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There are a lot of things that cause hysteria on the left: A border fence, plastic drinking straws, a medium rare BBQ steak, etc.

Gun control is up there because conservatives own somewhere around 300,000,000 firearms in America and five trillion rounds of ammunition. The agenda requires that conservatives be disarmed in violation of Constitutional Law – but violating the law never stopped a social justice crusader.

The dream of registering every firearm as a pre-requisite measure for eventual confiscation is something that keeps the progressive movement motivated, but technology now allows 3D printed plastic firearms (inexpensive and functional) and it defeats that dream. 
I doubt that I will ever own a 3D printed plastic firearm because they are technically illegal and because I own more than one superior alternative to a plastic 3D printed handgun, but that’s not the point. Not in the least. The concern is that firearms can now be made without government tracking.

Even though firearms are plastic, ammunition is not…and can be detected. Liberals never discuss that, do they?

If you’re a constitutionalist, that won’t bother you. If you have an agenda that calls for the unlawful disarmament of Americans it’s another thing completely. And if you’re outside of the US and your people are downloading designs and printing firearms, it could be concerning. Free people are armed. Slaves are not.

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  1. Firearms scare many people, as well they should. Very dangerous when misused, or used for their intended purposes. Those same people think they have a right to not be afraid.

    Along that line, yesterday I was in an upscale shopping cluster. My internet provider's office is there. The developers chose to build that complex in a,"Right to Farm" county within a 1/2 mile of a huge dairy operation. Those middle to upper income shoppers are constantly bitching about the smell.

    "Someone should do something about it"!!!!!!!!

  2. Not all firearms owners are conservatives. My younger brother owns and enjoys firearms and yet he still votes for those who would confiscate them if they could. I believe the 3D printed gun is a non-issue. First of all you need an expensive machine to make one. For the price of a basic, budget desk top 3D printer, yesterday I bought a nice old IMI Jericho 941. And it's MUCH better looking than the one in the cartoon above.

  3. Most of those middle to upper income shoppers would be very uncomfortable killing and butchering what they eat – or acknowledging that they kill SOMETHING every time they eat.

    And as dangerous as firearms are, automobiles are so much worse.

  4. No, firearms owners not all conservatives. But the vast majority are.

    I don't think that the progs are so hysterical at the price of 3-D printers as that people can use them to make firearms – irrespective of how much it costs – that are off the grid. They don't pause and count the nearly uncounted millions of firearms that were made before the nation decided to register every manufacture and sale.

  5. Fool, here in far west suburban Chicago, farms are being sold off to foster development (or as the left would call it, 'sprawl'). You can't go 50 feet without seeing a'save our farms' signs.

    If these idiots are so intent on saving these farms, they should simply buy them, and then do nothing with them. But no, they want to have government disallow the sale of farms for development. In that way, these weenie open spaces lefties don't have any skin in the game, just the way they like it. And you can't move next to them. See how this works?

  6. We've had plastic guns around for over half a century. The grips and stock of the M-16 have been made of Mattel plastic for the better part of my life. And I ain't no spring chicken. I'm unsure of whether the plastic content of a firearm makes any difference.

    It's about the human who pulls the trigger, plastic trigger or metal trigger, that should be the issue.

  7. And just wait until they do 3d ammo (if possible), no detection going through the airport?

    Still, it is funny what the left worries about.

  8. Forgive this tired old saw, but it is short and to the point.

    Gun control is not about the guns.

    As I'm sure many here are aware, someone hell bent on committing mayhem can do so easily with a little study and a trip to the local X-mart. Plenty of stuff there to concoct low grade explosives and a tasteless, colorless, odorless, lethal gas.

    Borepatch makes a good point as well—


    Paul Harvey was right. "Self government will not work without self discipline".

  9. The "green spaces" that the communists in California demanded in between housing tracts often go untended and then they become warrens for rats and vermin or warrens for homeless people who squat (and "squat") there. They are farms of a sort because the homeless vagrants reproduce there and raise up another generation.

  10. Please do not add an ounce of logic to "settled science" in the liberal mind. Plastic firearms need to be banned. That would likely include all Glocks and Sigs. Plastic bad – made from oil. Rock good, so we need to buy slings and start popping people in the head with rocks. Arrows are ok, so long as they are made of wood, I guess. And a flint arrowhead.

  11. There are plastic encased wax bullets that don't penetrate but splatter whatever they hit. Put them in an aluminum (non-magnetic) case…

  12. (giggles to himself) There are lots of lethal weapons that can be made, crafted, mixed in the kitchen. A bar of soap in a sock makes a lethal sap, for example. Don't tell the progs or they'll demand that we give up our socks and soap.

  13. I doubt that I will ever own a 3D printed plastic firearm because they are technically illegal

    Is that a typo? Why are they technically illegal?

  14. The lib/progs cry out for organic this and organic that yet don't realize that plastics come from hydrocarbons, i.e., organic molecules. I'd like to see one of these geniuses pass a science class.

  15. I have read that there was some federal law that prohibited all-plastic firearms circa 1993. I did not research it.

  16. Zinger, LL!

    Denver wants to open all city parks to homeless so they can "camp" there.

    Maybe they should talk to S.F about how well that works out…..

  17. Simunitions?

    Be pretty easy to replace that wax slug with a Nylon one, a la Henry Bowman….

  18. I don't own a 3d printed firearm but I would like a 3d printer.

    Just think of all the Dzerzhinsky busts you could make. Nice, right?

  19. I used to shoot wax pellets out of my Crosman .22 pellet Single Six.
    They didn't mess up the walls until I hit the fly.

  20. There is quite the industry of suppliers of 80% finished receivers and lowers that only require minimal drilling and milling (AR-15s with routers if not a mill) and it's totally legal vis a vis BATF.
    These guns are totally off the books.
    And accurate.
    If it's legal to build your own, I imagine it is just as legal to print one.
    But why? Other countries.

  21. Printer? big deal.. you can knock out a "zip"gun in .22 with some tubing and hardware. Gangs used to have shoot outs with them till they
    improved their arsenal with 9'"s

  22. All the hippies on the left have given up socks and soap long, long ago. I'm surprised that they haven't included that stuff in their list of 'haram' things that the rest of us should do without. Like toilet paper, plastic straws and now plastic guns.

  23. Oh, OK – the Undetectable Firearms Act. The guns that everyone has their panties all in a bunch over have metal parts so they comply with that law.

    Not to mention the ammunition which is regular brass and lead.

    There are no replacements for metal in certain spots in a gun. Firing pins and springs come to mind.

  24. You can use aluminum cases and there are plastics that might do as spring material. Utilize a ceramic bullet.

    It can be done. And I'd be willing to bet there are people who drift by this very blog who could do it if they were motivated.

    That's why the Israelis profile people and not weapons. What a novel concept.

  25. I used to peg things with rocks and a sling. Some of you will be dismayed to know that some of the things pegged were cats on the move. I was young and they were difficult to hit. I preferred the sling to the "slingshot" because once you've used one, you fully understand how David could have killed Goliath with one.

  26. It's a very progressive concept. Nobody has worked out how they will pay for the removal of trash and rotting corpses of the OD'd hippies.

  27. I hear you, but the term "settled science" is a lib/prog misnomer. Science is never settled and the beauty of science is that it will never be settled.

  28. I had forgotten about this one (complete with cat commentary)—


  29. That's not a very progressive way to look at things.

    Because you're a conservative (as the cant runs), you're also a mouth breather, a knuckle dragging neanderthal, and no matter how much education and experience you have – your opinion carries no weight.

    If you're progressive, it's enough for you to intuit truth.

  30. I can't imagine that these plastic guns can shoot straight, as that would require rifling grooves in a metal barrel. You can't really rifle a bullet with plastic. Do these plastic guns require a metal barrel?

    If not, I am not quite certain that they would be anything else than a 1-shot, blunderbuss that would melt after discharging a single round. Do they fire plastic bullets?

  31. Part of the care package I sent my youngest was a wrist rocket. He mentioned rats. His buddies re purposed it to give Jolly Rancher hard candies to the Afghan children who threw rocks at them.

  32. There's too much that I don't know about them to comment. I would suggest that they'd require special loads and as you suggest, they'd be short range weapons.

  33. I liked the DIY AK-47's. I don't know that I'd want to take one into combat. Then again, there's a lot out there that I wouldn't want to take into combat.

  34. I think that's a fair comparison, except that I'd rather have a Liberator pistol. The Allied concept of air dropping these handguns that were made for something like $2 to "slaves" in order to help them win their freedom from occupying Nazis worked. In our modern world, governments can no longer restrict firearms because you know that the plans are viral and people have the capability to arm themselves.

    It's quite remarkable. Tough to tamp down the human spirit forever.

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