP?

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