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It’s not up to YOU to judge your enemies. That’s God’s department. 
And while it is not Christmas (there are 275 shopping days left until Christmas), I sense a need for some motivation out there in the blogosphere.
I realize that this clip is politically incorrect now that American leadership has shifted and we embrace a form of communism/utopian socialism as the ideal for which we strive. But since I’m old fashioned and it’s my blog…well you get it.

8 thoughts on “Your Sunday Sermonette

  1. We are involved in a battle for the soul of the USA, and ultimately for control versus freedom in a country that was once considered the leader of the free world. I pray that it will one day regain that title in my lifetime.

  2. I ran into an old friend from the Teams on an impromptu basis in the hotel in Guadalajara where I stayed last week. He was on his way out as I was on my way in. After back slapping, etc, and discussing the need for keeping hell stocked with fresh souls to stoke the fires, he pointed out that the destination of the soul was not our concern. "We're only God's travel agents. We only arrange the meeting."

  3. Furthermore, one of the Mexicans on my team commented that the last time that I was in Los Mochis (Ground Zero for narcos in Mexico) that he knew that I wore a shirt, but he didn't figure out until afterward that it was a SEAL Team shirt (unfamiliar with logos and acronyms). I explained that it was important to "fly the flag" so that they knew who they were screwing with – should they decide to get rowdy.

    USGOV prohibits its personnel from entering Sinaloa and moreover the northern region of Sinaloa, Mexico because of the danger of being kidnapped or murdered. However, I felt that one old washed up salt was the equal of 40,000 narcos.

  4. Hehehe, good ones, and agree with all! Piss on the administration and the MSM… Let THEM come do battle and see what they say afterwards!!!

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