The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule it. – HL Mencken


Bullet Points:

* The Chinese government has been accused of crimes against humanity and genocide against the Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang.

I’m not particularly pro-Uyghur and the Muslims in China are not pro-me (unless we’re going with the enemy of my enemy is my friend). But a lot of western companies have factories in that region of China and it’s time that we help China build its wall by removing ourselves and to the extent possible, our stuff, from there. No more trade, unless we’re selling them grain at inflated prices…or let them starve.

* The CDC – what a gaggle of freaks and misfits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an “assessment tool” for teachers and school administrators to measure their commitment to “LGBTQ inclusivity” in their classrooms.

The tool asks leading questions about school personnel and their faithfulness to queer theory, including encouraging sexual education teachers to have gender-neutral anatomy, referring to boys as “body with a penis” and girls as “body with a vagina.”

* Remember, as early as January 2020… then President Donald Trump placed travel restrictions on China due to Wuhan reportedly being ground zero for SARs CoVid 2.  He was demonized and pronounced a racist by Democrats and the fake news media.  In fact, Nancy Pelosi went so far as to denounce Trump’s SARs CoVid 2  virus control efforts on international flights…. she took a casual stroll through New York City’s China town during its Lunar New Year Parade along with the propaganda news media… while spreading disinformation about the highly infectious  SARs CoVid 2  virus.

* Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced today that the Ukrainian government will be heading to Davos, Switzerland to attend the January 16-20 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. Volodymyr is very woke.

* Reinventing itself – again. The question that I and many other has-beens are asking is whether the Army Special Forces is dealing with their biggest problem wisely. The place is bleeding talent as the new woke philosophies of upper echelons forces the best and brightest to find other work.

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I started a new company – not a military company – that finds its principal work outside of the US.  We just started up. I mean, just. Our office in Cambodia opens today. There are a large number of very qualified, prime career-age Special Forces Q Course graduates out there. In one case last night, I was on phone to Asia (not Cambodia) at 2 am my time and one of my guys told me about a person he hired.

37-year-old Master Sergeant – A Team combat deployments, Valor awards, not a drunk (can be a problem with some), highly recommended. Separated because of the vax and Army’s homosexual agenda.

I asked why he didn’t call me before hiring the sergeant. Well, it turns out that there are several sergeants (SFC and MSG) with similar quals, all looking for work. He picked the best but wants to hire more.  The pay we’re offering at this point as a new start-up isn’t stellar, trust me.  Ok, we put the new MSG on an airplane to an Asian country to meet people at a foreign/non-US embassy (We are not contracting with USGOV) and speak to them on our behalf as part of one of the things we’re doing. I asked, “are we using the master sergeant as a gofer?” – for now.

This level of quality should not have left the US Army. These men didn’t want the toxic vax, hate Pedo Joe & Ho, are not LGBTQIA2+ and don’t want to learn to be and are white. Frankly, at this point, I can’t offer them what they’re worth. I’m going to end up with a battalion of US Army Special Forces mid-career, fully trained, TS-SBI-Caveats, white,  combat veteran, non-queer, unvaxed, FJB. It’s a tragedy for the country. It will work for me, I guess. I’m going to need a bigger boat.


Russia in Ukraine (my opinion)

The Russian tank supply – we’ve watched as the best tanks in the Russian arsenal were abandoned by their crews in Ukraine (only to be bought from the Ukrainians by the CIA and shipped back to the US). We watched dumbfounded as the First Guards Tank Army was DESTROYED on the battlefield in Ukraine and routed. They lost 50% of their manpower and equipment.

The Russians had/have many thousands of tanks in storage, and we know that most of those were allowed to rot. They can be used for spare parts in many cases, new gun barrels for those shot-out in combat, etc. Salvage crews are stripping them as I type and have been for months. The remaining armor while combat effective, is vulnerable as we have seen, to western anti-tank weapons. The Russians have been reluctant to send infantry in ahead of the tanks to clear out the AT weapons. The infantry prefers to remain back, buttoned up in AFVs.

Russian elite airborne infantry (Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii, VDV) lost roughly half of its entire strength in action in Ukraine. They’ve folded the remnants of destroyed formations together and are rebuilding them, but the battlefield performance of the best (First Guards Tank Army and VDV) against Ukrainian potato farmers have been embarrassing.

The Russians have tank hulls remaining but when you consider the losses of their better tank crews in action, the question of how they will employ them in combat going forward is more the question. The 300,000 conscripts that Putin called up have been a dismal failure. The North Koreans are sewing winter uniforms for them but they won’t be ready until they’re no longer needed.  The training cycles began but nobody thinks that they’ll be ready for front-line combat – likely ever.

Major John Spencer: Do you remember Sun Tzu (author of Art of War)? This wise Chinese monk teaches us that if you want to defeat your enemy, you must defeat his strategy. Putin’s initial strategy failed back in April when he tried and failed to take Kyiv. His second strategy, aimed at alienating Ukraine’s allies, did not work either. And his current campaign, whose goal is to freeze Ukraine, to bring darkness to Ukraine, is also futile. And this burden was placed not only on Ukrainians but also on its allies. We can already say that it didn’t work either. Ukraine was not abandoned by its allies; moreover, they promised to be by its side as long as Kyiv needs it to protect its freedom and resist the Russian occupation.

But back to the original question — how many more months? I think it’s clear that Putin is not going to let his own intentions go; he doesn’t care how many Russian soldiers will die. But the Russian Army is in trouble, very big trouble. Putin wants to slow down the war. He needs time to give at least a little military training to the thousands of people who were forced into military service. At this point, I don’t see any direction in which the Russian Army can advance. Their only goal is to keep what they’ve captured and I think they won’t succeed, either.


Memes, let’s have memes.



  1. While not a hero I definitely will eat meat any chance I get. Ribeye for New Year’s Day comes to mind. Just doing my part for the environment.

    My granddaughter asked my advice as to joining the military. To my sorrow I recommended against it because it is no longer for the purpose of defending the country. Their loss, she is good at math and speaks/writes three languages already, four if you count ASL.

    Davos. In competition with DC and Brussels as far as being a hive of villainy, besides sometimes it is necessary to arrange for graft face to face.

    Good luck with your new business venture. Being a former gov contracting guy, I heartily agree with staying away from the US Gov as a customer. Too many rules that will lower your efficiency and increase costs.

  2. “…this burden was placed not only on Ukrainians but also on its allies. ”

    Maybe Major Spencer knows more than I but it was my understanding that the Orange one was laughed at when he told the Germans they were over reliant on Russian gas supplies, and it is the EU that agree to sanctions cutting off that gas. As to who blew up the Nordstream we will likely be blamed but it looks like that sure wasn’t us.

    “Ukraine was not abandoned by its allies” That would be Poland and the UK (prime suspects for pipeline rupturing) the US not having a treaty of alliance with them. Maybe the guy who arranged for firing that prosecutor (in exchange for $1 billion) signed us up in secret?

    Re: recruiting. Looks like the Biden vax policy is a great recruiting tool for you. The rest of the army (US) recruiting numbers and in the tank too.

  3. Similar problems to a lesser scale with Australian military.

    I had a command warrant officer (army) and some very well qualified submarine crew working for me a a security guards a few years back.

    Another warrant officer I know is being medically discharged for PTSD (multiple Afghanistan tours) is the only male NCO in his current unit.

    • Let the women enjoy combat tours. I’m sure that they’ll do fine without men around. If captured, they’ll be raped to death. It gives them a reason to fight.

      • Two of my nieces were considering officer school post university. I advised no.

        In my young days there were two women pay clerks allowed per infantry battalion. Now up to 100 for drivers etc. Not a fan of the idea.

        They move B from light armour to transport before they decided to discharge him. Aside from the majority of females problem nobody has to pass basic fitness test anymore. 30 years back everyone had to pass even cooks etc. Now just the frontline troops.

        The idea of 5 miles (8km) with full load in an hour in old school now.

        • A fully loaded ruck with a combat load out on top of that weighs than many female “warriors”. I can’t see them humping it over ANY terrain. I can’t see them lifting it and walking off base with it unless she’s riding off with the XO for lunch somewhere.

          • God’s prescription built into male DNA is to protect woman, not fight along side them. Woman in combat is a failure waiting to happen, pretty sure Israel found this out decades ago.

  4. The US govt has waged a number of silly wars – War on Crime, War on Poverty, War on Drugs, usw.
    None of them were even approaching a level of success.
    Now we are seeing a War on Competence and, at least in govt run circles, it appears to be very successful.
    It almost seems like the same war is being waged across the planet. Are there space alien secret agents on Earth working to handicap humans?

    • Yessss! (pseudo-reptilian hiss) Don’t you recall the many videos of Hillary on the campaign trail partially or even totally losing control of “her” skinsuit?

  5. What’s happened to our military in the past 2 years has been an absolute disgrace. Between the choice of mystery shots or dishonorable discharge and having to learn more about the alphabet people then training and embracing a solid war fighting stance around the world our military is the weakest it’s ever been in my lifetime. I’ve done gray work myself after retiring from the Marine corps and heard rumors of what was going on in active duty service over the years in the community and from Brothers still in but never did I think it would get this bad. I agree with you LL that we need every good operator NCO staff NCO and officer that hasn’t been pusified to hang on and pass down what they’ve learned however I can’t blame them for jumping ship as soon as they are spooled up and have a couple of combat deployments downrange. As an operator you always have that warrior mentality to be the best, camaraderie and overwhelming desire to use what you’ve been trained to test yourself to see if you make the cut when rounds are flying and it’s time to go to work. Sadly that is something I believe the US military just can’t provide anymore. Good luck with your new business. And yes I agree Volodymyr it’s just towing the line for the money laundering machine.

    • I don’t blame Volodymyr, a mediocre comic who did a tranny act for a living and has been offered billions for the role of American puppet and money launderer. From barely being able to pay for groceries and rent to yachts, mansions, and executive jets.

  6. This is from the Army Times article, can someone explain it? “All three branches of Army SFO”??

    >>efforts are underway to integrate all three branches of Army SOF at the battalion and brigade headquarters levels rather than keeping them siloed by branch as they currently are.<<


  7. I’m going to end up with a battalion of US Army Special Forces mid-career, fully trained, TS-SBI-Caveats, white, combat veteran, non-queer, unvaxed, FJB.

    Maybe they’d all like to live next to you as your neighbors? You don’t need a boat, you need a one-stoplight town. In retirement, one can run the hardware store, another the airport.

    • I live within the boundaries of the Coconino National Forest. There are bits of land that were not swallowed whole by the Federal Government when they created it in 1908. Mining claims, marshaling yards for cattle, timber enterprises, and homesteads were excluded. So there is a limited capacity for that to happen. I must pass through federal land to access my property.

    • Arizona “Transition Zone” (ecological term of art) neighbors? Maybe so, but I think you were born 150-200 years too late. With such men, in an earlier time, why not Rajah Lambert of Sarawak [1]? Or in a parallel world, Larry Lessingham, Dictator of the Lofoten Islands [2].

      >> The pay we’re offering at this point as a new start-up isn’t stellar, trust me.
      Hmmm. Some random site on the Google tells me:
      How much is a TS SCI clearance worth?
      As of Dec 20, 2022, the average annual pay for a TS SCI Clearance in the United States is $119,507 a year.

      At one point in another life I had a Q clearance. But I haven’t had anything to do with DOE in over 30 years. More to the point (and more’s the pity) I doubt I retain anything from my engineering education. Though our biostatistician once gave me the backhanded compliment (or fore-handed insult?) “You’re a lot quicker with numbers than any physician I’ve worked with. But then again they’re idiots when it comes to even simple arithmetic in their heads.” Hahaha. I don’t know if it was a intended as a compliment or an insult, but I treasure the remark, in part for its ambiguity.

      [1] q.v. Sir James Brooke, KCB
      [2] q.v. Mistress of Mistresses, Book 1 of the Zimiamvian Trilogy by E. R. Eddison. See also the essay by JR Oakes (I found this only just now and have not digested the content yet, so neither endorsing nor criticizing. But it is clear to me that I read The Worm Ouroboros and the Zimiamvian Trilogy far too young, in junior high school. Must re-read.)

      • When you add a broad scope polygraph, Special Forces Tab, ODA tours, Trident with DevGru deployments, etc, it’s worth still more. The Army SF guys come with languages generally, Navy is more direct action, body snatches (planned political kidnapping) and so forth. But that’s not what I do these days. No private army or VIP protection work. It’s not that I’m opposed to that. The future moves in a different direction and I like a market with profit and scant competition

      • My wife had some of her brain removed (she wasn’t using it) and as she was recovering, a doctor came in the room ad explained how they had screwed a titanium screen in her skull. I asked it that was to relieve the hydrostatic pressure.
        She said, yes. Was I an engineer?
        I said yes, and she said, So am I”.
        I said, “I thought you were a neurosurgeon.”
        “That, too.”
        That’s how you get the patents.

      • Careful there, “Transition” is another term being co-opted by those self-Identifying as “Itions”, a rare but weird sect of English majors that are questioning their gender…or is that ‘sex”? Since the MSM uses them interchangeably I can never keep the personal vs the grammatical straight, or Bi…whatever floats your boat…or let’s it sink if you are a self-loather.

          • Heh…just my stupendously poor attempt at humor after spending the last four hours unloading, then shuttling (because now it’s Winter and panel trucks dislike slick roads), individual boxed pieces of a 1440# 2 pallet shipment of an item ordered last March that’s been hiding out on some container ship 140 miles off the Cali coast while Petey and Gav party it up…so I’m a bit punchy but think I’m being funny. Midway thru I actually said I’m getting too old to be lugging and yanking seriously heavy stuff around…was teetering a bit, but I caught myself and REFUSE to acquiesce. (That, and some Vitamin I to fix the muscle pain.)

            Note: If I don’t expel some brain dump blather on tomorrow’s post it means I’m either dead from exerting the seasoned body past it’s age limits and I blew a gasket or fuse, or I’m assembling said item so I can use it to recover, which may take several days. Now where did I put my skyhook.

          • Sadly, I am transitioning — from a skinny, fit young man into an old, overweight, diabetic man with an unknown type of (possibly congenital?) muscle disease that is robbing me of power. Fortunately, only red muscle cells are affected (choked with anomalous micro-tubules), so I do have some level of endurance, just not power. No idea if my heart is affected or not, they can’t tell me that without doing a biopsy. It probably doesn’t matter since I did get vaccinated on the strong urging of my docs (I was in more than one risk group from Covid-19), plus I really didn’t want to have to leave the best job I’ve had (with superb bennies). I haven’t fundamentally changed, but oh-lawdy my traitorous body has!

        • Exactly, I was thinking the same thing re “transition”. Which is why I added “term of art”.
          It’s a goofed up world, innit.

  8. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an “assessment tool” for teachers and school administrators to measure their commitment to “LGBTQ inclusivity” in their classrooms.

    Does this mean the CDC is calling LGBTO diseases?

        • Not out of their lane at all. Failure to carry water (or various bodily secretions plus 100% vegan lube) for LGBTQ++ is equivalent to being anti-LGBTQ++. The mere existence of someone anti-LGBTQ++ is harmful to THEIR mental health. Therefore your failure to worship at Baphomet’s altar is Hate Crime as well as a public health hazard. It’s like lynching Emmett Till all over again. JUST like it.

          • Then again, Emmett did offend Carolyn Bryant, in her family’s grocery store. What would happen today if somebody offended the famous carpet muncher Karine Jean-Pierre in her own press office? The woke explosion would be somewhat the same thing.

  9. Volodymyr needs to meet with Ol’ Joe to personally hand him the 10% kickback/payback/laundering check on the down low, between bites of imported something or other. Joe will then hand it to The Mrs., she does the BCF books. Hunter will be upstairs with either a Chinese or Ukrainian whatever-the-heck getting his payment, sans laptop this time as he tends to lose them with massive amounts of incrimination photos and emails. The “detail” will be working overtime to make sure all runs smoothly and kept under wraps.

  10. Re photo of tank with tread in fetching disarray:

    Wait! What? Stock photo from Red Dawn or some UKR farmer has a sense of humor?

      • Whoa! Mind. Blown.
        I don’t even have words. Maybe we ARE living in a bad VR simulation.

        In roughly the same vein: transmission of attitudes and world views. At some point in the past I said to a mentee (one of my Pashtun girls; there are two of them, weirdly enough — what are the odds): “The question isn’t ‘Am I paranoid’ the proper question is ‘Am I paranoid ENOUGH?’”. I’m pretty sure I ripped that off from some science fiction author, but damned if I know who. Anyway, apparently it made quite the impression on her, and she’s been teaching that [mindset] to HER clinical research mentees, now that she’s an attending cardiologist. I’m conflicted as to whether I should be proud or horrified. I lean heavily toward the former. Heh.

  11. Thanks for giving these men a job LL, even if not at the pay they’re worth.

    At least they get to work for the good guys.


  12. Congratulations on your new enterprise. I hope it becomes very profitable and you are able to employ some very deserving individuals. No doubt, it is certain to be an interesting venture.


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